Have you ever had one of Those Days?

Hello, everyone and welcome to conquer today in today’s message, today’s video, what I want to talk about and what I want to ask you is have you ever had one of those days.

You know the day I’m talking about when you fight with your spouse and your kids in the morning you wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

Everything you do, every step you take forward.
You take two steps back.

It just seems, like nothing falls into place that every obstacle that can happen jumps in front of you and, of course, you’ve dealt with those days.
We all deal with those days – and I always revert back to attitude – is altitude that sometimes when those days are happening, we need to come back to ourselves, take a deep breath and think about what went wrong rather than keep pushing ourselves to the next level.

Keep pushing and trying and grinding sometimes we need to take a step back, take a deep breath and realize what went wrong because, unfortunately, when we have those kind of days we take it out on the people that care about us.

The most we take it out on our on our spouse, on our significant other on our children, on our bosses on our employees, on the people who helped us make a difference and we’re doing the wrong thing or even worse.
Yet we take it out on our customers, the people who who put food in our mouths.
You know who we earn the Commission’s off of and we put food in our mouths.

So we have to realize when we’re having one of those days take a step back.
Take a deep breath and realize that these kind of days are what create the character that it takes to really truly be successful, so don’t take it out on other people.
Keep your attitude up, keep your focus on the prize and keep doing what you know is true and right and your day will turn around and then a week later, you’ll have one of the easiest days where you’ll sell three cars, you’ll close everybody you talk to And you’ll be like wow.

That was easy.
I didn’t even try it’s because you have the character there that those unforeseen events that you dealt with that day when you sold three four five five cars.
Whatever the case is that you had the character built that you just worked through them rather than grinding through them.

So always remember that when you wake up with and have that day, when you’re having that day to just keep your composure, keep your character and keep focused on what the problem was and fix that problem once again, Noll Walsh, with conquer today, .

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