Here’s What to Eat Before a Big Presentation

Good morning, Brandon Hardison glad to be with you, as we continue on our series for public speaking in general for those that are speaking if you are new to speaking, because you never had an opportunity before the virus to get in front of a little more value.

Maybe you find yourself in a position where you’re, an orientation or you’ve just changed position and you’re going to be in front of a lot of people, just some things that you need to know about that.
You may not hear from other people may not hear in seeing books or videos or whatever you might see so we’re just here to give you a couple of tips of the day.
So here’s my first question to you: have you ever been somewhere and they were serving food breakfast lunch dinner? Do you believe you need to eat before you get in front of the room before you go on this box? If it’s digital, should you drink something? What should you drink? What should you eat? What may cause some problems, because the worst thing that can happen to you in your speaking career is that you’re speaking and now, all of a sudden, because you’re coughing, because you have something caught in your throat or you just – are uncontrollable and can’t get it together.

That defeats the whole purpose because you’re the reason why they’re there so my question is, if you have to eat, let’s look at some of the things that you have to eat.
If you have to drink, let’s make sure that the things that we are going to drink are not going to stop us from being the best that we can be so, in other words, we want to find a way to set ourselves up for success and not Have the food that we consume bring down our performance, so your materials, your content, whatever the people are coming in there to hear you say it’s not the biggest difference once again, they’re still looking at you.

So if we have to bring and drink something, please keep in mind this that many folks, even professionals, they feel that they have to go down their food as quickly as possible to get prepared in front of you.

Please please do not do that now.
Eating a meal before you start is good, because there are carbohydrates, there’s some protein there’s some healthy fats there’s some things that can make your speech very good and nice, but never Coketown.
Anything don’t have anything to complex that can maybe hurt what you’re going to say and give you an opportunity to cough a lot sneeze a lot so just think of some of the basic things that can give you some long-lasting energy, but like really have for what You do so think about some lean protein, some chickens and turkeys and pork, some some some things that you can digest quickly without messing up your ability to speak.

I know a whole lot of people that just stick with tofu and beans and stay away from some of those things that are a little bit healthier and heavier that may bring them down.
But anything that’s going to give you a benefit where the blood flow is not gon na impede on what you’re, gon na say your tonality, your gestures, those are the things that we need to try to be looking at consuming and if you can just try to Arrive early if you have to eat, let me eat well before my presentation starts.
If you have to eat, let me try to keep it light, especially at a breakfast.

A Chamber’s breakfast can be a whole lot of greasy fats and different things for breakfast with that.
Well, why not just something simple, as maybe some yogurt some toast you can put something on on top of it, or maybe just some oatmeal.
Remember it’s just short time, so you can give the best speech that you can give I’ll leave you with one of them best things that I can suggest if you’re that’s, presenting, PowerPoint or using YouTube or anything else, that’s going to help your presentation drive home.

A point: I would pretty much stay away from everything, except for water, to give yourself an opportunity to go through these two three step procedures.
That’s for the audience! I have been in situations where it’s your job to do multiple tasks, trying to deliver a message in front of the room, and all I know is that the more things that you consume or want to consume like alcohol, if it’s an evening, event light something.
That’s a soda that gives you belching and different.

Let’s keep all of that way.
You’re not gon na be in front of them for a long time.
Can’t we do it before they show up.

If I must digest something, or can I just have some water, some coffee, something simple that my body can go through, get through the presentation of the speech and you’ll be a lot better for it.
Now I have seen people that can go through a speech and sure they can eat anything, but I’m reminded of a time in Rochester New York, doing something for Xerox and then the same complex that we were in there was somebody doing something for their competition Kodak Across town – and it was an evening event and the gentleman was gulping down his food and lo and behold, he could not deliver the speech because he passed away on a bone that lodged in his throat right before Beach.
Now that’s just going to the extreme on the other end, but all I’m trying to press upon you and leaving you is that is the food really important do.

I have to feel that if it’s a event, the wedding reception or some type of reunion and you’re still the keynote speaker do I have to eat right.
Then, if I have to eat, let me eat before.
If I have to eat, let me keep it light.

If I have to consume something stay away from the alcohol or anything that may give you in a position where you have to belt your birth, you want your presentation to go smooth, so water coffee is good or stay away from everything.
Until your speeches over guarantee, you can enjoy the food a lot better once again, Brandon Hardison you go out and make it a champion.

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