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What is up facebook, no Walsh in the house, gunslinger from nwa conquer what you chase? Sales training wanted to talk today about a proper reading.

Are you properly greeting your customers now think about it when you go somewhere to do business? If somebody comes up with lousy eye, contact doesn’t go to shake your hand, doesn’t introduce themselves first and last name where you’re at the position, their title high, knoll walsh from ABC motors.
How can i help you today? Is that shown professionalism? It’s not showing confidence.
I’ve gone to many dealerships, many businesses and have people who come up like this they’re reluctant to stick out their hand, no eye contact, no confidence.

Therefore, I don’t have confidence in dealing with that person that that person is going to have a process.
It’s going to be simple and effective that that person is going to be able to accommodate my needs in a timely and professional matter.
So we want to make sure that we are professionally greeting people, whether it’s on an email, whether it’s on a text message whether it’s Facebook Messenger, whether it’s on a post, whether it’s on the phone or whether it’s in person always be professional, always be confident story.

Last night we had a neighborhood BBQ went to the neighborhood barbecue we kind of SAT and hung out with some of the people that we know a little bit better.
My wife knows them better than me because, as you know, i traveled all the time.
So we really didn’t know where I lived.

I was in Michigan half the time here, half the time, then across the country all the time, but so we wanted to make sure we went up to the homeowners who had us over.
It was the neighborhood BBQ at 550 hundred people there, and i think that i think the host, i think the man i gave him a firm handshake gave my first and last name, and I could just tell that i owned them.
A lady I used to work with used to call it an old spell that when I got a customer and eyes on my a game, I could just capture him with the greeting.

I just owned him the whole time and I put them through my process.
They were so comfortable with.
I knew the deal was done when I first made eye contact with them, because I wanted that deal.

They knew the deal was done to subconsciously.

But if you give a professional greeting sincerity, respect confidence, people will react to that.
People want to be a part of that.

It’s, like I said last night meeting with my neighbor everything I said he was hanging on my every word.
So if you capture a customer with a professional greeting you’re, going to capture their attention and you’re going to capture the sale you’re going to capture referrals and you’re, going to capture repeat business, just with that greeting I’ve been doing, I wanted to bring this up because I’ve been doing my my online virtual training platform, conquered you and downloading, and I came across this video I shot when I was in Toledo, Ohio and i know it is very effective and i see it so much when I guelph secret shop going to dealerships through Training call on dealers walk in cold call, just really lack of a professional greeting.
A story I wanted to share is my friend Chad, Linn from express way forward in Indiana.

You guys hold 62 cars in February and he sold almost 500 last last year.
He’s got a guy also at the expressway Chevrolet down the street curtsied, this guy does 30 or 40 a month and then I also talked a lot of Jason Sapp Vanessa Smith chevrolet in georgia.

He does 40 50 cars every month.

The reason i bring these people up is because big numbers can be done and really it starts with the basics.
There’s no rocket science.
It’s all been said before you know you need to have you need to have your hands into everything, but you need to really focus on what you’re great at and use technology to assist you what you’re not good at, but I wanted to talk about Chad Linn He’s getting a phone up a couple months ago from a pregnant girl, she had a big jacked-up Jeep and she was pregnant about about to have a baby.

The Jeep was going to be too big visit the baby in and I was like her being pregnant, so he got her as a phone up.
She’s, looking at explorers ended up getting her in and now this is confidence where confidence comes in, so he had a great phone presence, a great greeting.
He won over that customer and when she came in, he sold her the Explorer and he had a gift bag.

With a little baby boy outfit and she started crying there in the showroom she called him right after the baby was born and let him know the baby was born.
The baby was healthy, but that’s the little things you do that are going to create long-term business.
Guess what there’s only one name her and her husband are going to think about when they go to get a vehicle and that’s Chad, Winns and looking a brag about this guy Chad went for a 10-12 dollar baby outfit looking to brag about how much he cared.

How what real person he is? How was sincere, he is what a nice guy he is he’s going to get so many referrals from ten or twelve dollars, so everybody’s focused on giving $ 100 two hundred dollar burger dog fee.
That’s great helps you get business generated, but when you do the little things like that people will promote you, people will advertise you.
People will be your advocate for free without even asking, because you took care of them.

You made them feel like a real person.
You built a friendship there with a competent responsible, trustworthy salesperson.
That’s what people are looking for when they’re going to spend twenty thirty forty thousand dollars.

They want to trust who they’re giving their souls to.
They want to trust that you know what you’re talking about that vehicle can told they’re both that they’re booked until their camper, that that vehicle has a good safety rating.

They want to trust your knowledge, so the best way to gain trust is right from the greedy professional and competent reading.

So whenever you approach a customer approach, the customer, like a professional, great eye contact great posture, go up put your hand out shake their hand and introduce yourself hi, my name’s Knowle walsh, from nwa conquer what you chase sales training.
How can I help you today? Your name is meet the wife meet the husband meet the kids, always say your first and last name meet everybody in the party.
He remember the meet and greet the greeting is the first step to build your reputation with the customer.

It’s your first impressions and first impressions are lasting, so make sure you’re, taking advantage of your first impression: nola, walsh, nwa conquer what you chase sales training gunslinger is out.

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