i don’t know about you, but i am crazy excited and i’m only like six sips in okay, so pumped up to have glenn lundy in the cafe with us again.

If you’re gon na get the chance to check out the other podcasts and the other shows that he did with us, where he dropped an entire five-liner of information and truth and behind the scenes.
Understanding of what makes this incredible man tick and shine like a dope tie right, you need to go, get you some of that, but folks we are here to have some fun glenn.
Welcome back! Welcome back happy to be here.

Well, i got ta put my sunglasses.
Yeah great to be here, man, you guys are so much fun dude.
I love that intro, you guys.

Energy is awesome.
Man, you guys play off each other, so super! Well, it’s always a pleasure wow! That’s that actually means a lot.
It really does mean a lot, but speaking of energy, we need to do what it is that we do to make sure that we keep growing.

So glenn is back here inside the cafe with us and we’re going to apply three f’s everybody to make sure that we are flying together.
The way that we’re supposed to by forgive focus and flying so glenn jump in with us.
As we begin this session with the glenn lundy one, two three forgive focus focus fly, keep running.

Yes, sir.
Everybody! That’s what it is because we’re talking about energy right.

You brought that up.

Glenn guess what time it is folks, it’s time for a jump box.
It is time to address a negative, that’s right, unveil a positive 100 make a connection turn on the juice and boom bring up the power to your engine so that you can have a successful day.
Today we have glen lundy the the 800 club creator and he’s not just an 800 club creator right.

He actually knows how to help bring dealerships up 800 percent in growth and that’s what we want to do today is just up up shift and uplift.
Your business by getting this jump, stop jump box attached to that battery today.

Folks, i’m all fumbly bumbly with my words today, just because i’m so excited again to have glenn in the room.

And if you didn’t know, we are part of the hashtag rise and grind elite group, and you guys check that out excited for the mentorship.
The guidance and just the uh, the the gathering that glenn has done in bringing some so many great people together and we’re just honored to be a part of it, but at the same time, honored to just be flying with a great individual that loves uh.
Helping other people he’s with us right frequency and we’re ready to go.

Thank you, man, you guys are awesome.
Thank you break down what get! Let’s get ready for this jump pop.

I feel like i’m rambling, so much as i do so often.
I don’t know what that was: it’s okay, cheers so good.

You know.

So in the jump box we like to have our guests come on and then they give a little tip for the people out there for our audience.
You know.
Sometimes you just need a little something that’ll help you get your day going, sometimes that just adding that little jump box onto the battery for two seconds that car kicks over.

So you thought it was completely dead and then the battery’s good to go again.

It’s just a little bit of help.
I know glenn, you have a lot of great things that you’ve put out there.

You’ve, i’ve watched a lot of your podcasts i’ve seen a lot of your um, the guests that you’ve had on your show and they’ve, given out a lot of tips.
So we absolutely would love for you to throw one out there for our audience to let them know hey.
You do something like this.

This will change your life or this could make your day better.
What would that be? If you were to throw something out there? Glenn, my goodness man.
Well, the main thing.

That’s been resonating a lot with me.
Lately you mentioned the word.
You know frequencies and i’m all about trying to get into that incredible frequency, which is why i’m all about like morning, routines those types of things, the things that we do to start our day, but once you’re in frequency.

I think it’s super important that you open yourself up to receive and to absorb whatever it is the universe god.
Whatever word you want to use, is trying to teach you in that particular moment or season.

So the reason that i preface everything with that is lately uh, what’s really been resonating with me and what i want to share with that one person: that’s listening to the podcast today or one person, that’s watching um today that maybe is just feeling uh, maybe maybe A little less than maybe they’re feeling a little stuck, maybe they’re feeling like um.

You know they’re kind of trudging through the day they’re going through the motions but they’re not really getting anywhere and they’re, not real sure how they can get there right.
They see people around them that are thriving, that are succeeding that are growing and it’s frustrating they’re, like i’m doing the right things.
I think i’m doing the right things, i’m trying to do things, but i’m not getting there, and so i want to talk to you.

If that is you, i want to talk to you this morning, i want to share uh one one, one, quick story that i recently heard a quick little metaphor.
I think it was les brown td jakes.
One of those guys was talking about uh.

You know the the the acorn right like this this this, this acorn man, it’s it’s got everything in it.
It’s got everything in it that ultimately, it needs to become a big massive tree right, like everything it’s all already there like from the outside.
It just kind of looks like a like a nut right.

It just looks like a nut, but literally everything that it needs everything that it will ever need everything that needs to be great to become this big grand massive tree already exists in that little tiny knot, and i think sometimes we get caught up in the.

If i had this, then i could, if i were around this person, then i could.
If i do what they do, then i could.

If i had not lost what i lost then i could have, and i think sometimes we get stuck in that, and so i want to talk to you.

If that’s you today, if you’re in a position where you’re like, if i could, if i had if i would, if i had not have, i want you to shake that this morning, i want you to shake that this morning.

I want you to know and understand that everything that you need to be great.

It’s already in you, it’s been in you from the get-go.
It’s there.
We just got to make sure that it gets planted right right.

We got to make sure that it gets nurtured.
We got to make sure that it gets fertilized, it’s not about bringing in something new, it’s about extracting, what’s already in you, and that takes intention that takes in purpose a lot of purpose, and so what i suggest to you today, you’re wanting to make the moves.
You’re feeling a little frustrated, you’re feeling a little stuck, because i want you to take a look around.

Take a look around at your life.
Take a look around all of the things that you do have, let’s take a look at where you are.
Where are you right now not: where do you want to go? Not where do you want to be not where? Where did you used to be? Where are you today, and the bible itself says that every miracle, every miracle is always created with what we have what’s left, what is left in your life that you can be grateful for if you start to focus on those things, become a master of the things That are left the things that you have access to the resources that you currently have become a master to those, and you will extract that greatness that exists inside you.

You will bloom, you will blossom.
You will become that big, massive giant tree that people stare at in awe in time, but for now master where you are focus on what’s left understand that the miracle is in you and you are not just a nut.

You are a great and mighty tree.

I just took all kinds of notes.
You know one easy question turned into a beautiful answer.
I think that if you are out there guys and you’re in you’re searching for something like you’re looking, you feel like you have to look for outside sources to help you get to where you need to go.

It’s not true.
You have it inside you, glenn said.
I mean he said the bible said folks.

We all have the power inside of us, it’s a beautiful thing which you can do when you have the right mindset, glenn put it down and he laid it out there for us very clearly, and i love the words that he used because man you’re a master Of worst smith, i love how you put things together.
You you’re you’re, unbelievable to listen to and when the way you you just made that just come together.
You know i’ve heard different ways of saying it, but the way you said it is just so simple.

Yet complex enough to make you feel like i need to listen to this and man things like master of what you have.
I know he’s over here about the verse and seems lou always does i love that about luke, but but you know master of what you have that’s right.
I love that.

That’s it’s it’s a that’s! I want to make a shirt that says that i’m the master of what i have, because it’s true you know and when you focus on those things when you focus on the gratitude.
Just like you talk about on your daily routine your morning, five and i implemented the the gratitude thing immediately after i read your book a year and a half ago, and i was like man this gratitude thing.

I do it a little bit different.

I do mine in the middle of the day, but because i because i use that to help me lift back up in the middle of the day when i’m kind of down right.
So i use that and i have a little the whole book that i use to write my gratitude and it’s so true that power of understanding what you do have is everything you need, and i absolutely agree with that statement.
I have everything i need the.

I just deserve more.
You know, i said the abundance should come to me.

You know we all should have the abundance and that’s right.

I’m going to let lou talk, because i could tell lou’s like ready to bless at the scene, but glenn that’s exactly dead on folks, if you guys are looking for something look inside yourself, because i promise you.
If you search yourself and you give yourself more credit than you than you just than you think you should have, i promise you you’re going to go so much further than you than you could ever imagine.
Well you! So what do you have to say that blue? Well, i mean to echo the the egg corn right – i don’t know about that.

That was beautiful yeah if it was um dutch sheets or uh damon thompson, i’m kind of caught in between there, too, of a couple of different people that expanded on that.
That understanding of the acorn and the way that they described it was that there’s a forest in here inside of this one acorn is an entire forest.
So beyond just the tree wow that tree will contain many many acorns right that will grow into a deep rooted oak right that entire forest, it does run back in line with and and speaking of, the bible.

The seedtime harvest.
Parable right.
Jesus said that if you can understand seedtime and harvest, you can understand every single one of these parables.

Okay, you can understand that that as a man sews, he reaps, and there is the process of time.
So, though, you may have that egg corn, you have to deposit that acorn, you have to sow that right.
You can’t you can’t just take it and not use it.

It has to be sewn in be faithful with what you have sow.
It give it for god.
So loved the world that he gave the first he gave right we give of ourselves to other people, glenn gives of himself to other people in order to see growth out of a forest.

This acorn, that is the glenn lundy right, is impacting many many people to grow deep, deep roots and finding out the potential that they have to sow seeds amongst an entire planet, but there’s also the application of time.

You have to give seed that time to do multiple things, including die die to old understandings, die to the old form that they’re in right, so a seed once once it goes into the ground for those of you that don’t know the process of it.
It goes into the ground and it and it completely goes into death mode.

Then there’s an incredible power that ignites it to grow and push out of where it can’t be seen and reach towards light and glenn is doing that.
Car guy coffee podcast is trying to do that and pouring into so many people.

By turning on the light and exposing what it is that god has created in you, you’re never going to be glenn, lundy you’re, never going to be lou, ramirez, fred, lenards, you’re, never going to be any of these people you’re only going to be you, but that Does not change that the capabilities of greatness are able to come out of you once you unlock them by dying to old thoughts, old concepts.

Okay, just like a dead battery sometimes needs that jump box.
It needs to have an external source ignite it with power.
In order for it to thrive and live again, so here we are on the podcast talking about these great things and glenn is, is one that i know he’s.

He he’s right there inside of our generation.
That knows about this one movie that i consider one of the greatest movies of all time.
It’s never going to win it’s a great movie.

It should have won oscar lewis.
We should have gone to oscars.
The globe got ta, have the glory with leroy, with bruce lee roy and showing up right now and inside of that movie.

There is uh willie, cliff willie clutch a song, and it’s called inside you – and i play this throughout the show room to get the guys understanding that you are the last dragon and you possess the power of the globe.

We do not own the rights to this music, but this is what we listen to and we hear that it’s inside you it’s inside.
Yes, sometimes you need to focus but know that that power is inside you inside you, folks.

I love it.
Oh, did i watch this movie a million times a million times, my goodness, i put my kids through it so hard on the way to florida we watched, i mean we were in a vehicle with a dvd player.
We just kept watching it again.

They’re, like oh, my gosh, are we done with this like wait, hold on a second watch? It look at this converse.
I love it awesome, but yeah just a little bit.
I want to expand on you know.

When i talk about uh, you know mastering what’s left right, some just some people might be like okay.
Well, you know what what does that mean? What does that look like? How do i master? What’s left, i don’t i don’t.
I don’t have anything.

I don’t have anything glenn, i’m sitting in a i’m sitting in a in a one-bedroom studio.

I’ve got you know nothing.
I don’t have family, i don’t have a connection or i’m financed.

I don’t have credit, i don’t know nothing.
How do i? How do you master? What’s left – and i want to to speak to that real quick, because if you’re listening to this podcast or you’re watching this live stream, then you have internet at some point right somewhere.
Somehow you have internet or otherwise you wouldn’t be able to hear this and so start there.

You see i’m a master.
I know that the internet is a tool to my success, so i’ve become a master of the internet, you’ll notice.
Every time that i talk every time that i refer every time that i share an idea, thought or whatever, like i don’t claim to be genius whatsoever right back in the actual in the roman days, this is actually a modern concept.

The concept of genius is a modern concept.
It is not an old concept.

Back in the old days they used to have um, they used to believe they used to truly believe that, like homes, certain homes or certain people had a genius which was a spirit or a deity that existed in their home in their property or so or whatsoever.

So when people came up with incredible ideas, concepts, beliefs, success so on and so forth back then they would say that that person has a genius, not that that person is a genius, but that person has a genius big difference and see.
When you have a genius.

Someone that gives you ideas and thoughts, and so on and so forth, when you have that it’s actually really good for the ego right.

If i have a genius, then i can only attribute success partly to me and partly to my genius.
I can’t get big, headed or inflated or egotistical, or think that i’m the man right, because i have to share that with an outside source, an outside spirit and outside energy right on the other side, if i fail at the same time it’s kind of nice on My ego, i don’t have to take it all on me, i don’t have to say well, i’m the only you know.
This was all my creation, i can say hey, you know what i fell down, but my genius, my spirit, my energy, that’s with me, is still here with me to lift me back up, i’m not alone in my failures right and so everything that i referred to And and all of the knowledge – and you talk about me being able to speak well and all of those things i have to give credit to a genius, i mastered the internet, man, i master it.

I i study the greats i study et.
I study les brown.
I study the bible, i study uh, you know td jakes, i study jim rohn, i study jim maxwell or john maxwell.

I read lots and lots and lots of different books.
I consume i’m seeking for simon sinek and all of these other human beings right.
I’m a master of the internet, and so, if you just have that one piece, whether it be you have to walk two and a half miles to go down to the library, get your library card and go sit down and sit on a computer for an hour.

Become a master of it, use other people’s genius, bring them in and you can master that so i just wanted to kind of clarify on that point.
When i’m talking about mastering, what’s left literally take a look around, i know there’s sales people in the industry they’re like i want to be a sales manager.
I want to be a finance manager.

I want to be a gsm.

Why can’t i get a shot? Why won’t they give me a chance? How come i’m not lucky enough? How come i don’t get this why’d? He get that.
Why didn’t i get that i’m just telling you listen, dude, just master! What you’ve got i promise the rest will come.

I always wanted to be a gm, that’s what i wanted to be, but i never ever tried to force or impress that upon anyone else.
I never let anyone else’s success or anyone else control my ultimate destiny.
I just became a master salesperson.

I was a master dude.
You can look at my numbers, you can look at my stats.
You talk to my old customers.

I was a master.
I mastered my products, i mastered the process.

I was an absolute master salesperson.

That’s what got me promoted to sales manager, then i became a master sales manager which got me promoted to be in a gsm.

Then i became a master gsm and that’s how i became a gm, so master where you are.
My man master, where you are with what you want and you will grow and you will shine that applies to everything in life.

You know your relationships master, your your your personal relationships, master your relationships with your children, your friends with you know with everything i.
I absolutely think that is amazing way to think, because there’s a lot of people out there that are always looking for the next thing.
They’re not looking for how amazing that they have what they have currently and how much more they have room for growth.

You did your on your in your um rise and grind elite.

You did you had us, do an impact score.
You know i when i went through my impact score.

I i honestly i thought about rating higher, but i sat there and i really thought deep going and i thought i could go higher because in a lot of people’s eyes, i’m higher in a lot of these spots.

But i also know that i have so much potential.
I have so much more inside me that i need to let out that i haven’t unleashed yet it’s my own what i have already right.

So i know that if i tap into that – and i have you know – glenn’s rise and grind – you know hashtag rising ground elite group to help me get there.

It’s going to be accountability even more.
So it’s going to be a lot of fun and i’m really excited about that.

But i put an impact score of 40.
I believe it was right and obviously the max is 77.
, but i felt like yeah.

My career is a great career.
I mean in the eyes of the local car business.
I have a great career.

I should be closer to the 10 11 mark, but in my eye i see potential.
I see that i’m more like a five or six.
I can really just if it’s, and maybe i’m lower than that really because i don’t want to like say: okay, i only need to go up two steps.

I want to go up so much more.
I almost want to put one, but i didn’t do that because i felt like that’d be crazy right.
So i was like you know: i’m going to put there because i’m pretty happy, you know i’m going to be wrong.

I love what i do.
I have a great job.
I work for a great owner.

I have great people i work with like lou ramirez and my wholesale staff.
I love them everybody from my top sales person down to the newest guy.
I absolutely every single one of those guys that i that work with me, my teammates.

I have a passion for those guys that i just hope that they one day are doing what i’m doing, what you’re doing glenn and just and they can look back and that’s part of my legacy is that i help these guys get to that next level.

That’s right um, but yes, it’s all inside you, folks, everything that you need just like that, acorn, just like everything else, it’s right there inside you.
You just need to just understand it’s there and plan it sew it.

Let it happen, let it grow and then, if you really water it, you fertilize it, you do everything you need to make that seed.
What it needs to be.
I promise you, if you take care of it, it’s going to be the biggest tree that it’s just going to bring shade to everything that you need.

It’s going to bring you the fruit that you need to pull off and harvest.
It’s going to give you everything that you possibly possibly ever can eat in life and glenn’s right.
It’s all inside you already.

You have so much power there.
It’s unbelievable! I love it.
Man i mean guys.

I mean i really love the concept at the beginning of the movie was reaching the final level reaching the next level and he’s dealing with his his the master right he’s dealing with his sensei and trying to figure out how to get to that next level.

And so he goes on to this mission to see and to find the answer outside and hunt around now folks, if you’re vulnerable to the things outside of you, they can affect the things inside of you negative and positive okay.
So whatever darts are coming at you all right, if you’re not rooted properly inside, you can topple right.

Your your foundation can break if it’s not deeply rooted in and the entire flow of the entire movie was about who’s.
The master right showing up walking around who’s.
The master who’s the master right, showing off showing up and at the end of the movie when leroy gets the glow.

That one question is asked one more time.
One more time give me goosebumps.

So there comes that point where leroy realizes all of this mission to find this next level is not outside of me.

It’s in me.
The potential is in me to begin to explode that glow.

I need to realize there is never going to be anything outside of me.

That’s going to create anything greater than what’s already inside of me.
What’s in me, needs to at times get reactivated needs to get a little bit of another spark.
That’s it just like a jump box just need a little bit of other energy to juice, that up so that you can reach the final level inside of your life and folks, there is no real final level.

We don’t know what it looks like in the full eternal flow.
We are eternal beings – okay, this little tiny of life that we have here on earth in this little shell right is so fleeting.
It’s so quick.

There is so much in the cosmos that we can’t even comprehend yet, but when we reach the depths of understanding who it is that we are inside, we take deep, looks at going over the numbers in our self, taking an honest approach of what it is that We have uh and where it is that we have to grow man, our growth potential becomes.
Incredibly, i want to find the right word there, because i’m kind of feeling it so much but glenn helps other people do that we’re trying to help other people do that here and it’s so great when that, when the energies and all come together and we’re able To explode into an entire people group to bring hope to bring love and to see growth in other people, guys it’s inspiring if you’re, not inspired by glenn lundy and the mission that he’s on to make sure that people rise and grind each and every day finding Their full potential well folks, you need to go, get the jump box, because there might be something wrong with your battery.
Okay, because he is he’s an incredible individual he’s an exciting person, and i mean he brings such energy into this room that that i cannot explain how pumped up we get just sitting here, waiting to have the conversation and have some fun but here’s another kentuckian.

That’s doing great things folks.

This has been a great time.
Uh that we’ve been able to spend here in the car guy cafe.

Make sure that you share share, share, share, share, share just around okay.
If you need somebody, if you know somebody that needs a little bit of a jump box inside of their life, if you know somebody that needs to realize that it’s great potential inside of them just share this with them, you might speak to your blue in the Face to get a person to understand the potential that’s inside of them, but share this around.
Let them have some fun.

Let them laugh a little bit.
Matt cranky great beans, yeah background katie, smart, wait from he’s a great guy great follower, he’s a good person he’s with a smart payment plan, company and uh man they’re a good company they’re doing some things out there and they’re really trying to help people find a Way to budget their life a little bit better pay off cars a little bit quicker and mortgages the whole nine.

It’s a great program, if you guys have any questions about that, get a hold of me or lou um.

But another thing i want to throw out really quick folks, if you guys are loving what glenn’s talking if you’re, if you’re liking, what he’s laying out there for you, you need to go to his go to his website.
Com he’s got a lot of different programs.

He’s got a free book on there.
If you guys we talked about the morning five, you need to go on there and read that thing.
I’m telling you it’s a very quick, easy read: it’s going to give you a little history about glenn where he came from the trials and tribulations and what changed him in this morning.

Five was a big part of that for him, so folks go check that out.
The morning five it’s a great book, but then on there you’ll see about his 800 club you’ll, see about the rise and grind elite.

Folks are still time me and lou are in this group.

There’s a ton of other people very much like lou, and i and glenn that are there just trying to uplift each other, much like how we do with our cafe, except for it’s a tighter group and it’s just oh, it’s beautiful folks, come check out that rising Ground elite too, because glenn glenn comes on there and he’s he’s helping you.
You got questions for him.
There’s not just glenn answering questions everybody’s on there.

Anybody who has a little bit of love in that situation, who has a who has that inside them they’re a master of whatever that craft is they’re there to help you so come check out.
The rise and grind elite come check out glennlundy.
com and rise and grind with them.

Let’s go morning, five glenn.
We are about to close the hood on this jump box session.
Is there anything you want to do to take us home as uh? We make sure that everybody answers the question of who’s the master and they say that i am i mean you got the globe tie on.

I mean they’re they’re glowing with the tie right there, my goodness the golden clothes.
Just like great.
It’s awesome anything you want to do.

I’m going nuts, hey man, there’s no more there’s, no there’s no two more powerful, powerful words in the english language than i am whatever whatever comes after that sentence is, is your reality, man there’s a book called the alchemist by paulo coelho, which is it’s it’s basically, The the last dragon in in book form um, but it did takes, takes place a long long long time ago, and this guy’s got to go on this incredible journey to ultimately discover the power that is within him.
It’s an incredible book if you ever get a chance to read it, but just think about it.
I am right all the way back biblical times.

God used those words to describe who he was in our lives and who we were in his and so anything positive or negative.

That follows that i am statement becomes your truth.
So keep that in mind when you’re saying i am fat, i am ugly.

I am not worthy, i am not enough enough you’re right as long as you continue to tell yourself that you will always be right.

Transform those words to i am beautiful.
I am a child of god.

I am capable.
I am able.
I am great.

I am powerful, i am a creator, you change it to those words, your frequency instantly changes, the universe will bend around you and you will find that that exists inside you windows have nothing left to say on this.

One just drop that mic real, quick bam.

People that drop mike’s right, don’t know the value and how much mike’s cost, but you dropping some real knowledge glenn.
We honor that we appreciate it.
This is luke ramirez, the car guy.

This is freylin arts, the sub prime hero, and we are here with the glenn lundy, mr rising grind himself: .
You .

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