Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies, reminding you that tomorrow august, the 18th will be another live partisans tips at 12 noon, with our special guest richie bello one of the brightest technology minds in the automotive industry.

He has something that he has research and wants to share with you, so whether you’re a salesperson, hopefully managers – maybe dealer principals – may want to sit on this, because if you are an oem, you may be amazed of what he’s going to tell you that the independence Are starting to do to combat what you think is going on in your market once again, partisans tips tomorrow, 12 noon with our special guest richie bellow, and if we have time we may even talk about the little cpo.

So that’s hardison’s tips.
Tomorrow, 12 noon be there .

About Richie Bello

Richie Bello has a vast knowledge of the automotive industry, so most of his services are faced towards automotive dealerships. He couples all his skills with the power of the internet to render even remote services to clients in need of a little brushing

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