How can I overcome my fear of public speaking

Good morning right, an artisan president champion strategies for another session of public speaking once again.

We do this because there’s a different way of doing it for everyone.
Some of you have the resources.
Some of you don’t have the resources.

Some of you are in positions now that you’re going to lead.
So congratulations.
I have a special place in my heart for all of the teachers, the upcoming seat, so the world I’ve always wanted to do it.

How I’m there? As a teacher, I got a promotion at work and now I’m leading people to their success or you’ve been doing this a while in front of the room has been taken away from us because of the virus and we’re now reduced to this box.
So whatever the reasons I’m just trying to go over some ways of how you can do it paid and there’s some great organizations that can help you or do I have the discipline to do it myself and I don’t want to pay it either way.
We’re just trying to give you some daily tips.

Hopefully some of you can get something out of it, so, let’s just unpack it for today.
How can I overcome my fear once again, this anxiety that people have, with speaking, is a real problem for many people.
For your public speaking is common, it can range from slight nervousness to really being over the top, and people are just terrified paralyzed.

If they know they have to get in front of room to speak, whether is getting a toast, whether it’s giving a prayer at a dinner of speaking in front of people, many people with the fear of public speaking situations, they have to look at how they can Do this, whether it’s short long, three minutes, five minutes or longer and Wow? What am I going to talk about? So keep these things in mind.
Whatever your topic is just know, your topic, the better.
You understand what you’re talking about and the more that you care about the topic.

Then the less you’ll make mistakes over it, because it’s something that you believe that get organized ahead of time plan the information you want to present, whether it’s using props audio visual aids plan, the more organized you are, the less nervous you’re going to be, and if You need an outline on some small cards.
Fine nothing’s wrong with that.
But organization is the key and then, if you’ve ever watched any of mine since day, one practice practice practice practice practice practice.

That’s where the confidence, because you’re consistent, because you know the material, the people in the room watching or on this box, they can see that you have command of the material that you’re talking about.
So that is a beautiful thing when we do that, but most people just don’t like the practice and if you don’t practice, there’ll be no improvement.
There’s no improvement.

There’s no consistency.
If there’s no consistency, there will be no comfort challenge specific worries.
If there’s one worry that you do have like stuttering like sweating, this happened to you all the time challenge yourself to get over it put yourself in a situation by practicing where you can see how I can overcome this visualize.

The importance – and this comes from you and you only imagine that your presentations going to go well positive thoughts, positive thoughts, because we do it every day, but you have to be prepared.
Some of you.
I need some deep-breathing.

This can calm you down, taking one and two or a few more steps before you get up in front of the podium or in front of the group to speak, nothing, nothing wrong with that.
We want to bring the rate down, so people can see that you are in command of what you’re going to do focus on your material, not the audience.
The material is what you’re trying to get out.

That content is important if the content comes out across the audience, will will pick it up, don’t be afraid if you need to take a few seconds to get your thoughts together.
There’s that that pregnant pause as some people say, but don’t don’t worry about it.
I’d rather, you come out with the next thing in your mouth.

That makes sense to the speech, then for you to say something like forgive me, I’m sorry whoops.
I made a mistake.
That’s not what professionals do they know that you’re silent for a reason they would be too they’re not up there, but they just want to make sure that.

Oh I’m glad you did take a moment of silence, because that was a that was a nugget that you threw out.
There recognize your success, in other words, after your speech, is over with nothing wrong with patting yourself on the back and be humble about all of them, and the key thing with everything is that we always are seeking support.
That’s why I’m out here doing this today? We want to make sure that, if there’s any resources out there, that can help me in my individual situation, be better at this.

That’s what you want to look for so branded artisan president champion strategies doing this every day to help you out.
So just check me out and, as you do know I always say going out and making a champion .

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