How are you going after Bonuses?

Here from nwa conquer what you chase – sales training, AKA gunslinger in the house just want to address this morning – something someone on one of my groups asked about.

They’ve got a bonus are trying to hit ten used.
Cars gets them to a special accelerated bonus and how to maximize bonuses.
The bonus is very important when i was selling that’s when i dug deep and i pushed hard when you have a bonus, it’s something that you’re reaching for its extra it’s more money in your pocket, which adds to a better life for you and your family.

So when we’re going for a bonus, we want to address it properly.
We want to go in early with a plan, a purpose.
Take action, have a goal and make sure that we are going towards that goal with our purpose, with our plan and using a process mmm going in early, always helped.

You don’t have the background noise.
You don’t have all the fluff, you don’t have all the morning starting over the coffee.
What’d, you do last night.

What are you doing this weekend? How’s your fantasy football team, doing blah blah blah blah blah, so you want to go in with a plan of purpose.

A process take action, that’s how you accomplish your goals now.
The first thing you want to do is you want to make sure that you are not trying to sell people what they don’t want.

Imagine this imagine somebody comes in and they say boy we need it.
We need a mini van and we want this and we don’t like white and we want leather interior and it’s got to be dark because we’ve got three kids and you keep trying to show them this black one.
Because you think that’s the best one and you keep telling them things like if I was getting a minivan.

This is the one I would get and they’re like.

Well, we really like what about this white one? Oh you don’t want to look at that one! You want to look at this one here.
If you keep doing that, those are the customers, you get that say.

Well, hey thanks for your time! Can we get your card? Will call you back they’re going to call you back what you did.
Is you defied what they want it? You did not listen to them.
They were telling you what they wanted, but you were kept trying to sell them, something that they didn’t want.

People need to be sold, but they don’t want to be sold.
If that makes sense, they want you to show them value and what their will looking at tell them why it would be a good fit give them reasons of how that would be convenience for their life of what they told you they needed, but they don’t want.
You to sell them what you would get, because that’s what you would get so when you’re going for these goals, keep in mind what the customer wants and give examples like hey, we just got in this fresh one.

Would you be willing to look at it always ask a question that will get them to respond back, always ask a question, but at the end of the day, if you’re trying to hit a used car bonus and they’re completely stuck on a new lease, don’t keep Trying to push them on that used car, because one in the hand, is better than two in the bush, and so you want to consistently accommodate what the customer wants.
You want to use your professionalism, you want to use your skill to put them towards what you feel is the best value for what they told you they wanted, but don’t ever try and sell people what they want.
So when a customer comes in you’re, looking for a used car bonus, it’s the last day the month, listen to them, slow them down, be empathetic.

I understand where you’re coming from.
On the same way, when I go shopping, I just had a customer use.
Allegory use a story.

I just had a customer yesterday who was in the same situation, and they were looking at this, but I showed them this, but ultimately, in the end, we want to sell customers what they are looking for.

We want to sell the customers what they came in to buy now.
I know four out of five times.

Eighty percent of the time a customer leaves with something other than what they came in on, but we need to identify that through doing it proper needs and wants interview analysis to find out really what they’re.
Looking for what convenience they’re trying to fill.

That’s what we need to do with our talents, so, when you’re going for a bonus, get in early get in there with a plan get in there with a purpose, use a process that walks you through the steps but ultimately listen to the customer, identify really what They are looking for and know your inventory know what vehicles you have on the lot.

If you’ve got a lot of used know what use vehicles would fit that pull them up online grab some keys, hey come with me.
Folks have a handful of keys.
Let’s take a look at this one here, hey, I just wanted to show you this one, because this one’s priced well below book value this one’s priced well below kbd.

That’s once we’re asking auction value for this.
One give them reasons: why give them values why this is a good one, but don’t ultimately try and sell them on what you think is the best deal or what you think is the best value or what you would get, because ultimately, the customer.
That means a little something to them, but the customer really doesn’t care what you would buy because it’s not for the the vehicles, not for you and it’s not your money, that’s buying it, the vehicles for them and it’s their money, that’s buying it so always identify What the customer wants, when you are trying to show them other vehicles, be prepared, have a process down, have four or five keys to like vehicles that you know they want to see that you know that would be like what they are looking for, and so, when You’re going for a bonus, stay focused on it.

Stay focused on that bonus.
I always hit my bonuses because I was so determined.
I had a.

I had a process and I had a plan of how to get to that and I followed it every day through.
My processes, so what I’m going to leave you with today is listen to what the customer is telling.
You identify the convenience they’re looking for the needs and wants that they really are truly looking for and accommodate from there giving them other options in building value.

In those options, folks, I think this one’s a good fit, because this has the stolen gold.
This has the brook rails that you can put the car top around it.
You said you go on long trips up north, give them reasons, give them value.

Why? What you’re? Showing them is the best deal, but ultimately, when they tell you that I want this one right here, and this is the price i saw, and this is the one I want then accommodate them on that once again is always Noah Walsh, NWA conquer what you chase.
Gunslinger out .

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