Here’s Why They Don’t Hire You for The Jobs You Want

Hey this Brian max for your success, coach for the generation of change, and i’m here, i’m in the lab.

This is where all the magic happens.
This is where all the books, all audios, all the dvds – and you know all the ideas they come about.

This is my sanctuary.

This is where I get to come in at and really just create.
You know, but this is the first part as we start off this series going into 2015.

The goal is to make this 2015 your biggest and your best year, your most profitable year, your most successful your career, wise and even your best year, living wise.

You know to live more fulfilled more confidently with power born with passion um.
I want to start off we’re talking about when you’re going out there looking for that career opportunity, how to even apply for one of the biggest mistakes.
I see a lot of people doing is with their resume, and you know your resume is equivalent to your business card.

It is the very first thing that a potential employer sees and reads pertaining to yourself into your skills and one of the things I remember when I first got started.
Looking for for jobs and remember, I stated earlier in previous videos job step for just over bro, but back when i first started applying for different positions and whatnot.
I didn’t know any better.

So you know I was sit down and I would try to put together this resume.
Really, quick and all I would talk about was you know? Well, here’s what I did that other the last job I had and here’s what here’s, what I do and here’s what my responsibilities were and then I would list every single job that I ever had.

Okay, I’m surprised that I didn’t put on there when i sold newspapers at the age of 14.

I didn’t know any better, and I see people doing that today.
Um, you know in hindsight is always twenty-twenty, but you know fast forward, and you know 16 years and hundreds and thousands of dollars a later and a lot of different of fortunate incidences and blessings.

And you know Here I am now, but I always remember that, which is why I’m whenever I get an opportunity to speak with somebody that this is the first point that I want to stress.

You cannot use a one-size-fits-all resume.
Okay, if you’re going for a customer service position, a sales position, potential management position, each one of these positions, responsibilities are different, and so you send this one generic resume and it makes you look just that generic a commodity is.
You know it’s hard to stand out when you have a generic resume and again a commodity is extremely common, and that’s not what employers are looking for today, with the way that they downsize and really they created a method of doing business, which is getting more done With less and with the 8020 rule being in the forefront of their mind, they’re looking for that that that key part of that twenty percent is going to produce to eighty percent of the results, and that maybe you.

But unless you you stand out and your your resume jumps out at them, you never even get an opportunity to come in and wow them.
I mean.
Have you ever said yourself? All I need is just the opportunity to get in front of them and I got ok, well, here’s what we gon na do to help you get that for one when you’re looking at a job description posted by a potential employer, you want to pay attention to The words that are within that description, ok, as they break down the what what the position entails, what the duties are, what the responsibilities are.

So if you know that you held the previous job or position and you perform these duties, make sure that you use these words in your description of what you did at that previous place of employment.
You want to make sure that you do that.
Ok, because a with those words that they had in the description and then they see him in your resume, it jumps out at him was.

Oh, my goodness look.
I mean John here.
Oh he’s done this and he’s done that what they’re looking at is that your wording is very similar to what it is that they have listed in the description now by no stretch of my saying make up anything don’t lie.

But if what the tasks that you performed are relevant or the same as that, use the words that they have in their ad in your description of ebbs jump out, another thing: is you don’t have to list every single job you’ve ever in your life? Um just list the ones that are relevant.
Okay, if you know that you had four or five customer service jobs, and then you had one of your shoveling dirt, then the dirt shuffling position has absolutely no relevance to the position that they’re hiring.
For so it doesn’t help you, it actually hurts you people think it’s impressive to have 34 pages of resumes, and let me tell you firsthand as an employer man that you don’t want to do that.

I don’t want to go through four or five pages of stuff.
That is useless information and i’m unable to it is not even relevant.
What I like to see is a clean-cut resume.

That’s straight to the point specific highlights how your your skill level, your skills, can benefit.
My business you’ll.
Remember we’re all selfish, so our employers and they’re.

Looking for how can you help me so make sure your wording is relevant to not so much as an eye.
You know, as in when you’re talking about your duties, yes, but find a way to where thewhere beneficial to you.

employer, you know: here’s how I was able to do this.
Here’s how it benefitted that company and here’s how we can benefit your company.

Now it right on the back, it may be tough, you just create that, but online they have some excellent resources.
I recommend googling things like great resume templates, effective resume templates.
These are some things, but, in the meantime, really start thinking about what it is that you did what your strengths are.

What your strong suits are, even in your objection, your objective, your objective should be relevant to what it is that you bring to the company, not what it is that you want to see.
We will say objective.
I want a great career, that’s fulfilling and helpful to me, and it makes me that employer Sam earth you’re the monitor, but when you’re talking about your objective, is to be a valuable asset to a company by providing my ability to communicate my strong worth that work.

Ethic and my knowledge of specific you know, systems or whatnot will help me be a valuable asset to the team and help develop whatever it is.
Hopefully you get.
Where is that I’m going with this? You have to make it all about them, so it should reference.

You you not as a new meaning you was an employer, okay, so as you’re creating your resume.
Look it over and yeah, maybe a little time consuming after sit there and actually you know, look at the description and make sure that George is worded and yeah.
It may seem like it’s a pain, to have to recreate our edit your resume every time you’re applying.

But let me ask you this question: are you looking for a career? Are you looking for for for something? That’s easy.
You know because if you’re looking for pleasure, you can just kick back, have a good time and do absolutely not don’t pay attention what I said.
But if you looking for progress, you know it takes a little bit of sacrifice and we’re not talking about this gon na take all night.

You know just sit down and if you really focus on you cannot get out a very short time frame.
Okay or look for somebody that that’s that’s, whose skill set is that and get them to help you all i know is make sure that you do your best to do whatever it takes to stand out in the mind of that employer.
Okay, all right! This is the first part we got more to talk about even on the resume somewhat, but this is one of the first few videos in a series of mini, so hopefully that helped you if it did or you picked up somewhere.

You agree with it post a comment: um send me a message through my facebook account and you can find that at of course, one of facebook sales professionals of america recruiting or send me a personal email and that’s Brian Bri, a in at spore SSN, Sam P.
As in Paul O’s and Oscar a is an atom origin, Robert dot, us that’s, the acronym for sales professionals of America, recruiting again, I’m Brian Maxwell.
Your success go for the generation to change, and I look forward to seeing you at the top .

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