Honda of Abilene Texas Nancy Waggoner – Sales Professionals of America Recruiting

Who is this firecracker that I have in front of me? My name is Neil Wagner Nancy Wagner all right Nancy.

You just completed these sales professionals of America, recruiting automotive sales training class say that three times fast uh tell me what you thought about the class.
Yes, it was awesome, I’m walking away with so much knowledge and hope and excitement for the future.
Excitement for the future was one thing that you learned that you’re gon na apply and your automotive selling career, how to treat customers right off the bat.

How to make a good first impression, how do we treat customer what we’ve known forever or like they’re gon na, be what it would damn it not dead at midnight, us Ryan speaking that, where you gon na be applying those skills it on of Abilene and of Abilene all right! Well, I know you’re gon na do well keep that confidence in that energy and a good luck to you.

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