Think we only got with t minus two questions uh to go on this five liner, but i mean this is the stuff that people need to be getting uh.

You know what, when they’re listening, that’s the second part of that.
What got me started on my on my own podcast is i’ve done as a i should have? I should have made my made my note updated my my notes before this tonight, but i think with this one since april, i’ve only been doing this since april 7th.
So it’s not i’ve been doing it long at all.

I think this is the twin about the 20th podcast or 20 different show.
I’ve been on talking about my journey and what started my own is somebody told me they’re, like you need to start your own podcast like you’ve done you’ve done so many you, you don’t need to reinvent the will.
You need to you’ve been give you’ve been given opportunity.

Now you need to, in turn, give people the opportunity to share their stories.

So that’s what that’s, what started it and wow and the red glasses is i i was thinking about.
I was i’d thrown around a different name, because i loved drinking coffee and somebody said well, you should do call uh what was it encouragement and coffee with david.

I was like okay.

Well, i was on a.
I did a podcast with with nicole um nicole roos, about branding and about the carmen um automotive stuff stuff, and she looked at me with the red glasses she’s like when we got off the thing she’s like.

Have you ever thought about um, seeing red with david munford? I was like no, i never.
I never even came across my came across she said.

Do you wear your red glasses all the time like yeah? I do wear my red glasses all the time and she’s like that’s your branding.

That’s what that’s! What people know you as that’s what people she said.

Your podcast needs to be seeing red with david, so she’s, the one that actually she created that logo.

For me about 30, i think about 30 minutes after our call or like maybe the next day after a call, i had an email, she said.
Well, we got a car.
She said i’m gon na i’m gon na draw you up a logo for your podcast and that’s how it started and that’s man.

Congratulations on that.
What a cool story you know and it’s it’s a really cool name.
You know you’re like it’s like, because you’re the complete opposite you’re, not one that sees your glasses and sees red.

You know when you think the word seeing red it could be like expecting somebody, but what i like about it, it’s such a cool opposite that it’s like when you’re seeing red you need to listen to david right.
But do you know, do you know what the color red stands for? Well, really, assuming you’re going to tell us tell me something: okay, good.
What my podcast is.

Is i’m a loving person? It’s hard working, it’s life, it’s health, it’s being, but it’s it’s vitality! That’s what i am that’s what i first that’s what i love people.
I love i’m a people person.
I love anybody.

Yes, so that’s what my podcast is that it’s like giving somebody that may not have life that may feel like they’re down and out, because i was down and out.
I was down for five years.
I want to give somebody life.

I want to bring somebody back up to say: hey, you may be down you.
Maybe you may be having a bad day, but you can come back from it.
You you can be successful, you can.

You can pull yourself up.
Oh yeah and you’re exactly what you’re talking about right and it’s just so much left and we are so all so early in this, like game of life, we’re young, we have so much time to just do whatever we want to do.

But the thing is is that you have to stay focused on what you want.

You got to see through some glasses that are to keep you on that 20.
20 vision right now we’re in 2020 right now, there’s a lot of reasons that people could be like this year suck, but you could also – and i get it man – it’s it’s been sad for some people.
I know there’s been a lot of loved ones.

I’ve been lost because of covid and it’s been affected a lot of people’s businesses um.

I feel bad for all those people don’t get me wrong, but folks, even those people who are in those right now, if you lost your business, i promise you.
If you keep your head up and you keep your and you keep grinding, you keep working hard and you stay focused, you will come back and you’ll come back stronger than ever, because you learned something there and you’ll be prepared next time right.

So but here’s the thing you know and that that’s that’s it’s a great thing to do and i’m i’m real excited about all that and you know i’m going to pass the mic over here to luke.
Let’s, let’s, let’s pick on a couple things real quick because we did uh, we did ask uh you.
Did you asked the question about red? What is the color of red mean? Well for those of you that are looking up definitions of colors? I do believe that everything has its meaning every everything has a purpose but uh inside of the color.

The red red has a range of symbolic meanings, including life, health, vigor, war, courage, anger, love and religious fervor.
The common thread is that all of these require passion and the life force that drives passion is blood, and blood is red um, so only when it’s mixed with oxygen outside but uh.
Speaking of that, we do want to wish happy birthday to next sales.

Own happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday, but happy birthday ashley.

We are so thankful uh that we get somebody to uh, to connect us to incredible tools like the next cell, app again, something that i think would be great inside of a service lane, and it’s just great inside of anybody’s hand.
That’s trying to further their business with going forward with the next sale again, not just giving another plug first for great people, but that applies.

Ashley is incredible.

Actually, happy birthday.
You are amazing, especially for putting up with jason.

I don’t know how you do it.
Yeah you’re doing a great job and you do it with love.
So we love you back.

You are very what an incredible concept uh, because it is taking and flipping a uh.
What would be a negative term turning it into a positive uh, finding a way to help people uh to build those encouraging moments? You know because at the heart, it’s still what you’re doing you’re having a cup of coffee in a conversation and trying to find a way to be yeah – and that’s you know at the heart of course, of what it is that we love to do too.
That’s that’s here together, um, so inside of all that, i’d like to know you know when making the connections inside of life and you’re you’re going through uh finding these paths in these directions.

Who is it that would be the most influential person to you as you make these turns inside of life? Who is it that you would actually say is the ones that would actually you’d, say man if i didn’t have this person at this pivoted time? In my life um, i don’t know if i’d be exactly where it is that i am um who would you say would be the most pivotal person in your life.

That’s said correctly, it’s a great profile, shot glasses um, i was serious that’d be great.
To have.

Can hold that one more one more time we got to smile with the camera, so we can use this recovery turn one more time.

One two is a smile, nice all right.
That’s perfect! We’re probably gon na use that oh, my gosh um, i’m gon na.

Try not to go too deep here: hey you’re on the car guy, coffee, podcast! Folks, we get how lou likes it.
Well, then i’ll then i’ll go do because i i said it this morning on on the uh linkedin live.
I was with with gabriel lill and chantel sumas and jason the xxo connection.

I was on there this morning talking about my past and things i wouldn’t be here today, if, like my, my linkedin profile is a picture of my family.
Yes – and i would not be where i’m at today – if if it was not for everybody in that picture, because, yes, i put them through some hell for five years and when i moved back home at age 30, the past 10 years or yeah 10 years, they Have they they rally around me and brought me back to where i am today, and that’s that’s the turning point.
That was a turning point in my life when i was able to go back home and be able to live with my parents when i did not have anywhere else to go, and i was able to learn what i had and how fortunate i am to have.

What i have and where i’ve come in the last 10 years, i can’t even i can’t even i can’t even begin to say how blessed i am and how like, like.
Even through the pandemic, me and my wife were able to buy a house like how like we’re like how did this happen.
[ Laughter ] like one of our cars uh literally, but i had to pull the old yeller on it and just go ahead and let it go.

We were able to buy a a, not a brand new car, but a actually a 2012 lexus rx 350 uh.

350 yeah uh with 90 95 000 miles on it like how how how did we? How did we ever do that? I love how you do that.
I can’t i can’t believe it’s like how.

How can we do that everything i look back on it.
That’s awesome.
Man right here, 2020 has been amazing.

I love that it’s thanksgiving week, folks yeah it’s so much stuff to be thankful, for i want you to sit down everybody out there.
You all need to sit down and think about what you are thankful for and there’s so much to be thankful, for i don’t care if you think it’s the worst year.
I promise you.

If you sit down you reflect if you’re watching the show right now.
I know you have things to be thankful for yeah, so much to be thankful for i’m thankful, i’m thankful all the connections.
I’ve met since april for real, because because a lot of these people are like family, no doubt exactly it’s family i mean it’s like.

I’ve talked to people all like uh, i think next week, even going back on the podcast.
I think it’s, i think it’s tuesday, i think it’s tuesday night, i’m.

I need to check that yeah, it’s tuesday night, tuesday night, i’m actually i’m.
Actually i’m going.
I’m going international with seeing red with david, i’m having my first guest from australia or united.

It says australia, united kingdom, i’m going international tuesday night who’s, your guest who’s, your guest uh.
Her name is uh, annie, amy, gibbons yep going and then i’m going, i’m going to international tuesday night national baby.
Mr worldwide, my name is david david, so i mean so i’m i’m blessed with everything with all this something, no dude.

That is i’m so happy for.
You that’s you i’m pumped up for you, and i cannot wait to see this show that you’re talking about it’s gon na be great.
You know we um we’re really blessed to have you here.

Man, we’re really excited to have you here.
Once again, you have.
You are a great soul.

I have laughed you’ve made me laugh a few times with some of your stories.

Like i got choked up.
I guess i literally man i mean i teared up for a second there.

So yeah you definitely you definitely are bringing it tonight.
Man i appreciate that i know that you’re excited to be here.
I know i’m excited to have you here so fifth question of the night it’s gon na have to do basically because it’s thanksgiving week, i’m gon na i’ll, i’m gon na change.

The word that i usually use it, we usually use it’s your greatest reward to.
What are you most thankful for in your life for all the things that you’ve been through in your life? What are you the most? That’s a one layer of bam right now, yeah.
So heavy it’s such a heavy.

Oh man, that’s just a big blow right yeah.
Some of that.
I’m thankful.

My wife didn’t leave me when i, when i cheated on her before we got married because she she stuck it out with me and she has been.
She has helped me stay centered through everything.
I’ve been we’ve, we’ve been, we’ve been married.

Five we’ve been together, almost we’ve been together like 10 years, but we’ve been married five years in april.
She she is the she’s, the she’s, the grounding on the she’s, the rock solid person that every everything i’ve been through everything i’ve went through in the past and everything i’ve been through.

She has been there right beside me through every bit of it and she has been my the biggest encouragement with this podcast with the podcast i’ve been on.

She understand she’s like she knows.
This is my hobby, my my therapy sessions, my my this is what i love doing it she’s like at one point.
She she looked at me.

She said: okay, you got ta slow down because i was going nuts one weekend like um she’s, like you can do like one a week yeah, but she she’s been.
She is, i wouldn’t be where i’m at without her, i wouldn’t be able to do it, and i tell you what that’s a great answer, not just because it’s your wife, because i could tell it’s honest, you know and it’s true from your heart.

We all need that in our lives.

You know some of us have it through our wives.
I know that lou does.

I do also um.

My wife is my ground she’s, the same way with me she’s.
What keeps me balanced? She keeps me floating yeah.
She gives me like um, you know that word.

I always use it’s accountability, so you know she does, and it’s really nice to have that and it’s somebody that i can do that with the rest of my life and know.
I could trust 100, so you’re very fortunate to have that.

It’s great that you honored her that you’re so thankful for her.

I know that you know it’s thanksgiving week and what other way, but to honor the you know the person that means the most to you.
Your wife and that’s that’s somebody you got to choose.
You know it’s saying, like families family, we all love our family, the ones that are blood right and then there’s the poop and then there’s the ones that we choose and the ones that we choose man.

I honestly it’s it makes it even more powerful because that’s the one that you chose for life, so congratulations to you on that my friend.
Well, my mom also told me that if we ever break up or if we ever get divorced or anything like that, she said you need to realize she’s gon na be in your life for the rest of your life, so you can either like it or lump It so i’m kind of stuck because sometimes i’m like, i feel like uh who’s.
The kid here.

Am i the child or she is she the child here, because my mom, i i’m very i’m very i’m very thankful.
She gets along with my parents with my parents too.
That makes it so much easier.

Absolutely it does man.
I feel i’m very fortunate with that myself um.
So congratulations on that.

That’s the five liner, my friend we’ve got that all out there.
I mean so thankful that we’ve had the opportunity to uh just grind a great conversation with a car guy.
That’s finding a way to solve problems.

Folks of the the importance of making sure that we make the right connections from the sales to the service side is so key right now, um the the customers are being uh, put into a different way of having to learn how to buy things shop.
For things be in public you’re having to figure it out when you go to get a gallon of milk, when you go to get uh whatever, when you go to buy a pair of shoes, when you go shopping for clothes, everything has changed about the way that We approach doing commerce in america and worldwide, and so with that understand, your customers are still trying to figure out how to navigate doing big purchases, along with spending lots of time places and the one thing about the car business that everybody has tried to and is Consistently, trying to uh chop away at it’s the time that a customer has to spend at the actual dealership, getting their problem solved and from sales to service.
We’re trying to make those connections happen and we’re so thankful that we get the chance uh to touch and speak to the different minds that are out there that are making those relationships happen with customers again, there’s so much uh to dig into uh, and we want To spend more time doing so, but make sure that you’re you’re trying to find a way there’s so many key things that david brought up again, the biggest takeaway i would encourage you all to take from this five liner is that he is somebody that is finding Solutions because he’s looking for them, he is gainfully seeking a way to help people and he’s reaching outside of the box, and it’s helping him disguise and see it’s not it’s not that common.

His his owner literally said what no one’s ever he’s in the gentleman.

The general manager, when i, when i told him what was going on he was like he even even said.
I’ve never had anybody do that, and then there was one day where i had a.

I had an issue with something with with the with sales, not explaining to the cust to the new customer about what’s going to happen, and i went to him and said: hey can i can i say something to service one day he was like yeah.
If you want to, i was like, if you let me i’ll, i would love to he even said he even said in front of the service department.

He said this is the first time i’ve.

I’ve ever had any service advisor step up with the gumption and say: listen.
Do you guys understand what we’re doing, how to do it? How to explain to the customers, because i had customers extremely upset, not knowing what’s going on, so i take it like his own business inside of business.
No doubt you know what you are my friend you’re a jedi.

Yes, i had it sell it out there.
I saw the star wars shirt on shout out to star wars.
My friends, i love the jedi way.

That’s how i do that’s how i sell cars.

You will buy this vehicle.
You will buy this service, yes, [ Laughter ]! Well, you are 100 car guy coffee approved, and we are so thankful that we have been seeing red here on the car guy, coffee, podcast, car guys and cargiles.

Make sure that you share this around if you uh actually want to get entered into winning a couple of these cups? You need to do us a favor, real, quick and you need to tag at least five car guys or five car gals mix match.

However, it is that you want to get entered in for getting these one comment, five or more.
That will be what puts you into the drawing for that uh car, guys car guys.

You can go to car guy coffee, dot com to get something to put inside of your cup or know what you need in there.
Some of this uh inspiration and uh whatever it is that you’re doing whatever challenges that you’re facing uh.
We encourage you to make sure that you do try to find a way to continue to help overcome the problems, help the person that you’re with uh make connections with people like david, we’re so thankful that that he has a heart.

That’s for people um, but uh.
Folks, it’s it’s something that we want to make sure and he wants to make sure that we inspire inside of you.
We connect you uh to the thing that makes you jump up and go attack your day in a way that says that there is a joyful uh heart that you have when you help people and – and we want to make sure that we’re living that out on A consistent basis – um i mean i’m just i’m just pumped up it – makes me want to dance.

I want to go on having a great day.
Speaking of dancing pretty.
Does that the top top two buttons right there we can go.

Do the cholo challenge real quick! This is not a cultural appropriation, though that makes me feel a little wrong, but so you know [ Laughter ], so we were watching the yesterday diamond phillips, like yo.
What was your school like that? I was like.
Well, that’s la, but a lot of things are kind of similar in the way that things were but either way, um car, guys, car downs, that’s a little just a little picture like a little fun sprinkle on top.

Thank you.
Everybody that’s been in here tonight.
Happy thanksgiving after you all this is going to be an incredible short week.

Uh before we get the chance to get around a table, make sure that when you are getting around a table, you are brewing solutions.
You’re, not percolating problems, you’re, not talking about the problems of this world, um, listen wherever you are, i’m telling you wherever you are.
You are designed to be a solution to the problems that are facing that world around you so impact it accordingly approach.

It accordingly speak.
Accordingly, if there’s darkness around you, it’s because it needs to be vanquished by your light.

You know the quickest way to get rid of darkness just throw light in there real quick one, little itty, bitty light illuminates a whole room, because you guys seen that turn on your phone light when you’re in your room at night.

How great does that help like it’s completely pitched to turn your phone light on bingo mac, see so be aware of that folks, there’s light all around you, the little bit of light that you have sometimes is enough to shine and share with a lot of people.
That’s right and what that does is it becomes multiplied and the more it multiplies the more light that becomes so don’t be scared of the dark.

The darks there just to test you don’t be scared if you’d be excited about it, because when that dark comes, you know, there’s going to be tons of light on the other side of that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

Remember that saying light at the end of time.
I’m going to add to that be the light in the tunnel telling you all that be the light.
That’s in the top, the moon walked back in the tunnel and said no, no.

I said i’m not waiting for the ship right now, i’m gon na shine away to that light, i’m going to help shine away.
That’s what you solution.
Areas are designed to do.

Okay, if it’s dark around you, it means you’re supposed to turn on your light.
You have no excuses, make moves or make excuses, and, if you’re, making excuses well you’re, not throwing something.
Michelle is definitely in wanting to try to get this cup.

She was like michael she’s, like that, makes five fool all right.
I hear it.
Okay, we got one from the show you’re getting one we’re just gon na give you one you just get it just because you’re the first one – and i appreciate you you’re always here you’re the best show that’s right and and for any of you car guys out.

There uh that you know like a nice polo from callaway and are size large, go ahead and just put a shirt emoji inside of the comment box, and you can get you a fresh one of these from wise and i it’s a callaway golf shirt that says Why is this one? It’s very pretty we’re giving it away because we’re hanging out with our cnn red guy and we’re having so much fun, uh, but again guys gals, richie bellow.
Welcome! Welcome! We love you guys, love! I love richie love! Richie love richie! My cuban brother hitch, some car guys kargas.
Thank you again for being with us, uh david.

We honor you.
Thank you, sir.
Everybody thank you.

Focus fly approach this week with intention uh to brew solutions yeah.
I am dube ramirez, the car guy and i’m frelling arts.
The subprime hero and you have been brewing solutions on the car guy quality podcast, with seeing red podcast host himself, miss david not to be mistaken, with him all right.

So no any relation though, but hey thank you man.
It was an honor to have you on here tonight.
Thank you so problem all right.

Well, do you ever need anything? You know where to get us, yeah, www.
com, , all right, y’all y’all have a great night.

We appreciate you , so , [, Laughter, ], wow, , great night.
Folks, if you guys didn’t get that passion.
If you didn’t feel how much david loves doing what he does, then i don’t know what you’re watching? What you’re, seeing i laughed i had fun.

I felt his pain.
I i loved that he was so open about his relationship with his wife about the you know what he did before he got there.
He did.

He kept it super real real.
When you keep things real, the more things are going to come to you, because the more you put up walls – and you hide yourself the more that people are going to be rejected by you they’re going to reject you.
I should say right, so don’t let people reject you, be honest with them you’ll, be surprised how many people open up their arms to you, and i can appreciate that david you’re always going to be somebody that if you ever need to reach out, you know how To get a hold of me stay back there, you he’s he’s back in the sea, he’s in the back he’s in the back room right now, the green room waiting for us we’re going to talk to him after we’re done with this, have a quick combo with Him but folks i just want to throw a little bit of love back after you once again be the light find that light.

It’s so much light out in this world.
I love this world.
You guys need to love this world thanksgiving is coming around the corner.

Love it tuesday morning we’re going to have a special guest.
I have i’m not going to announce it right now.
We’ll talk i’ll, probably announce it tomorrow, but it’s going to be a good one like they always are i’ll.

Tell you what man these brews are.
Ain’t spilling the beans, i’m not spilling the beans.

Speaking of beans, folks, there’s a lot of big things that are going on and that are brewing.

We want to encourage you to during this season, uh start really focusing on what it is that you are thankful for.
Inside of your business and make that be the culture that you take on for the rest of the entire next year and every day of your life, it shouldn’t there shouldn’t be a spot where you only have this one week where you think about what you’re grateful For it should be a lifestyle, it should be very easy for you to turn up those emotions and because there’s so much that we are grateful for we are in a posture where we want to start giving out so much information and sharing.

So much of the knowledge that we’ve been able to gain from so many of the incredible people that we’ve been talking to and it can help you have business consistent where you don’t have to worry about pandemics.
You don’t have to worry about what other people do concerning your business.
You can always know that you are doing what it takes to build a preset upon preset a business upon business, to build yourself up to that next level that you want to go to um and we have ways to help it out.

So just understand that hear that um, i’m just making that deposits inside of uh inside of your mind inside of your heart, for now to know that things are coming but be seeking.
If there’s anything again, i want you to take it to go cup for on this.
It’s that david reached out to people and he wanted to learn more and that’s how he got involved in the social media, world uh and he was able to grab on to uh just different resources that fed him what he wasn’t getting fed at work.

And you all have the same capabilities to do so.
There’s no excuses, don’t make any excuses, new solutions.
Yes, yes, hello, car, guys! Thank you again for joining us tonight.

! You .

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