Car guys and car gals welcome to the car guy coffee podcast.

This is lou ramirez, the car guy.

This is a prime hero and we are brewing solutions with the glen lundy.
Mr hashtag rising grind the solutionary of solutionaries that he is, and we are so excited to get this rocking folks out there we’re getting right through a car guy confession session for all y’all who have been listening to.

Are you cafe, members all you, car guy coffee fans, if you’re been listening to any of our shows, you’ve heard our car got confessions lose to brought his car guy confession a couple of them when he wrecked a demo before right and then yeah, and he also Threw a golf club through a window during the middle of showroom.
Yeah he’s done that those were some great confessions.
I did not take somebody on a test.

Drive lou came in behind me and asked to quit and ask the question: did you hide the car drive and they said we didn’t drive it and he gave me the stare you learned.
You know you got to learn from these things as a young guy right.
So you you get better so glenn.

I know glenn he’s been in his business very very long time.
Glenn has been in multiple different positions and dealerships.
He has had hundreds of people work with him and for him glenn.

I know you have a story in there and i know you got something that will make either one people laugh or something they can learn from car guy confession session what you got: glenn, car guy confession.

So it was like one o’clock in the morning.
I guess it was one o’clock in the morning and i was laying in bed my two-year-old was in bed with me and normally my girlfriend my two, my two-year-old’s mom.

She was um.
She never like went out.
She never did anything like.

I was always you know.
I was the guy that worked from eight in the morning till eight nine at night, and then i might go out with my buddies and drink a few beers or do whatever go to vegas as often as possible.
It was only three and a half hours from where i worked and lived at the time, and so she never went out.

But she was.
She went out this night with some of her girlfriends and she wasn’t the type to like go out late or party, or you know anything like that, so it was like yeah go out with your girlfriends i’ll see you later so i went to bed with my Two-Year-Old at uh at like 10, and i woke up at one o’clock in the morning.
She still wasn’t home and so i texted her she didn’t answer.

I tried calling her she didn’t answer, so i called her friends.
I was like hey man if, if you have seen her she’s, you know she’s out and about she’s missing in action.
I’m scared there was snow on the roads.

I thought she might be in a ditch all kinds of other stuff.

They were like.

She left here at like nine o’clock.
I was like what it’s one in the morning.
She left there at nine, and so i loaded my two-year-old up in the car in uh in her pajamas and we went driving in the snow.

Looking in the ditches trying to find um, you know my girlfriend at the time my daughter’s mom trying to find her and as we traveled and made our way across town on the other side of town.
Far from where i lived, i lived like six miles out of town, and this was all the way on the other side of town.
So this was you know, good 15-20 miles from the house, we’d been out there for a while calling texting.

All of that couldn’t find her scared to death called the ambulance called the jails called everybody and uh.
We come across barnes and noble parking lot and there i see the new, the brand new nissan pathfinder that i had bought sitting in the barnes, noble parking lot and there’s another car sitting next to it, and so i pull up and there she is she’s in The car with some dude right, like they’re like making out and so i go, i go crazy, which glenn used to get crazy by the way i used to get crazy.
I go crazy.

This dude freaks out, you know he jumps in his car and takes off because he knows i’m about to kill him and uh and her and i fight jump back in the car.
We fight all the way back to the house and um long story short.
We end up.

We end up splitting up over that particular occasion right.
That was the end of our relationship, so fast forward a couple more years her and i stay somewhat friendly.
I guess you could say we stay somewhat friendly for a kit for our kid’s sake, but i’m still doing the same thing like i’m still working eight in the morning till nine at night.

Then, when i get off work, i’m going having a couple drinks with the buddies and then i’m heading out to vegas on the weekends doing all of those things and i’m burned, i’m burned.
When i have my ch when i have my child, i was burned by that because it kept me from doing some of the social things that i wanted to do, and so we stayed amicable for a little while and then she came and got her from me.

One day on a friday, she came and picked up my daughter um.

You know she was just gon na have her for the weekend and on and fast forward two days and she was supposed to bring her back and there was a knock on the door.
I thought it was her.
I’m like hey come in, you know i figured she was bringing my daughter back over and um it’s some guy at the door.

It’s a process server and this guy’s got uh.
He’s got papers that says that he uh you know she.
I’m not using her name on purpose, but my my ex-girlfriend uh wanted full custody of my daughter.

My daughter was six years old at this time, and so i got the papers.
I was like what this is crazy.
What’s she talking about she’s nuts, you know all that good stuff, and so i went.

We talked to a lawyer and so on and so forth and because we weren’t married, i wasn’t on the.
I was on the birth certificate, but i still was going to have to do a dna test and it was going to be 15 000 retainer and because i was always going to vegas and i was always going out to the bars – and i was always doing All those things i really didn’t have any money, and so i wasn’t able to pay the 15 000 to get the lawyer fast forward 30 days later and i lose full custody of my child.
I’m not allowed to see her, i’m not allowed to contact her.

I’m not allowed to do anything that moment of my life sent me on a spin man.
I was so mad at everybody, so mad at the world.
I felt like such a victim and i and i left and i blamed the auto industry.

I blamed her for cheating on me.
I blamed everyone and, as i spent that time in blame, it ultimately took me down a crazy path, man, a crazy path that, ultimately, i ended up, homeless, depressed and suicidal.


The reason that i share this with you as my car guy confession, is because i watch people in this business do exactly what i did every single day.
I watch them do it and what i now realize.
Looking back that, i want all of you to be able to see and know and understand, is that she cheated on me, because i didn’t make her a priority.

I lost custody of my daughter because i didn’t make her a priority.

It wasn’t because it wasn’t her fault she cheated on me.
It was mine, it wasn’t the state’s fault that i lost custody, my daughter, it was mine, it wasn’t the car business, his fault that i lost my daughter.

It was mine, and so the lesson that i want you guys to learn from my mistake is dude make the ones that you love a priority.
We can get so caught up in this business selling that next car handling that next appointment, making sure that we’re.

You know we we’re coming in on our days off we’re hanging out with the boys afterwards we’re doing all of the things we’re spending all of our money as fast as we can turn it as fast as we can make it we’re blinging we’re high siding, we’re Riding in the nice cars we’re wearing the nice watches, we’re buying the mop blocks, we’re picking up the suits, we’re doing all of these things.

It’s begging, you, i’m begging you to just take a look and stop the auto industry is amazing man and it can take.
You places that no other industry that i know of can take you.

It is the only industry where you can walk in with no down payment, as i re as i say, you don’t have to have a nickel to your name.

You don’t have to have a a college degree.
You don’t have to have any of those things and the auto industry can take you as far as you want to go, but don’t let it cloud the reality of why we’re here.

We are here on this planet to make a positive impact in other people’s lives.

The people that love you and that pour into you are far more important than anything that the car business has to offer, make your family a priority.
My friend make your finances a priority, my friend, and take this life and make the best of it wow man that deep, oh you guys, you’re right, i mean i’m, i’m speechless, i’m okay, just leaving it right there.
I love how open your your book is.

So real your book is so open and i and i i love reading from the pages you, you definitely have a great story.
I think a lot of people and what i love about it is that you know a lot of people like to highlight the good things in life.

All the oh hey.

I did this.
These are like my achievements and this and that you know to dig deep and to talk about mistakes and to talk about to really like how deep you went with that.
Like you put it on yourself and you and it’s true, you know, i know that any time that i’ve had any relationship issues anytime, i’ve had any type of problems.

It was all stemmed from my mentality, from where i was going, the toxic stuff that i was doing you know once i changed that and i completely made that thing like as lou talked about, i die, i let it die.
You know with like the seed before it started to grow.
I let it die so it could grow.

That’s that’s what happened and man glenn.
That’s that story it you know, that’s why it took me on a roller coaster.
You know you talked about catching.

I felt that i felt that emotion and i felt the emotion of like losing my child and i felt the emotion of like real life.
The realization of it was my fault.
I felt that too man and i it’s a beautiful thing.

How far you’ve come? It’s a beautiful thing, because if everybody can see that and that’s what’s so neat about who you are glenn, you are able to show people hey, i’m not just good all the time.
You know because it’s very easy.
You know you come off.

You know when people just see you on the outside, they can say: hey rise and grind.
You know, you know, he’s a he’s, a god man and he does all this amazing stuff he’s always sharing he’s trying to help, but they don’t realize.
Sometimes you have to hear those stories and know that you can’t you had some darkness in your life at one point you know, and you had to learn from that, but we all need to go through things like that.

We all need to go through our failures.
So we can keep growing.
Many of you have heard before make to take your mess and make it your message.

That’s right, and i love you guys, not the who was it.
That was on your show the other day.
She’s talking about victim, ease, right, yeah victimize.

You can’t be living speaking that type of language – okay.
Yes, we can’t do that um, but constantly speaking about oh woe is me: you’re, never going to rise uh to the to the level that you’re designed to rise to.
If you constantly stay low, blaming everybody else.

Remember the answer is inside of you: if you didn’t get the chance to listen to the jump box, folks, go back, go back, listen to it and understand, check out his spotlight and sometimes what’s falling apart is because of what’s inside of you and what needs to Have an adjustment, so we are so honored to have glenn here to give you this car guy confession session.
Thank you so much for the honor i know glenn has to get out of here guys we do too.
I know glenn has a bunch of other stuff.

I love that he has a lot of stuff on his plate because he that’s what makes him keep growing and i love what he’s doing out there he’s helping so many different people in so many different ways from dealers to individuals to people outside the business.
Glenn lundy is a no doubt about it.

We are honored to not only have you on the podcast but to be part of your group.

We’re looking forward to talking to you some more we’re going to have to come out to lexington and hang out with you here soon, yeah man, no doubt about baby car guys and car guys.
This is lou ramirez, the car guy.

This is frelin arts, the sub prime hero, and we have been having fun brewing solutions with the glen folks.

We can get information by just searching out any one of the names out here: car guy copy podcast, mr bling himself, good job, good job, okay, car guys cargos.
We appreciate you all.
Let’s have an incredible day: everybody we’re out , you .

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