How The Internet Changed The Way We Learn

Have to be at work to learn anymore used to have to go and then give you a little bunch of brochures and say here study these brochures test drive these cars are on the block, don’t talk with your clients because you don’t want it in yet.

Okay – and that was the process of starting out, but today you all have smartphones and computers.
You can all of your comparison, side-by-side online, you can know the product, but the other thing that I urge you to do when you choose to work with a company is to study a company study, the philosophy of the company study about the company and its involvement In its community, if it’s successful, it would be a good community ambassador.
It will be helping X, community Lexus of Oakville sponsors, the old field hospital.

We sponsor the Oakville melton Humane Society.

Children’s Wish Kerr Street mission.
We do a lot of charity work.

They do a lot of community work.
That’s important! If you get back, because if you don’t, the community will know how you all you do, you’re their voice to sell cars that make money.
But nobody cares.

So so we do a lot of community stuff at networking networking today.
Okay, I want you to tell me anybody here.

If you want to start a networking, where would you start .

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