How Selling Will Change in the New World

Can you imagine what it’s about to be like in a few weeks, especially just hearing the news that the they extended as far as the social distancing to only April to 30th and watch this restaurants are gon na be loaded bars, are gon na, be loaded, um Shopping malls are gon na, be loaded with you know, contrary to what most people think with everybody sitting at home.

This much with everybody spending this much time with family members.
It is gon na be Katie bar the door.
So the good thing is that you know they’ve been given it enough time for everybody to be quarantined and to work from home, and hopefully everybody’s taking events at this time at home.

Remember this one thing most fortunes, if not all were created during the economic downturn or some type of a situation that was happening in the country that was causing people to be in hysterics, because while the majority is supposed to be focused on panic and worry and Fear there are, but there are few of us that just lock in and say, okay, I believe in our government, I believe in our smart doctors and the experts.
The not the problem has been identified.
Now is what are we gon na do when it comes when we come out of this, because it is gon na be a new world, and so one thing about honing, your ability really thinking about it.

You know what type of things are you gon na do.
Maybe, as opposed to green the customer with a handshake, maybe you greet them with what a positive greeting and maybe you hand them something.
You know when you sit down and you’re gon na be qualifying somebody if you work at a dealership.

Do you sit as close, or do you structure your seating, where you can still be intimate without invading somebody’s space? These are all things that I have done.
Nothing but speak with other people around the country and have really streamlined it and put it together.
So my dealer clients, when we come out of this, it’s gon na be successful selling in a new world, but it’s all about focusing in honing in locking down and why you got the time right now, really taking the time to hone your skills.

You know, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, don’t wait today getting the game work on a new move.
They work on it while they’re practicing, and I understand it, may be economically challenging for people, but I assure you any sweat equity that you put in today will pay its did tomorrow.
I assure you any information that you can gain and put it to your mental rolodex today will definitely pay you back tomorrow.

So make sure that you do everything you can today to stay positive.
You know think about it.
It’s almost over it’s almost it’s almost over and for anybody to keep saying.

No, it’s not man.
We got a hope if we think more positive.
Who knows what will happen with that? But again, that’s a whole nother conversation but make sure you taking the time using it wisely um there’s some awesome training videos that I have available click the link in the description going over and check them out.

I’m constantly still putting down information and, more than anything else, streamlining the process of when we come out of this is nothing but successful selling in the new world that we bought to be in.
So I’m happy just get ready.
If you work in the restaurant industry, you work in the automotive industry, you’ve worked in retail.

Real estate is booming right now, so you know everything is all good and it’s going up and it’s getting better so make sure we use the time Wiley.
I hope you’re safe, hope, you’re, making the best of this time, I’m Brian Maxwell and I definitely look forward to seeing you at the dealership.

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