Hardison’s Tips With Special Guest Noel Walsh

How you doing today Brandon how standing no Brittany here yeah good afternoon, we’re a little late date.

Technology things happen so once again, Brandon artisan president champion strategies here for artisans tips were alive.
This afternoon we happen to have a very special guest, but the reason why we do this for those salespeople who want to get to the next level for those people considering to be leaders, coaches managers, you need to remember your success – is with your development of your People and to bring you one of the best in the nation we’re proud to have the outstanding, no off how you feeling today.
No oh, I’m always doing good, excellent, excellent, hey! How about giving the guests, maybe a quick 30,000 foot of what you’ve been doing with your experiences and everything out? How did you get to be where you’re at yes, so my name’s Noah Walsh, I uh in the owner, CEO of nwa, conquer what you chase sales training as well as conquer you, my online sales training platform.

I grew up in the business.
My dad started as a salesman went up to GM level.
My stepdad was a service manager.

My mom’s father owned a Dodge dealership in Detroit, and my my dad’s dad was the head of forged steel, so I grew up in the industry, grew up in Michigan.
From my late teens on, and I always knew that car sales was my calling, I know you can make a good living, you can have fun, it’s a fun atmosphere.
You really get the opportunity to work with people and you know help.

People is a good salesperson.
You know some one of my favorite sales.
Some of my favorite sales were like helping a single mom with like four kids right who’s working to minimum.

You know wage jobs trying to get by working, doing everything I could to make sure she got to prove she got a decent interest rate and her family had transportation, and so I always loved helping people, and I love the process of the sale and really the Relationship that comes together because people are trusting you with with so much information they’re, trusting you with all their money.
They’re gon na make a five six seven eight year, commitment to you right to your product, great service, and so we need to consummate that.
And so I always had the other salespeople would always watch what I was doing.

What I’d say to my customers and then I have customers they’re, like hey.
I bought 1012 vehicles.
I’ve never had in experience I enjoyed like.

I really enjoyed this experience.
You should teach other people how to do it.

Haha, well, that’s kind of where the the carrots connected, and I realized that hey.

You know what I do like to share my talents.
I do like to make things better for the greater the good when you teach sales people how to sell effectively with relationship selling and really efficiently, and you know truthfully: you’ll create a client base and when you have a client base, anybody who’s successful in sales know That you know but clients keep you going and you’re just out there chasing a lead and up.
You know, call internet inquiry if you’re chasing those all the time.

You’re gon na have a low percentage of closing low percentage of sales, smaller profits, lower commissions, more work, less repeat and referral business.
And if you just really cultivate in mind, what’s in front of you and so that’s really what I try and teach I try and portray and that’s what I was successful at and what I teach to my clients.
And I thank you for that.

Because one of the reasons why I really wanted you here compared to all of the people that do what we do around the country, I like you because you’re on the showroom floor or doing product presentation walk-arounds from all of our experience, but I’ll just Center it To me, folks, don’t make the relationship between asking high-gain questions, so you can understand their needs, wants desires and before before the demo ride, we need to link what they told us and show us how that product featured advantage benefit is going to give them what they Want or alleviate so talk to us about your walk around Johnson? Yes, so I love the walk arounds like I do them for a lot of my clients and my dealers, but you know the whole thing about a walk around is getting first off asking the proper questions right.
What is it you want? What do you wish? Your? Your previous vehicle had that it didn’t write.
What didn’t you like about your previous vehicle? What are you looking forward? You know what brought you in to see this vehicle today find out those things and really touching base on it and making it interactive where you’re? Basically, you know you’re there you’re there infomercial right you’re, there live presentation telling them everything that they wanted to know about the vehicle and how that’s gon na benefit them right.

Hubble features are gon na make alleviate this and add this and make the wife happy right.
Suffice the husband accommodate the kids, it isn’t it funny in car sales that people are more worried about how their dogs gon na go through their kids.
Like I got my dog in there, I’m like don’t you have like four kids and here’s the other thing as managers, because many times they’re not seated properly, to see what’s going on in the lot and if their showroom floor can accommodate product, so they can eyeball.

What the Sales Consultants doing many times is that, on the lot have you ever experienced, have you ever ran into were salespeople that wan na do a walk around? Let’s just go.
Do the demo what happens when we just go to the demo and we forget about the walk around well now it all comes to price and convenience right, and it’s not the experience, because people will pay for an experience and when you just get to price, we Just got some work bid on her house and if I didn’t get a good presentation or it didn’t fit me right, they’re gon na lose out unless their price is better, you got it right.
Unions is better, but now they give me an experience and they accommodate my wants, needs desires.

Right, show me the features and benefits how this feature is gon na benefit.
My wants needs desires.
If they do that, I’m gon na pay more and it becomes less about the money, then about the experience and the trust we all know people buy from people, they know, like trust and, ultimately, respect outstanding right.

I’ll will continue to go back to somebody.
I respect even if they don’t have the best price, even if I have to wait a little bit more because I know they do a good job, they get it done right.
They do this, they accommodate me.

No, you don’t know it and you would be amazed.
I have looked at a whole lot of trainers like ourselves that are out there and I’ve seen some of their youtubes but seems like the walk around they leave out, or they just quickly touch on.
You take the time to actually go through it and here’s where I’m going with it.

I know we’re gon na get to you to give you an opportunity to talk about conquer you, but I have been pretty blessed that I work with dealerships and dealer groups.
We do walk around and let’s say you have 10 stores, we take competition where the managers are judging one salesperson at a time come up with a store winner and then out of the 10 store winners.
We make it.

A dog pony, show band red carpet right.
Step-And-Repeat and the community are the judges, so they can get branding, so many people can say wow they’re actually working with their people.
So once again, I commend you for doing, walk arounds and your right hand again to go back for I kind of trailed off from a minute ago.

Is yes, so many salespeople don’t give the walk around, and I can use a few lines and quotes.
You know the profits and the presentation, the profit in the presentation and the feel of the wheel seals the deal right.
So when you get them excited about the product, you get them comfortable and trusting of you.

You show that you are capable and you can accommodate them all it takes is for them to get behind the wheel, like I say, all the time.
Basically anything they’re driving this vehicle is better than most of the time right right, great, nothing, buddy and you’re old.
You know use vehicle for their daughter and they drive a hundred thousand dollar.

You know SUV for the most time when, when a customer comes in the product, they’re driving is better.
So when you can get them excited about that, get the emotions flowing and then get them behind the wheel.
You know my dad always used to say one of the first lines I ever learned.

So I started working for my dad as the cars are the stars right.
You go it’s just like anything.
Do you go and buy a pair of shoes just because this and that no you buy them because they think good? You like the way they look.

They’re popular they’re trendy, whatever the case is right right right, I always compare cars to shoes.
You know I’d always get the customers they’re like.
Oh, I don’t need to test-drive it.

You know I sold a lot of Ford workers because I worked in Michigan.
We had a lot of well, I build them.
I don’t need to drive my goal.

So when you go to the store, do you buy a pair of shoes without trying them on, and you know that was stopping real, quick and I say hey.
You know, for the very least: let’s take it for a five-minute drive, they’re, all very least yeah like it might, but you don’t like it might have this.
It might have that really exactly right, but because I know time is sensitive for for both of us.

Here again for me, I I’m on lunch, break I’m doing a training class, so I so I got to get back, but I should this certified preowned CCP, Oh yep.
I have very rarely run across trainers who teach a walk around doing the manufacturers program right and going around the footprint talking about the strength of the certified preowned program.
Is that something you incorporate with your walk arounds when it when you have an opportunity, you know, I do break your touch base on that, because I know all the manufacturers really put a lot of effort, energy budget, all that and they’re certified programs.

There are a lot of programs that a lot of benefits that the customers are able to.
You know the benefit from that.
Cpos are more expensive, but yet no and that’s what you need to touch base on is the fact that hey you have roadside assistance.

You have a powertrain warranty, you have a 12 months, you know bumper to bumper warranty and I or my business manager are going to go over options on how you can extend that right and give you this, and so what you’re doing is a cpos one of The best walk arounds, because you’re going to talk about your product, you’re gon na show it two or three year old product and how good it looks.
You know I think I hated selling used cars, but I liked it and one of my favorite go.
Twos was going to the floor mats and I say: hey folks: these are factory floor, mats brand-new.

You can tell how nice they were on the vehicle by looking at these floor mats on a vehicle of 30,000 miles.
I go now.
The manufacturers backing it because of this they’re backing it, because of that it gives you the option to give bragging rights about your product, no matter what you sell it when you’re on does you you can put you know, effort, put a lot of weight on the Accord or the CRV, if you solve for word, you can do 150, you can do Explorer.

I mean every product you sell, has benefits that when you can brag about them in a way that sounds like you’re, just sharing knowledge, mm-hmm.
That goes far with the customer, because everybody, you know what what do you say, my daughter’s marrying a doctor right.
It’s bragging rights, that’s all right and we don’t mean, but when you can brag without bragging, then it just sinks into the customer and they’re like yeah.

I want that I want more of that.
I want to be part of that.
You you go, I look at it.

No as the best switch vehicle going.
If we do a good needs assessment qualifying asking high-gain questions, parts of the country, they call it differently and I know I can’t get that customer into that new one boy.
Let me bring up this certified pre-owned.

customer, I got a vehicle with more of the trail more, but it’s got a few miles on it, but let me explain it to you, because I, like peace of mind and every manufacturer in their own way, has built in that trip interruption.

If something happens.

Take it to the nearest manufacturer, they’ll, give you a loaner they’ll, put you up in a hotel, they’ll feed you, especially if I got killed all they didn’t really, and you can use it as many times as long as that vehicle stays and certification.
It’s not just a one-shot deal right.
People at total, well, really yeah! You can’t get that on a new car, so I commend you because most folks, don’t as trainers, get the importance of will walk around for a certified pre-owned.

So, but with the time that’s left talk to us about this online conquer you, yes, so conquer you is, you know I came into uh.
I left Michigan, making a lot of money selling cars top guy at the number three for store in the nation.
Three sales managers to F & I managers, 45 salespeople so wrong.

It was a cradle to the grave operation right.
So you grew.
You were your Porter, you were your boss, you were your salesman, you were everything right and we signed up all the deals.

We did all that good stuff, but so I’ve learned that process.
We moved here to Utah, and so I thought, okay, I was doing coaching.
I was doing this, I speaking at conferences and I’m like I need a you know.

I need something tangible mm-hmm, and so you know I followed like the grant cardones and all those other people.
I created the online sales training and it was conquer you and I had to switch platforms about a year and a half two years ago, and it really gave me the opportunity to kind of put everything in order of really how I think salespeople should train.
And, what’s funny is most of the students I’ve had that have completed all hundred and one courses: oh 1400, training modules, Wow and 60 hours of training, so plus 2400 questions right right, there’s a quiz after each one.

Also, you have an assessment built into it: okay, good and so there’s a lot of redundancy, but I think that’s good, because really sales is redundant.
You know what I always say is is do it the same way that works every way at the same time, and when you have to make adjustments right if you’ve got an older couple, slow it down a little bit right if you’ve got the the busy.
You know the busybody mom who’s got four kids and, and you know as a high power job and she doesn’t have eight minutes for breakfast.

You know let alone to you know then speed it up.
True, it works the same way, but but I broke that down and really what I teach is is what to do, how to do it? Why to do it in a lot of philosophy, because if you tell somebody hey say this, you know, we’ve all had.
Somebody call us and they’re a call center and they’re just so scripted right.

Yes, so have bullet points, speaking points that you’re gon na sell off of, but put it in your own personality, great right and and then adjust it accordingly to the customer that if you get somebody who’s older, maybe a little less uneducated doesn’t really get things.
You know cuz, I talk fast by nature.
Sometimes I get old people I just go.

I heard just like this: I’m like: let’s slow it down, slow it down right then sometimes, if you’re too slow, because I get that because I think and move fast and somebody will just move slow and I’m like they just lost me right, I’m off yeah.
I just can’t do it, I’m like they just lost me like so so you got to do that.
I mean sales is about the customer right and the price do what the customer wants.

You know Mir match mimic.
You know from what to the customer in a genuine form sure you know in a genuine format.
If you know I always loved using the word value with customers, because they’ll yep you mere match mimic they’ll start to do it back to you and so I’d never say it’s a good deal.

I say it’s a great value.
You know value savings that are going on right now, not the the discounts, not the deals.
It’s real cheap right now, don’t use any of that verb! Eeeh.

You know, bourbon yeah, hey right now, they’ve got a great value going on this vehicle right hassle.
Ppo they’ve got point nine percent for 60 months.
It’s a great value because you also get a hundred thousand mile powertrain warranty.

You get twelve thousand s, you get roadside assistance, you get this, you get that and either me or my business manager will go over options to where you can extend that warranty.
Go to you know to a full.
You know: bumper-to-bumper warranty this many years.

Ah, give you the added protection – and you know it’s sales – is about asking the right questions, providing the right information, not hiding from anything.
You know, we all say: transparency, transparency, transparency, well, almost nothing’s, transparent anymore.
I mean all you had to do is follow the co bit right.

They say fun tagging holy play here.
It’s the exact alcohol, there’s, no transparency.
So when you can offer people transparency, you can create value.

Price doesn’t become an issue and that’s my biggest complaint about the automotive industry.
Nowadays is it’s all about digital technology and the lowest price whoo? Yes, it is yeah you’re right.
A whole lot of folks have gone there.

So how can somebody find out more about conquer you or or about NWA in general? Where do they go? Yes, in fact, I’ll share.
This is gon na, be shared to social media share in the comments, but they can go to my website.
Nw n a sales training comm like it says on the bottom of the screen right here.

There’s a link there to my online platform.
They can reach out to me all across all social media platforms feel free to email me at Knoll at and W and a sales training comm or reach out to me on my cell phone at seven three, four, six, seven, eight four, five zero I’ll be happy.
I’d love to help sales people.

I love to see sales people who really want to succeed.
You know it’s a fun business.
It can be a very lucrative business, there’s so much growth in this business, and you know there’s all this talk about.

So many certain things – and you know the greatest thing I like it – is – I always compare salespeople to athletes because it doesn’t matter anything nothing matters except for the fact of what you produce love it.

You know terror if you’re old young this that whatever the case is, if you come in and produce you’ll be a fan favorite and you will have opportunities that continue to you know compound in front of you outstanding well know, like I told you I’m on my Lunch break.
I got ta get back to class.

I know that you’re on the other side of the the great Mississippi – and I don’t know what you’re doing there, but thank you for giving up some of your time today and I do appreciate it: hey Brandon.
Ah, we’ve communicated on social media and it’s great to have an actual conversation and ya, know honored to be a guest.
Your show and yeah keep doing what you’re doing man I always love to hustle.

Ah, thank you and just to wind it down.
Folks, Knowles said a couple of things: besides the transparency, if you want to find a good reputable organization to work for make sure that in the community their branding is transparent, but the biggest thing that I liked that Noah brought up, I call it the words you Use will create your success.
The words you use because your manager may tell you go back and say this and you spent all this goodwill.

The customer likes.
You sees value, but you turn into a car guy.
We got a deal for you, we’re gon na give you some what.

Why did you do something crazy? It doesn’t make sense.
So thank you for the pointers with it.
Hey Brandon.

It was a pleasure to be your guest and yeah keep the keep the hustle.
Hopefully, you guys are selling a lot of cars over there and go go pump them up in the in the training in the classroom.

Well, dunno be safe, stay healthy thanks for being here, conquer what you chase there.

You go, love it! Okay, folks, that’ll! Do it! For this edition of Hardison’s tips live, we will do it again, the next Wednesday, but catch me tomorrow morning, at 5 o’clock, while we’ll continue on so with that said, go out and make it a champion day.
Thank You, Brandon.
Thank you.

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