I don’t think that we ever get done saying you know what we could be a little better if we did this we’re trying to keep and that’s what makes us try to be those that are elite, that’s what makes us think out of the box right and Speaking out of the box, all about having the tools, [, Music ] – to make your own load in business, okay, so bar guys cargos, listen, i’m just so excited to get to question number two question number two: oh man! Here we go all right so, mr resurrection.

What got you in the car business man short and sweet? What brought me into the car business uh before i got into the car business, i was actually managing golf courses.
I was part of american golf and um.
You know majority of the members in in the uh in the golf club um we’re in the men’s club, where we’re all car guys gm’s owners, uh sales managers, sales guys that type of stuff.

This was back in when the uh, the housing crisis happened.

Uh pretty much american golf then sold majority of all their golf courses and when that time was happening, my uh one of one of the members came up to me was an owner for a nissan dealership.

Said: hey, look um.

You know, i know you just got it.
You just had your first kid uh.
I really love.

You know playing golf with you that type of stuff.
I want you to try out selling cars.

I was like nah.

I don’t know about that.
I don’t know anything about the car business he was like.
Well, let me just show you one of the vouchers that one of the sales guys just made and it was like a 2500 uh voucher and i said, are you serious he’s like i’m dead serious? So he said all right come on down, so i went and i started at a nissan dealership and if you know anything in the west, in san diego or in the west coast area in san diego there’s about seven nissan dealerships, six of them are owned by One um one group called masi nissan and i actually worked at the other nissan dealership.

That was not a mossy store and um and, and it was crazy – you know before i even got to sell cars.
I love.
I love telling the story because it’s it’s uh.

It’s part of the truth, and it’s part of it’s just it’s it’s it’s pretty dope um.
I i didn’t get to sell cars for about three weeks almost a month, the sales manager wouldn’t, let me even talk to a customer, and he he was.
He was very regiment.

Uh basically told me before you even talk to a customer.
I need you, i need to make sure you’re not a show a car, because that’s where it comes down to it.
This is where you make all your money.

It’s show time you got to know how to show a car, so i spent three weeks literally doing a walking around doing ghost ride the whip.
Literally talking to myself, everyone thought i was crazy because i was talking to myself popping the hoods opening the doors going like this to inside you know.

Oh it smells so good.

I was literally it looked like i was on crack.
It was really really bad.
So you know i was out training one day and a filipino customer came in.

It was a filipino family right, i’m filipino, they came in and uh the husband was looking at trucks and i only knew one truck uh.
That was on the lot.
It was a nissan titan lifted and that’s the only reason why i knew that they were selling nissan titans because they had this one that was like kind of like on that ramp.

But it had all the lift kits had all the good stuff on it and it had about like a fifteen thousand dollar mark up because of the lift kit and uh.
You know i was talking to the filipino family and i was like look.

You know.

I’m brand new to the game.
I don’t know much about it.
I don’t even know what the process is, but you know let me let me go get someone that can help you they’re like no.

No, no! No! No! No.
We want you to help us because you’re filipino, we trust you, you stay with us uh.
You just help us with the process.

We want to just drive it.
You know it was just simple.
Filipino stuff i drove them came back talked to the man measured.

That was helping me.
He said, okay, i just want you to show these numbers, and – and this is what the payments me – that’s it don’t look at anything else, john to show them.
This is the payment.

This is what it’s going to cost, though this is how much money down and just say that just say that a 3 500 voucher off that one deal and i was hooked.
I couldn’t believe it.
It was more money than i i was like.

I brought that over, i said honey.
Look at this [ __ ], one car.
If i sell 10 of these we’ll be yeah dude.

I didn’t know that that’s not what all of them were.

I saw that 100 like oh, no, that ain’t good ain’t good, but that 3 500 all about you was dope [, Laughter, ], but yeah.
That’s i mean no, i’m not in the game.

I literally it was by chance.
It was i i didn’t grow up.

I didn’t have mentors that you know or anything like that it was just kind of like fell in my lap type of deal, and i think that’s like most.

That’s like the story for most guys in the car game.
They kind of just fell into it right.

It was kind of like that in between job, so i can find that other job that i really want to do right, but just like any car guy, that’s been in the game for a while.

They saw that first voucher and they were stuck.

So i always tell younger cats.
I was like yo um.

I hope you never make a pound or your first deal, because if you make that pound and you’re life, son and they’re like what are you talking about bam hook, ten years later doing the same thing? [, Music ]: it’s definitely something that you get addicted to no doubt about it.

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