How Free and Easy Will F#$K Your Life Up

I want to talk about something funny.

I want to talk about the words, easy and free are really destroying people’s careers and people’s lives, and here’s what I mean by that today, in my travels all around the country, training and working with salespeople um.
One thing I keep hearing is that somehow people believe that being successful and getting to a point where you’re making more money than you had in your previous there of where that’s 5060 thousand a hundred thousand two hundred fifty dollars, half a million million and so forth, And so on, but people tend to believe that being successful and climbing to the top of your profession or your industry, whether you’re selling houses, selling vehicles, selling insurance selling credit card services, selling life or selling a cremation service, whatever it doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter now.
The reason why I say easy and free are destroying people’s lives is because, in all types of advertisement your people saying hey, you know it’s easy to change your life and start making more money and take these simple steps to be successful in anything and the one Thing I want to share with you: is this in life? If YouTube was easy, your life will be honored, but if you do was hard, your life will be easy.

What do I mean by meaning that the difference between the winner and the losers is neither person enjoys sitting up reading sales books? Psychological books are what makes us tick, neither one like spending hours sitting in front of the computer, watching training video role plan working on their skills, both of both people, the winner in the loser, would love to spend more time on vacation and hanging out with friends And with family, but the thing that separates the two is that the winner, in spite of not wanting to do all those things, one enjoy more time hanging out, they do the work in spite of not feeling like they want to.

Why? Because they know that their desire for the game far outweighs there there there feeling for relaxation or what-have-you their desire for game, and they have more far outweighs their want to be lazy and sit around.
Neither one want to do it, but one is willing to do it in spite of so.

What do I mean by that? It means that if you’re waking up waiting until you get to your place of business at your dealership at your office or what have you and that’s when you feel like it’s time for you to start training or if you feel, as if your managers? Oh it to you to provide you with the tools, the training and the resources that you need to improve your skill set.
Then shame on you now! Yes, if you’re working at a dealership, okay and I’m using dealerships but regardless of what the business is, if you’re working there.
Yes, you would expect that the company will provide you with the foundation to be able to perform your duties to the best of your capacity.

But that’s about where it stops them, giving you the fundamentals to do your your responsible work, that’s where it stops, but what it takes for you to be able to elevate you to be able to maximize for you to really be able to capitalize on the opportunities That you get in front of you every day at your store, that’s up to you and that’s up to I that’s up to ourselves.
Never again, should you put your livelihood, your development, your progress in the hands of anyone else and blame them at all and don’t get caught up in the televisions stories of gloom and doom and everybody’s broken the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

The reason why this is done if they make people believe that they’re successful it’s easy and getting a lot of money is simple and yet that the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

It creates this fight this delusion.
So you got people that wake up.
Every day feeling like that, they can do the least they can get away with and somehow they’re gon na get maximum results, while at the same time every day they’re seeing that the walls are closing in on them and they better hurry up.

But the thing that happens is this: no matter how hard they they they think they want it.

They sit up in a daydream about it and they take these simple, easy non effort, utilizing steps and they’re not getting any results.
They’re getting piss-poor results.

What happened that leads to frustration outside of that frustration that leads to depression, leave the anxiety next thing.
You know this person says you know what screw this crap of trying to be anything and make my life better.
None of it works.

I give up.
Let me just go ahead and I’m gon na work myself a job or maybe two jobs or three jobs for the rest of my life until I die and Jo B says, but just over broke, so the easy and simple it is set up to help.
People fail because big business knows there’s nothing simple and easy about being successful requires work.

It requires effort, it requires planning.
You have to know this, okay and anything.
That’s given to easy.

You don’t want it anyway, cuz, it’s not gon na last, very long.
That was 30 foundation.
It’s like a Chinese bamboo tree.

Do you know that if you buried that seed in the ground, it takes five years five years for it to sprout to the grass, but after responds to the grass, it grows 90 feet in 60 days.
So what I like to ask people say: how long did it take for the Chinese bamboo tree to grow 90 feet? Was it five years? I was it too much because think about it at four years, 11 months, 21 days that the individual would have stopped watering.
The sea, it would have never grown okay, so it requires sweat, equity, a real belief and a plan and a belief in that plan and execution and commitment to getting better.

If you realize that in life, if you do, it was hard, he life will be easy, meaning if you take the time now, while you’re at work.
Imagine if the play cats came to your town and they hired a whole new set of actors, and they said alright.
Folks, the premiere or the first play is made it first and guess what we’re gon na give out the scripts then – and you know, we’re all hoping tonight, we’ll give everybody scripts and we all go on with the performance.

That’ll probably be the worst performance against that.
The world has ever seen awful sports coach said of a protein set, hey, listen guys.
The first game of a season is October, 1st I’ll give up the flavor look, stand and we’ll start working on our skills during the first game.

They get blown out okay, but yet we’d like to wait till we get to our place of business, where we should be making money to decide that that’s where we’re gon na go to start working on our skills all right.
So I highly encourage you get simple and easy out of your mind as a matter of fact, if you expected that you gon na have some roadblocks some obstacles and challenges the better prepared you be because you will definitely you will and guess what an obstacle.
What an obstacle really is a roadblock or an obstacle really is.

It is nothing more than the seed of opportunity that has been brilliantly disguised by our Creator for our development, all right.
So you know, if you had your dealership watching sales training videos reading a blog post reading a book in the morning taking ten minutes out of your morning, ten minutes out of 24 hours in a day that can yield you, thousands hundreds of thousands, okay in the Evening time, when you get home, take it ten to fifteen minutes before you go to bed, to listen to something skill-building, listen to something positive.
Recently still-developing reads on the positive: if you do these things, I assure you the results that you will have will blow your mind and it’ll it’ll create a hunger where you’ll keep doing all right, so remember, simple and easy: throw it out in life.

If you do what he’s gon na live be hard, but if you do was hard you’ll ever be easy.
All right and look trust me.
I know a little someone I’m talking about the over 16 years ago.

Was he victim out of my apartment with my wife, my kids living it up? We were squatting in a foreclosed house.
I was unemployed, depressed felt like blow my brains out, found a business card started the dealership sucked my first year cuz like most people.
I thought it was simple and it was easy and I just show up – and I was gon na – make all the money it wasn’t.

But the moment – and I had a book put in my head and I had some training that was invited to me and I finally decided just stop banging my head against the wall and really give myself a fighting chance to see how far I can push it.
Now I run up very successful: multi-million dollar sales training company – I travel all around the world and I’ve got helped create some of the top producing automotive sales people nationwide and in the UK.
So anything is possible if you really go hard and you have a plan and you focus on that plan and just know you know after every dark night there’s a bright day and it’s okay, it’s okay, all right! I’m Brian Maxwell, hey! I wish all the best to you and if you haven’t already like subscribe, become a member of the general, as you can see, we’re growing rapidly we’re going to have 5000 subscribers.

We got a lot of eggs.
I’ve a lot of extra tools coming out so by all means click Subscribe, join us and enjoy.
I look forward to seeing you at the dealership.

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