How People Sell Cars And ONLY Get Paid Mini ($100)

Um you know on this video we’re gon na, keep it pretty brief.

Tonight I’ve been getting an overwhelming amount of people that have been really confused man about uh.
You know how they’ve been putting up deals, and you know some of them doing it on first and second pencil and still getting told you know when you get to watch, I was cheats or whatnot that they’re making many deals on first and second pencils.
So I want to give it a little bit of time to lesson people get in here and um see if we can get a good, a good conversation going out here.

You know cuz uh, you know I you know.
Let me know, I see we got some people coming in.
Maybe I got to chat on because I am very, I want to know how many people out there getting deals and all first and second pencil and still being told by management that they made a mini on the deal and I was blown back.

I didn’t realize how many people have been struggling with this at their at they store, who we got in ours that you come on in.
Let us, let me know who you in here was what we were kickin it together on this Friday evening and also, if you didn’t been through, that you ever had a deal at your store and you closed it on the first or second pencil and just knew You had some money on there and then next thing you know when you get you, you get your watch out sheet and you find out that they and gave you a hundred bucks on it.
He was like man how in the world, when we sold this thing, it was MSRP.

We only dropped it uh.
You know a thousand bucks, 500 bucks, but yet uh I’m only getting a mini on this thing, that’s crazy! So we got it on here.
We got.

Don’t you know so on this video, I’m just gon na talk real brief about what we can do to kind of minimize us getting those many deals.
We got some more people in it.
What’s up, Martin, are you doing man? Let us know who you are cuz we’ll be talking about right now.

Is you know people would have been doing deals? You know getting customers to close on first and second pencil and then they find out for management when it’s time to get paid that they getting paid a mini on the deal.
You know one dealer group, I won’t say in particular, they come to find out that their sales people were getting railroaded real bad.
They were charging them like 619 dollars for car washes and other type of of things.

That was crazy.
So when these folks getting their wash our sheets, it was showing that they were making minis on these deals, but never plays them.
First and second pencil.

What’s up Brandon out there Queens Volvo in New York, we got Martin Cadillac event, lady, we got Damien.
What’s up man, the real takers? That’s really what the up screen name is.
Have any of you ever had a deal where you know you made some money on it.

You got the customer to close first, the second pencil, but then, when you got your watch out, see you find out that you got paid a mini on it and then, when you go try to ask a question about it.
You know they kind of tell you.
They don’t worry about, let go, sell some more cars or give you all this bull crap.

But what happened to how they had this discounted behind-the-scenes or anything like that? That ever happened in the ER or, if you heard of it happening Damien from Orlando’s Daniel from Orlando.
What’s up Daniel thanks for tuning in so we got La announced New York in the house, Orlando in the house.
But what I want to talk about in this video, which I want to cover three different ways that you can have yeah so you’ve seen it, but we got smiling.

Then we got Real Talk, real takers, real Laker.
Excuse me, my man from my lady.
That said that he definitely has seen that and I’ve been getting an overwhelming around the people.

That’s been saying, like I was saying one dealer group: they have people that was knocking down deals first, pencil first pencil and they just knew they had money on it.
And next thing you know they were find out.
The day was getting minis and so what they did.

They started requesting um back in documentation.
The dealership refused to give in the back end documentation and one of the guys just so happen, to really have the resources to be able to get a lawyer.
They found out that out of the 21 people that actually went after this thing, they owed each one of them, an average of 75 thousand dollars in back commissions from over the years, because these people was getting customers to sign up first pencil second pencil and then Was being told that they was getting paid minis, so what the storm was doing was overcharging them on all types of stock.

End stuff – and you know – was screwing them over.
So we gon na talk about what we can do to protect ourselves from those many deals.
Okay, so there’s three different things that we can do to kind of protect myself.

First thing: if any of you were signed up for the webinar, the three ways to use social media to sell cars, I apologize.
We had a heart.
My hardware, my hard drive, crashed out that day and unfortunately for me I didn’t have a story to a cloud.

So right now my team and I putting it together, actually got some folks that are working on it and we coming back out strong, just kind of got to redo it.
But we don’t talk about three ways that you cannot minimize getting hose.
Many deals and really kind of had your best number one.

You all are probably doing this, but I’ll be doing you a disservice.
If I didn’t atleast stated and that’s educating your customer and when I say educate what I mean, is this a lot of times? The reason why people get the bucket on the price, if you really think about it, it’s because you know we may sit them down and we may be exceptional at talking to people in a building before.
But when we’re going out to present the vehicle.

A lot of sales reps I’ve seen do what I call the three minute walk around: first off, meaning they walk out to it, and it may say up: this is red: got leather seats, a real nice alloy rims, oh yeah, 5.
7 liter blah blah here.
Why don’t you step on in and that’s pretty much it for the presentation anything? Do you want to go on the test drive or a demo Drive now we got ta think about it for a second.

The only thing that this person is looking at up to this point is just the price, and so when we taking them out there to look at this vehicle, this is really our chance to educate them, not so much on the technical aspects of that vehicle.

But on how specific technical aspects or safety aspects or eco aspects or customized and suited for their issue see so when we sit down and we’re talking to people we’re just keeping it hey, you know how much you want to pay and we ask a silly question: Like what color, we should never be asked and every question we asked it’s only about that car.
What color, how much one pay, how much you looking to put down? Are you ready to buy today all questions that really will cause you more resistance than they will benefit you, but the automotive industry is one of the slowest to adapt their processes and develop the people that are really winning and really holding money, home gross, closing deals And having people hug them as they walking out for making a 30 40 50 thousand dollar purchase, are really the people to talk this much about the vehicle, but they speak or allow the person to speak this much about themselves.

I mean when you sit down with somebody, you say: hey, listen, I’m first things.
First, do you mind if I take some notes, because I want to make sure I get everything that you and I speak about accurate as possible, where they gon na say no.
They don’t say yeah so right there we get into yes right off the top okay, you have to learn it throughout the process.

If you can get them to say yes, 21 times the likelihood of them agreeing and be willing to barbecue at the end go up drastically.

Remember selves are psychological, it is really systemic, and so we start off with our initial yes by just asking hey.
Do you mind if I take some notes? I just want to make sure I get everything that you share with me.

Is that good as possible? They don’t say yeah of course.
Well now, are you looking for something for business or personal use? Now, with this being a leadoff question, look at where this question can go when you start off hit.
First of all, do you mind if I take some notes, we don’t get them to say.

Yes, that’s first, yes, then, the next question are you looking for something for business or personal use if they say it’s for business, guess what the next lead question is really what type of work do you do? How long you been doing that man? Is that something you kind of dreamed about as a kid, or did you get off into that? Is you know as an adult? Oh wow, man? I really do.
I really do look up.
The guys like you are whatever? Is you talking about so if they say business, you can go right into asking them questions about the business, but if they say personal yeah, I’m looking for personal use, okay, great, so it’s gon na be a daily driver.

Yeah, it’s gon na be a daily driver.
Okay to and from work yeah, it’s going from work excellent! Well, what type of work do you do so, as you can see, when you lead off with asking, are you looking for something for business or personal use? It doesn’t matter which question which after they give both of them on you can go into excellent directions of asking them and when they tell you what type of work they do dig a little bit man.
How long have you been doing that now? Yes, that’s showing interest in the person, because else what guess what else is doing is giving us a gauge of how long they may have been on their job now.

Is this something that you thought about as a kid or did go to school for this um? You know: oh listen man, I you know, I went to school for really: what’s your alma mater, you know, but just building with them, and then you an excellent question to find out if they’re about yourself or, if they’re with someone else.
So how big is your family, and you know, I suppose there is – is anybody else needed up? Is there another decision-maker? No, how big is your family doesn’t always just meet on? Oh my wife, my kids and here’s.
Why I say how big is your family when we say are you married well what, if the president isn’t married, what if they have a girlfriend or a boyfriend or what, if it’s, neither or what, if there’s a cousin that lives there too helps them pay the Bills and they’re gon na be sharing this vehicle see family is far more than just husband and wife.

Kids family is far more than just blood and there are a lot of people who consider different folks family.
So how big is your family? Oh this, that the other okay yeah, my wife, my kids, really how long you been married man.
This got the other awesome.

You guys have kids out.
What’s the ages, there’s any other! Now it’s semen again like I’m expressing interest, which I am, but I’m also building a profile.
Okay, so we going through that we’re getting everything we needed so now as we go through and we find them asking the question: hey, do you all travel or what are some of the cool things you do? Where do you go um? Do you kids play sports? Whatever, when we go out to present them to arm the solution now, when we present everything in a customizable fashion, which is educating them the first, the number one point as far as in trying to help minimize these minis is educating them, but in a specific way, The more you know about what they do for a living, what they’re gon na be using the vehicle for how often when was the last time you heard someone really ask someone? Oh so what type of things do you all like to do in your vehicles? Y’all travel: do you use it for just any other type of a day-to-day recreation? What are some of the ways that you and your family enjoy yours, and so now by me asking this when I go to present this vehicle and I’m showing that 60/40 split in that trunk space? Oh, how, when they go on those long trips, you know they’ll be able to fit order there, as opposed to maybe tying some on the back or whatever.

It is okay.
If deaf kids do play football, I’m gon na talk about how they can fit two three or four pairs of shoulder pads back there.
In case they have to take some of the other kids in the neighborhood to practice.

Okay, you know you want to make sure that you really are asking the questions tailoring.
So when you present, you are educating them on how this specific thing caters to that specific need.
Okay, so that’s the education part now really ask yourself and be honest.

When was the last time that you really sat with someone and ask them questions not just about that vehicle, but about them what they use the vehicle for, where they’re gon na be going, who all goes with them? What are some of the cool things they like to do so when you go out to present the vehicle, you are taking a specific thing and you’re able to lock it in and tailor it to that specific thing for them.
Many times we throw out these generic benefits of a feature that may not mean crap to a person, but if I know you’d like to camp, if I know you like to travel, if I know you’d like to go jet skiing or whatever it is you like To do mine or whatever now, when I’m speaking about that, all right, my bad hey, I appreciate y’all yeah.
We had a little bit of a little bit of an issue there but, like I was saying you want to be able to customize it to fit exactly what they looking for.

So the first one is educate and if you aren’t already doing it, which I’m sure, if you are wrong here now, you are but brothers sisters.
My friends, if there’s anything, if there’s any one thing that I can stress to you, it is that you know dealership stress, product knowledge so much and it is important, but you get that repetition.
But people knowledge understand the psychology.

You can tell someone that a vehicle comes with a a rear, dashcam and it really doesn’t say a missing mom, hey mister.
Williams, I apologize.

I thought that this vehicle did come with a rear, dance cam.
Unfortunately, this one does not have it, but we do have one that does if there’s some that you’re more so interested in here we go over here now: they’ll, forgive you for that.
But if you’re rude or you’re not asking the right questions or you’ve wasted their time, they’ll, never forgive you for that.

So make sure that when we’re sitting down, don’t just keep it about that vehicle and if you’re not quite calm with questions that asking would not shoot me.
A young shoot me a message and we’ll go back and forth responding me getting over to you.

I might have info sheets and a list of questions that you can use an answer.

So just shoot me a message through through through YouTube or go on LinkedIn or Facebook message me privately and I’ll shoot it over to you, okay, so educate, but you do want to learn a certain particular things with the vehicle, like a just some basic things that You can talk about to make something big, so educated number one number two is relate, it’s kind of what we were just talking about: you’re, educating them on the features and the benefit of the vehicles and relating it to their situation.
Okay, the more relatable the situation is to the individual, the easier it is for them to justify the investment to themselves.

So you have to remember that a study once said that the average person heard here is no five hundred thousand times by the time.

Eight years old, but at under-16 excuse me, they’ve heard no a million times and by the time they’re.

Twenty four they’ve heard no 1.

5 million times so for the song now imagine how negative a person really is the thing about ourselves when you were growing up? No, you can’t have this, no money don’t grow on trees.
No, you can’t go there, nobody get it for this blah blah blah and if we have kids think about how many times we may have said that to our children, and so we really think about it.
It is much easier and it’s a lot more likely that we’re gon na say no to ourselves before we say yes, so the more customizable, the more relatable that we can make this particular product by we’re sitting down with them, asking them the relevant questions.

Yes about the vehicle, but learning how to ask questions about them that really come off as you really being genuinely interested in learning about them very young, free and and not so uh intensive business like.
But at the same time, your questions are gathering a ton of information.
Remember something good salespeople practice, what to say great most practice, what to ask okay.

So you want to ask the right questions.
Listen with the attempt to understand the personal questions.
What do they use? The vehicle for what type of cool place do they travel? Do the kids play sports? How many kids do they have? What are the kids ages, one of the kids names, Oh, your spouse or your partner.

What’s their name, and some people may be listening to this and say huh if a sales rep asks me all those questions, I wouldn’t want to answer them.

Well, that’s because you never sat in front of myself, or maybe some of these other five people that are on here right now, because, yes, you would people love to talk about themselves and their children, but the reason why I asked that I get that information is So I could make it more relatable, okay, so we got you want to make sure you educate them by asking the right questions going on when you’re talking about a feature and benefit you’re presenting it in a matter based on their.
You know their particular needs at the time of the the needs analysis and do me a favor while we don’t hear but can y’all like this for me, because I know we got two likes, we can get some lights going on.

That’ll, be awesome.
That really helps, because we can get more of our more of our friends that around the country that are involved in our business like us, we can get them some help by sharing it so hit that, like button for me on – and I appreciate those that have Already so I want to make sure we educate, then the next thing we want to do is we want to relate it, so we want to make sure that we relate the product specifically to what it is that they needed it, for not anyone else for them And then the third thing is, we want to associate it so once we’re talking about the feature and the benefit okay, now we were relating the vehicle to him and then, when we bring these folks back inside okay, the last thing we want to do is: we Have to learn how to associate so.
We educate our customers by listening to what they need.

Okay and then making sure that we present them with the solution that is best suited for any particular needs that they may have.
Next thing we want to do is we want to relate it so based on the information that they gave us during our needs analysis, and what not we want to relate each and every feature that we possibly can related specifically to them to their children, to their Spouse to their situation, specifically almost as if the vehicle is customized for them, and then lastly, we want to so because people always want to belong.

Okay, we want to belong to something.

So it’s okay! If I letting the person know hey a lot of your other customers, really valued or really liked this particular thing all right, yeah, like I was saying you know, associating how other people in a similar situation to them have done the same thing.
I’ll give you example of what I mean by associating okay.
We know that customers always complain about price.

We know that it’s gon na happen.
Damn one thing is so blurry how’s that blur is that blurry see we get some focus going on all right.
I’m not a judge on this thing, uh it’s Friday right.

So how do we associate? We talked about educating by asking questions and then based on the needs want to this person, educating them on how this particular solution we presented these particular features and benefits of it.
Will well improve, or whatever the need is or hands the situation that they got going on.

Then we want to make it relatable we’re based on their family, their conditions, the situation we got the features, the benefits and what it is.

Then we want to relate it to exactly how, by using this will improve or enhance or increase or save.
We have to look for those ways as far as someone represented we’re, educating them and relating it to them in a way that is beneficial for them, not for the store not for anybody else, but for them, and then, lastly, associating so, how do we use the Association tool: let’s give an example like this.
We know people are gon na talk about pricing.

How do you want it to be lower? We know that, so we have to figure a way how we can bring that issue up early.
We can handle it when we bring it up, we handle it, we control it.
We allow them to bring it up later, we’re back to that Linda we’re losing so when we’re getting into it – and I know I want to find out – where do you wan na, be as far as payment wise a month, you can say something like this: I Hate on mr.

customer, a lot of my other customers told me that when they came in, they had a specific monthly payment in mind that they wanted to be it.
But when they drove home they ended up spending a little bit extra than they expected, because the vehicle bar on far more value and farm, one real cost savings than they ever anticipated.

So where are you hoping to keep your monthly payment around okay? Now that short little story about how other people told me they had a specific monthly payment in mind.
But when they drove home they ended up spending a little bit extra because the vehicle bought I’m far more and valued and in real cost savings than they ever expected.
Now does this solve them or keep them from bringing up the price issue later? No, but with that little association later on when they say that the price is more than they wanted to pay, I can always say: listen.

You remember earlier, when I shared with you how a lot of my other customers felt the exact same way, how, when they came in, they had a specific monthly payment in mind.
But when they found out that the vehicle bought I’m far more in value and the real cost savings than they ever expected, they were felt extremely comfortable, making a buying decision and that’s what you call feel felt found.
But I associated it with other people in a similar situation, making the decision and if you think about it as humans, we do that a lot.

If a friend of yours went to go see a movie, you haven’t seen yet you wanted to see it and you say hey, how was the movie and they say it sucked the likelihood of you want to see that movie has just dropped big-time if they say It was great, you probably go see it that night or the next day same thing with the restaurant you’ll.
Do it pretty good? Okay! So, looking at these three things, we want to make sure we educate, we relate and we associate letting people know I’m trying to plug up my charge.
I apologize, let you know yeah, let them know they should be happy.

I apologize for these dark.
I don’t know.
What’s going on, but I tell you what I didn’t kept you long enough.

Don’t ever you was like this video share.

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