Um there we go, let’s go, let’s go let’s go morning good morning.

Here we go, look what we got.
We need our guests ready to go, got a couple of guests ready to move.
That’s right! Everybody! You know what we do.

This is the car guy.
Coffee show got you a freestyle all right, so anyhow, you guys.
We appreciate you for jumping on, and today we have two special guests right after this right after this video we’re gon na go ahead and talk about it, but y’all stay tuned.

Do not miss this share this if you’re watching it right now and guess what it is time [, Music ].
Yes, welcome! Back all right! Welcome back to the party, everybody! That’s how we do we like to get the day started right, all y’all out there are you car guys, car gals people who are just watching? Thank you for tuning in this morning.

Solutionaries! That’s what we are rise, let’s process time to rise.

Let’s go so we have we go.
We have two two local car, guys that are doing some things.
Some move makers that are just i’m excited to have on the show.

You know one thing that lou and i we’ve been wanting to do – is we wanted to spotlight a lot of the local car guys and car gals out here, because we do a lot of reaching out to new york reaching out to l.
a reaching out to florida? We have all these guests from all over the place, but one thing we haven’t had a chance to really is get with the local guys and man.
You know chase reached out to me and said: hey me and rail.

We want to get up on the show and i was like absolutely man what a great way to get the show going.
One thing i know, and these two guys i know both these guys.
I i don’t know i’m like best friends, best friends, but i know of them.

I’ve met them.
I’ve seen them tyrell’s a little bit younger me, but he his brother, grew up with me and he grew up with my brother who’s a little bit younger my brother’s in the car game too.
Then you got chase chase.

I’ve known chase cops for many years.
So it’s so cool to have chase out here.

I i don’t know if i ever met chase when he was a little kid, but i could tell you he was a little kid when i met his dad.

So it’s definitely really cool to see him doing his thing and it’s it’s fun to watch these fast trackers come out in this business and have the type of attitude that they have.
You know there’s many reasons why guys like chase guys, like you know, t could be like you know what this business is horrible.
I don’t want to be part of it, but they both have made decisions, and i had a little conversation with you yesterday and i’m going to say you know chase made a really good point and i love what he said.

He goes.
You know once you make once you make that decision to treat the car business not like a job but to treat it like a career.
It’s a game, changer and he’s so right about that and i’m gon na i’m gon na talk to chase a little bit more about that here in a little bit, because i think that’s a great point so um.

That being said, you anything you want going on that lucy first things.
First, first things: first, you know what it is.
Oh no, before we get too in depth with getting into the conversation and a cup of coffee, with some incredible car, guys uh, we got to make sure that we do what it is that we do to make sure we keep growing.

You know: what’s up, you know what that is.
Everybody join me incredible car guys that you are welcome to the cafe, but first things.
First, let’s go ahead and wipe off the weight of unforgiveness we’re gon na focus on what it is that we got ta do and we’re gon na fly to higher heights than ever before.

So join me together.
Let’s fly one two three forgive focus.

Let me tell you something, folks, these individuals that are inside, of the cafe with us right now, or people that have overcome incredible different spots of adversity, whether it’s it’s fighting against the system, inside of the way that society works to help and not to help people Or it’s overcoming things physically and overcoming things mentally.

In order to succeed inside of their field, they are truly solutionaries.

They are truly people that have are putting to practice today right now, as we speak, um the actual ingredients that it takes to brew solutions everywhere that they are but they’re not just kind of doing it, they’re doing it successfully they’re they’re, they may not.
Have anybody singing a song to them? They may not have a bunch of people clapping for them inside inside of inside of a meeting, because the people that they are clapping for them are driving rides right now, right those people are clapping.

Every time they put some gas inside of the the gas pump, these people are doing what it takes to continue life moving in the right direction because they found somebody that at heart wanted to help them.

And these guys are those guys – and you guys are those guys if you’re on the car, guy, coffee, podcast and you’re brewing solutions.
So i just want to let you know that i i do honor.

We do tribute those that are doing incredible things and want to make sure that all of you that are doing great things too, come out here.
Share your great news.
Share your dreams.

Show you walk.
We want to show everybody what it looks like.
We need to show the world care for your customer and be successful.

We need to show the world that there’s car people out there that really truly do this as a real life like this is what they want to do: they’re passionate about it, not just hey.
I’m doing this for the job i’ll make a little cash.
My pocket.

It’s there’s a difference.
When you’re out there to service people, the money is going to come in leaps and bound.
I mean you’re talking they’ll stack up around you and you’re right.

You know it’s facts, man, this business is plentiful.
There’s plenty of money in this business.

Here’s like the one, the the beautiful thing about the card business, is that your everybody’s always wanting a nicer newer vehicle.

That’s what’s beautiful about this business! So as long as you can understand that it’ll be in your mind that everybody that you talk to, they want a nice newer vehicle.
You just got to figure out what is the best way, the best path for them to be able to.

If you talk to them they’re car shopping, you know what i mean, no doubt chase get it.

That’s what i pretend yes.
So, let’s see, we’ve got some we got jumped on here.
We got denise butt masters, no pun intended, but hey denise from georgia love it she’s.

Also a car woman for 25 years, hey wow that is you’re talking about a quarter of a century doing this business.

You definitely know.
What’s up yeah, that’s we got tiana.

Thank you for jumping on here, so yeah.
So that’s first couple things there.
So anyhow, what we’re going to talk about? Let’s go ahead.

Let’s go right in.
I know you’re going to go ahead and you go ahead and hit them.
I got some key things that i think we need to make sure that people uh kind of get a grip on that they’re going through right now and they’re implementing inside of their process.

But i know how excited that you are.
I know how excited that they are to start sharing, so we’re going to go ahead and figure out who is going to kick it off first, which one of you are we going to jump in we’re gon na go ahead, and since he went ahead and opened Up the book, i can go ahead and hit chase chase so chase man.
We appreciate you coming on the show guys for everyone out there who’s watching this.

If you don’t know who chase is you need to check his social media out this guy’s, a trip he’s uh, he’s definitely been through some stuff in this business now chase, i’m gon na? Let you tell the story, but before we do, i just want to ask you one quick question.
I want to ask both of you in terrell.
This question is: when you wake up every single day – and i like to ask this to everybody – everybody, it always needs to start with the standard question.

It’s the standard question.

So i kind of mentioned this to you guys yesterday, there’s a purpose and there’s a reason why we all do what we do when you wake up.

You can easily just say you know what screw today, i’m gon na call in sick or i’m gon na.

Do this, or i’m just gon na, go to work and just sit around, do nothing.
What makes you get up, get to work and grind it out.
What’s your purpose, i mean there, it would be two things.

It would be.
Obviously money.
It would be what everybody’s gon na say, because i’m not gon na act like i’m, not in it for the money, i mean that’s downright flat, i’m in it for the gross, that’s how we roll so, but the second thing would just be to to be a Role model and to show everybody that if you can, if you can get up and you can grind, you can succeed and if i can do it of all people with you know with faces some physical limitations or adversity, then anybody can you know so uh.

Now i did it before i had a car accident which i’ll get into that, but afterward.
I still you know i i didn’t miss a beat.
I just kept rolling, so i’m in it for to prove to everybody that this is.

This is a good good spot to be sales in general or car sales and car management and then with the right driving, focus, anything’s, possible and you’ll.
Make your mind.
No doubt no doubt, and i think that’s a very, very good point and um.

You know that’s what this business is about.

You found your purpose, you do all those things and the money, no doubt i’m gon na tell you.
I mean it’s business.

I wouldn’t have done this job if it wasn’t for the advertiser that said, sixty thousand dollars a year.
Now he saw eighty i saw sixty and that made me go i’m in russia, but now, if you make 60 you’re kind of like what the heck right so like yeah, that’s why this business is beautiful.

I love it.

I absolutely am just like so passionate about it, so i’m so glad that we, you feel the same way now.
I think that you’re anybody out there who says they’re not driven by a little bit about the money in this business, they’re lying to you or they, because they would do something completely different.
It doesn’t work a factory job.

You know eight hours a day and i know exactly when i’m gon na get off what’s going on hey, if you don’t think the car business is fun, then you you know, i think you shouldn’t be in it.
You shouldn’t be in it right now.
I have so much fun, that’s exactly right! So t rail, what’s up man, let me know, what’s up man, what’s your purpose, man? What’s your what man i get up every morning and you know you there, you know once you once you reach a level you want to maintain a lifestyle.

It’s not so much as is is getting there that it’s maintaining it.
You know a lot of people get it, but a lot of people will lose it.
So you know family, family.

First man, you got family and kids in college.
You know things of that nature, but the one thing you want to do like chase said you want to have fun.
I can’t go to work and be around a bunch of stick in the mothers.

I can’t i can’t be in that kind of environment uh.
Nobody likes to walk on eggshells.
This is all it’s all.

You know something that’ll bring you bring you to another level of life, no matter where you are your life, the situation, if you get into the carpets and you make some careers one of my first owners ever worked for, he said he had an acronym for the Word job it means just over broke, so you you move to this with a career, mind uh you’re, going to be successful, there’s no way that you’re not going to be successful.
If you come up with the right mindset, so you know you focus on your family focus on your career and just focus on what lifestyle you want to have, because if, if you put forth the work or the effort, you can obtain that and that’s just um, You know chasing our perfectly good examples once you focus on that statement of it being a career over a job.
Once you focus on that, then all your focus is is in the right direction, because it’s that’s, this will provide for you and once you make up your mind that this is what i’m gon na.

Do i’m gon na give this my all i’m gon na.
Do my follow-up, i’m gon na do my calls.
I’m gon na i’m gon na do all the tedious points that people scoff at at times or everything yeah pretty much together.

You know yeah, probably within three to six months of each other.
At the same dealership.
Folks, you know we we’ve literally have grown from green sheets to you know full-fledged trees.

If that’s a, what store was that at tim frenchies 10 years ago, actually, two years ago, it was.
It was 10 years.
Last summer, this past summer, yeah we uh.

We came up so literally.
We literally came up in the business together.

Uh most people will probably never see when you go to like some then selling five or six cars a month, and then you really look up ten years later.

You’re selling thirst, yeah he’s exactly right.
Is that even happening, and it happens because of that focus is because you know you you wake up both feet hit the ground uh or if you wake up your knees, hit the hit the floor.
You pray to god whoever’s, you know, you’ve got a person and you know there’s people that you’ve got that are that are gon na that needs you uh to be that person.

That’s gon na, be a provider uh.

You know we.
We we’re all we’re all examples of our.

You know our situation, so you make the best of that situation.

Man, i love it.
You guys are speaking such truth right now.

I just want to let you keep keep talking.
You guys are doing a great.
I hear uh stuff enough now, you know we talk off a lot, you know and what you know we try to.

We try to practice what we preach and that’s the one thing you know.
I can tell you guys one thing that this whole podcast has done for us.

You know in case you guys are ever interested in doing something a little bit more.

You know trying to reach out, and you know trying to spread this love out, because that’s what this whole cafe the coffee.
We do this for no money.
We do this for fun.

We do this because we want to spread good news about the car business.
We do this because we want people to realize the car business.
Isn’t the old-school way.

You used to see those guys that were like you know the short you know short sleeve shirt with the tie and the pocket protector.
We’re not those guys we, we are those guys with some swag now, where are those guys who actually care about you and if we could do it man, we would look good yeah.
If i were sports shirt when it’s high, i still would look fly.

Don’t make me bust out the suit now, with the brown pants and whatnot we’re gon na? Do we want to do a golf scramble day where we basically put on an outfit like the craziest dolphin outfit or the craziest car guy quintessential outfit, just something you know just looking silly uh, just you know having fun but you’re completely right and it’s so refreshing Because you guys are a different generation as far as your time coming into this business and and learning and seeing different things, so we’ve had the great honor to be around the country, training many different people across the country.
It was tim french who showed up to one of our events and pulled me out and we sat down and we built a relationship and we went and built that store.
I was that came from under that one weight, a small little location – there’s got to be at least 11 or 12 managers out there in parks county as well.

You know to me tim fritz was a great lesson.
You know it was a great college.

Listen to that point, though, real quick, because there’s a lot of you listeners out there that don’t know who tim french is you don’t know where it is uh that we are you don’t really know what it is: uh that uh that we’re doing what we’re saying When we refer to these places so consider this okay consider a place where you’ve taken a great car guy, with some great knowledge and great uh use of resources and took those strengths that he had from building up.

Three great dealer groups in a region right went into starting his own store was very connected, of course, with other people that were doing sales all throughout the nation.
Okay, some of the greatest and best people came in and out of our region of doing staffed event sales.
Many of you know the mailers, the flyers you bring in a team of horses that come in and they hold down the sale.

That’s what we did for many of our our days in life right, we grew and it was you know, and one of those things is, you know a lot of people, you know road sales or what have you um? Those road trips will challenge the dealership.
They expect to do that to lay down we weren’t allowed to oh yeah, that’s right and that you know what i’m gon na tell you something i’m not trying to.
You know brag a little bit, but you know obviously i’ve been in this area for 18 years selling cars that location in radcliff.

They used to be the kia store right.

I worked there for many years, uh, making six figures as a sales person like it was nothing back in the like.
You know, early 2000s beautiful little spot.

Tim french was the general manager of the store at the time.

So we did a lot of road sales too, so i feel what you guys are talking about, but let me tell you: hardin county is a special breeding ground.
Here’s good for people! I don’t know what it is.

I don’t know why it is, but even before y’all’s time, there’s people coming up in the business that are just monsters in this business right now, still that are out there either on the road they’re at dealerships now currently, just like y’all’s generation of guys who came Up there’s something super special about radcliff and it’s i don’t know if it’s, because it’s a military town, though the military doesn’t really affect us like it used to when i first got into business right, we had when i first got in yeah, i had bdus pulling Up on a lot left and right now, you don’t see that i showed up in my second interview with people yeah they did.
You know i remember when lou showed up, you know and that’s the thing like so the business is it’s in the area.
I don’t know if that’s what it is, or maybe it’s because a lot of us are military children and we’ve been around it.

So we understand the different cultures and how it is to fit in with people that you’ve never been around.
You know yeah and that’s what helped me i’m a unique person.
That’s what helped me out a lot too.

You know going yeah, no matter where i feel cars at it’s.
Just being that military.
You know military background and you know traveling.

You know you.
You walk to someone, that’s korean you’re like honey.
I see.

Oh, you know, you’ve broken the ice.
You know you know what’s up and you know how to treat a korean customer, especially a woman there’s a certain way.
You treat them and it’s it’s respect, but you let them do their thing, you let them talk their smack and you just go with it have fun right.

You understand that they’re going to tell you it’s too high, come on now.
Yeah mirror of the customers chase.
Will tell you i don’t care if the guy pulls up with a rebel flag.

That’s my boy! Yeah! After your ball, your accent, you know what those are the best ones, the ones that are awkward because you could be like you don’t want to buy it from me, because i don’t know why.
Let me ask you want me to get you a different salesperson.

Hey there, you guys, i love it, because i do know that you guys have the same type of mentality that lou and i have when it comes to closing deals.

I know you guys are closers, not just car people, but your closers.
You know what i mean there: there’s not a lot of closers in this business and to be a closer is a special special skill and it’s and honestly man, radcliff, has tons of closers, and i love that and i love that this hard county area has produced.
So many that are just blow your mind, don’t get me wrong.

There’s a lot of weak sticks here in this area too.
We all know it.
That’s why we we are proficient at what we do, but i can tell you you know we’re having you guys on the show, because i know you guys are x factor type guys and i do appreciate you guys coming on .

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