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Thank you so much for that.
So getting on to question number four, where we have so much that’s built up to this point and it’s a perfect segue, because you under you’re firmly rooted, you know your.
Why? What you’re doing it all for you know what got you here.

You appreciate where it is that you are and the people that you do it with and you’re prepared to continue growing you identify and understand who it is that’s absolutely vital to you improving, because if it all falls apart now you got your wife and you guys Can rebuild from there right? So if it all it all goes, we got each other, we’ll bonnie and clyde this out together.
You know what i mean we’re going to make it we go down together, we rise up together, try to die, that’s right and, as we ascend that hill there’s many challenges that we face, and you know you may run into your your about one.
You know once a year or, however often, and usually it is when you’re a little bit less you right when you’re left in your perfect.

You is when you got the problem with somebody else, usually right right so uh with that what has been inside of your career, the biggest or excuse me the hardest lesson.
You’ve had to learn the hardest lesson that i’ve had to learn: um wow, that’s a good one.
That is it.

You know what i don’t think anybody’s actually ever brought me on a journey like this all the stuff we’ve covered and bring brought me to this question.
The hardest thing that i’ve had to learn is to not get emotional or to not be afraid of things that are out of my control um, i love it.
So what do i mean by that? There’s one thing that i’m afraid of in this life.

Only one thing this is going to sound super weird you’re, probably losing most of your audience with every time i go on a tangent because they’re, like oh yeah, whatever cyrillo nobody’s like that.
No you, like here’s the thing.
These are the thoughts that go through my my mind.

I i don’t know what the psychology of it is, but i’m like that kind of guy you can probably relate like you – can look up pictures say of pearl harbor on the internet and feel emotionally like what it would be there like to be there in person.

Looking at it, i’m weird that way, so my wife says: do you want to go to hawaii sometime and i’m like nah.
I’ve been like i’m good, you know like, i would be the dude that shows up to pearl harbor and annoyed that i had to take a boat to get there because i’d be like cool and then i’d want to leave, because i can get that same level Of stimulation same same part of my brain i would anticipate, is why i was able to call up one of my clients.

Actually i sent him an email and i’m like do you have this f-150? He said yep i said done.

I want that one and four days later it shows up in my driveway people go wait, you didn’t test drive it! No! No because i had consumed so much about this vehicle.

I watched all the youtube videos.

What’s the 502a package, what’s the you know? What what’s the leather is it hard leather? Is it soft leather? Is it i look? I consume so much that i can feel the stimulation almost as if i was already in it.
So, by the time i sat in my f-150 for the first time, i’m like huh, i feel, like i’ve always owned this vehicle.

It’s weird, maybe i’m crazy um.

All of that to say this, i feel like i’ve already emotionally, walked myself through to the to tears, by the way, what it would be like to experience.

Horrific events in life yeah, like all of us, have the capability to do that.
What, if my kid got hit by a car and perished right, i can, i could bring emotions.

What do you think about it, my heart flutters, even thinking about it, yeah, that’s also, you know every time it freaks me out just like thinking about it, because it i can feel the realness of it like what, if that happens.
Well, guess what it’s also out of my control? Yes, sir, it does not serve me to live in a perpetual state of fear for that thing, because i cannot control it.

There are things that i can control.

I can ferociously teach them to look both ways before they cross the street to go pick up the mail.

I can teach them to use their eyes and look around and pause and do a check and look at.

Is there any movement you know i can do a lot of things, but ultimately there’s still stuff.

That’s out of my control um.
So here’s the one thing that i’m afraid of um, i am afraid of and perhaps perpetually live in, a state of fear of mediocrity.
Um you know like, as i boil it down and trust me.

You probably tell i thought about this, a lot um, i’m afraid of mediocrity, because i can do something about it.

Yes, like i’m afraid of this idea, too many people are stuck being afraid of the move, their competitor made that launched them into stardom.
I could sit here and be like man, my friend glenn lundy came out of nowhere and in a shorter period of time, went to the freaking moon.

I could be afraid of that.
I could resent him for it.
I could whatever no.

I choose to celebrate it because guess what he taught me some things that help elevate me, but but but there are people that would resent that or there’s people.
You know that resent me for having a podcast in this industry for seven years.

They resent that i was the first one who did it? Well guess what i was the first one who did it because it came on the back of five years of talking myself out of it, and so i i get more fearful of those five years that i wasted.

Knowing i could have done something about it and chose not to versus what anybody else was doing brewing solution.
God bless you like car guy, like coffee pot, because who knows maybe you’ve become the biggest freaking podcast on planet earth and you surpass me.
Well, god bless you if you do do you know what i mean like? Does that make sense like it sounds like you say we took your course but yeah, because i don’t know what your definition of success is.

It serves me nothing by the way.
I love definition b.
I think it’s in the oxford dictionary or the merriam-webster dictionary.

That’s that says, success is defined as a favorable or desired outcome.
This is why there’s more than enough success to go around, because all of us have a different definition of what’s favorable or desired, i’m afraid of mediocrity, because i know there are actions today yesterday today and tomorrow that i can do to ultimately move the ball forward And live life on my terms and if i am constantly in a state of living life, on my terms or at least have checks and balances, to ensure that i am moving forward, guess what i’m free! That is freedom to me living life on my terms, did i have the biggest podcast in the world? Maybe not was i happy? Yes, you won.
Is your wife happy? Does your wife feel loved exactly? Does your children know that they’re loved? Yes, you won.

I love you know that they can accomplish anything because of that love and it’s driving out all fear of them ever succeeding.
One because perfect love drives out all fear and if you love what you’re doing you’ll face that fear of mediocrity and say you’re going to have to get behind me, because i have success inside of my destiny, it is coming.
It is part of who i am and i’m not going to allow the limitations of mediocrity yeah.

I was held back for years.
I was just great.
I held myself back for years in business.

I know i was too concerned about my competitor look at what they did, and so i was in this perpetual state of catching up, i’m trying to catch up to them.
Well, they got a different definition of success.
To me, that’s why i was never fulfilled doing it.

I was never happy doing it when you put the blinders on like you’re a horse in the freaking kentucky derby.

That’s right, hey focus, focus and focus.
You’ve got to get man and and you’re so right and that the thing is is like we all.

We can look at other people and we can look at them and you know, and could you compare yourself you can but here’s the thing – and this is i preach this every single day.
It’s the only thing you have to compare yourself to is what you did yesterday.

That’s it you don’t have to worry about what glenn lundy did.

What michael cerillo did.
What you know david phil is doing.
You don’t have to worry about any of those people.

You you can love, learn from them, you can grow from them and you can get and you can share with them, and you can do so much with by watching what they’re doing don’t get me wrong.
You want to take notes.
You want to see things like that, but at the same time you don’t have to be better.

You don’t have to be the same.
You don’t have to be worse, you could you have to just be better than yourself and how do you help period right? How do you i mean cheer them on, give them a like give them? I love them all.
I love every one of you, there’s i’m fans of everyone and i’m i would be the fan club member and all that stuff for everybody.

If they had one.
You know i’m just saying like it’s true it’s i i learned so much from each one of you all.
I learned i learned, like the confidence, feel the way.

The way you all speak, and it’s like what you talk about.
It’s it’s.
Those are words like when those names i just brought up.

Those are like big names to me.
You all speak from the heart.
You every one of you all.

Have you know you’re faith-based, you all are you all are like people that encourage other people.
You don’t hold other people down, there’s i don’t not.
One of you all do, there’s nothing but love that you guys share and you know that’s elite.

It is elite right, and i i love it though, and i’m so fortunate that you were here today and you know the one thing is that we all do this.
We work so hard and we we, you know, we have these bad times.
We have all this stuff happen, but we don’t.

You know a lot of times.

We don’t celebrate the great things and a lot of times.

We don’t acknowledge the great things.

So what i’d like to ask you for the last question tonight is what has been your greatest reward from all the hard work that you’ve put in, especially you know in in business side.

I know there are some great rewards at home and it probably all relates because it they all they all do.
But what is your greatest reward? Um one of the things that well i’ll tell you what excites me in this very moment um.

What excites me in this very moment – and it ties into the last thing, about taking control um, taking control of your life um.
The path that i chose is.

Do i want to be an operator or do i want to do? I want to um own? Do i want to be a ceo or do i want to be the operator, and i think too many people are stuck in this trap, where they’re too afraid to lift others, because they want they want the gl.

I don’t know why i got the movie.
Nacho libre now in my head, by the way my favorite movie on planet earth.
I freaking love that movie, but what does he say? They want a little taste of the glory, see what it tastes like dude.

I don’t freaking want any glory, so you know what you know what i love.
What excites me in this moment beautiful question.

I love the fact that, five years ago, i hired an entry-level project coordinator, who didn’t come with any greater privilege than any of my other team members who put her head down.

Who picked her focus? Who worked diligently? Who acquired and gained built a relationship of trust who followed that trust up with action? She demonstrated the trust she didn’t just say: trust uh, who has now been promoted to the most senior level manager in my business.
I love the fact that, because of what we are doing to build people and bring them into an environment that is not typical, you know, and i see the culture in your videos like you’re walking around your store and people are pumped and they’re doing their deal And you’re popping in and out of their offices, you know the vibe.
I love that we’ve built a culture and proven a thesis, the thesis being that if you can lift others that it will pay you back dividends.

So it does tie back into family and it ties back into mediocrity.
I could have cho by the way when i started the business.
I was the boss, i’m italian, it’s in like me, i think it’s in my dna, the tran that our relationship is you.

Do your job, i sign your paycheck end of transaction right, so i had to learn the hard way that that doesn’t work turnover hot.
Like my attrition rate awful, then i finally got to a point where i’m asking a question that i think a lot of leaders in our industry are asking which is and sorry let me say, managers in our industry are asking which is how come.
I can never find good people how come good.

People are so hard to find bro, stop you’re, surrounded by good people, but you’re, not assuming any of the responsibility to nurture, grow.
Teach coach mentor hey, so you got to go scream into a pillow because you’re frustrated.
Welcome to leadership i used to have i used to have uh uh.

You know an afro okay, i didn’t, but you know what i mean like you got to pull your hair out great, but it it’s so rewarding that i that i was able to see the light.

I’m so grateful for that that i could build a team who would go to the far reaches of the galaxy with me.

Those are their words, not mine, who would lay down on train tracks for me, because they know i would first lay down on train tracks.

For them, so so now i’m in a position where guess what guys you can hustle grind zombie all you want.
I take every freaking friday off and spend it with my wife.

Come on.

You know what i mean, so it all kind of comes full circle.
So i’m i’m excited about that in this moment that i have a team that i don’t have to worry about.
I trust them explicitly and implicitly, because they’ve proven themselves in the same way that i had to prove myself to them, and it just creates this.

This environment that is so enriching and nourishing.
I love popping into our direct message, chat because we’re located, i mean remote right, toronto, utah edmonton, like we’re all over the place.
I love popping in there and and seeing them say thanks colin, your design on that was so amazing kudos to we do this thing we give tacos and it adds so you can add a taco emoji, so it’s like you can say taco goes to and it Actually, like attaches to a leaderboard, so then i can look at the leaderboard and see who was given the most tacos by the way super nerdy.

But have you guys seen the commercial, these commercials or these ads on um on facebook, where you can become a a sir or what is it a lord or a lady? Yes, so you are speaking to lord cyrillo and and what we do is whoever gets the most taco we go out and make them a lord or a lady.
We buy that establishment like it’s just a little token of, but we have this environment, so i’m super excited about that because now you know you can see it with even greater clarity, or at least i can how culture grows.
Business business culture can create some freedom.

Freedom creates more time for the other facets of your life.
You love and it goes around and around and around come on.

That’s what i’m talking about brother that listen! You are giving us the and then some that we anticipate so when one of the business facts of life that i try to make sure to teach to the guys is to be the end.

Then some person right do your job and then some this was going to be a great interview.
I already knew that, but it’s the and then some the and then some great conversation that we have before.

We turned on record the great conversation that we we are having as we get into this, and i’ve completely lost the time on it, but folks and solutionaries that are out there and those are you that are actually listening and and and want to really update where It is that you’re going if you’re watching us right now, you’re, usually pretty much part of that culture already you’re, probably already somebody that’s trying to improve the others around you and you’re, enjoying the enrichment that comes from other people like michael and all the other solutionaries That have jumped into the cafe to share a cup of coffee, a conversation and cultivate relationships inside of those connections that help you to lift up those that are around you remember, we only have so much reach you’re going to go to work and you’re going to See another human and that person breathes air with you.

They they’re they’re eating they’re breaking bread with you, they’re going through so much with you and if you turn on put on your goggles of good news when you look at them and you try to find what’s best inside of them.
I assure you that which you give is going to find its way back to you when we say it’s better to give than receive.

That’s that’s quoting jesus and he said it’s better to give than to receive, not because you’re gon na get, but because it’s a blessing to give it feels great too, and when you see fruit come back when you see that these seeds get put out that cultivate.

What’s happening right now, we’re brewing solutions with michael cirillo, the bruin solutions one year into this, we’re seeing people that are affected they’re revived inside of their feeling of purpose.
Inside of this industry, which always lived inside of a black cloud of being blacked out, and because of that, we are trying to make sure that we continue to turn this light up.
So for those of you that do not see what it is that you’re.

Looking for or see the solution around you, i want to be a voice and we want to champion a voice to say you’re, probably the solution, you’re, probably the one that should go ahead and turn on your light and dig deep within you to find out what It is that you have for the people around you, because people like michael and people like the subprime hero are on another level, and you can peel that layer off to find out that you also are elite, and can always take it to the Next level, the great thing about the vr elite fi is that it’s a we thing.

Folks, it’s us together, man, it is boring by yourself.
It is boring to do life on your own and it’s so lonely and it’s not rewarding, but when you can see great things happen inside of the people around you, oh my goodness, it takes you to another level.

It does takes you to another folks.
I want to just point out one thing that michael said on his greatest reward and he’s talking about being not a manager but a leader right, um.
What i mean by that is that what he said was he had to prove himself to his team too.

Mostly most managers out there don’t most managers out there only want their team to prove themselves to them.

You need to prove yourselves to your team, because the team will follow.
Somebody who leads and leading by example, is so key.

So if you’re putting in that work and you’re, showing your team that i can do this – that i’m here for you they’re going to do the same thing for you, if you don’t you’re, going to get the same results from them.
So it’s it’s! It’s just the old saying the more you the more you give, the more you get and – and i absolutely love this – this has been an amazing afternoon for us.

We are so happy to have michael cirillo here with us blessing us on our first reversal.

Yes, so thank you for being here.
I i know that this interview was a long time coming.

Thank you.

Thank you for dropping all this great great great, as they would call in the clubhouse nuggets and gems right.
So we appreciate you for doing that and it’s it’s been an honor to get to know you a little bit more.
You know get to get to know you personally, and i look forward to growing with you some more and if there’s anything we could ever do for you, you let us know, and i know that the same thing goes the other way and that’s what i love About this is that we’re the group of people that i’m trying to connect with and have connected with are all that exact same uh mantra reach out to me i’ll help you out same way.

You know one hand shakes the other here, it’s a fair deal and i appreciate it.
I appreciate your time today.
Thank you so much for it.

I know that we went a bit over but, like our friend paul meyer would say it’s okay, we own the network right with that.
Folks, today is such an incredible day, not just for for fred and i to be inside of the cafe brewing solutions with an incredible individual like michael, that’s deposited seeds inside of us, but for all of you to take this journey with us, we can’t tell you Thank you enough.
We cannot say enough words to get it across to you that we value your time watching us listening to us, buying swag, going to car guy coffee and buying some coffee uh from from the website, from sharing the the good news from throwing a like for putting Great comments for asking great questions, we cannot say thank you enough and, as we turn this entire year and and we go forward, we have we have a new president.

We have a new vice president.
We we should have new mindsets about us if they’re challenging uh to to us, then great.
Take that turbulence as an announcement that you’re flying and that you can keep growing and that there’s more life in you.

If you feel pain, it’s an announcement that you’re alive, and so we want to encourage you continue to raise up each other and you are going to see the next level be something that only only you could dream about.
But you haven’t even got close to the reality of experiencing what life can be like when you really really let the people around.
You know one that you value them and that they can do anything because they have people like you encouraging them.

So again, thank you for for showing us what it’s like to be an elite individual for being a person that is humble and always giving.
I honor you brother, we’re so thankful for you brewing solutions with us.

We’re ready to uh get ready to get on with this day uh.

My son is going to do a a walk tonight.
Right see your nights.

This is, he turns 18 tomorrow and now i’m i’m part of a whole new club of people, four children that he has put through the house, the fourth one just turning 18 tomorrow.

Folks, congratulations on doing a great vibe, top-notch father right here so excited so excited car, guys and car gals.
We are honored that you took the time to spend a little bit of your time brewing solutions with michael cerullo.
Michael, we love you.

How do people get ahold of you? Hey just hit me up on linkedin.
That’s the easiest way, just look for michael cirillo.
You see this uh, bald seth, rogeny, face and uh appreciate you guys.

Thank you so much for uh, for your kindness and for inviting me onto the show it’s been been so much fun and uh welcome welcome to the one year club.
Thank you.
Thank you one day we’ll be at that seven year club.

You know what i mean we’ll get there, keep we’re not gon na stop.
We are gon na stay, consistent, we’re going to keep growing folks, and we appreciate you, michael for helping us, find out folks some new ideas and giving us some more encouragement.
And hopefully we did the same for you.

Thank you very much.
Thank you.
So much may everything be blessed in your life forever.

We look forward to more talks with you brother.
You are incredible folks.
Go check out michael michael, hang out backstage for a moment, and we want to just say thank you so much for those of you that do not know going forward this year.

We are teamed up with some of the best in the industry that have some of the best tools in the industry to help you get to the next level.
Thank you to our our sponsors, but really they’re our friends they’re the people that believe inside of the message of brewing solutions that we’re trying to spread out there to the rest of the industry you .

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