HARDISON’S TIPS – Top 5 Key Crisis Leadership Traits

Good morning to you, brandon hardison, president of champion strategies with another edition of hardison’s tips live.

It is 5 00 a.
On the east coast on monday august, the 10th hope you had an outstanding, safe and healthy weekend, we’re here to give you coaching ideas and tips and reminders, whether you’re in sales or in management – and we do this every morning at five as you’re.
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Let’s talk about today, key crisis of leaderships.
There are traits that are out there that comes across any leader, that’s out there.
So, as we stretch into another month of covert description, i want you to ask yourself as leader how you feel about your company’s leadership, whether you’re a leader, whether you’re a salesperson.

Do they have your confidence? Your loyalty has this pandemic made or break so many of their leadership responsibilities.

If you are a person under someone or have they lived up to that, whether you’re looking for a new job debating, jumping ship and going somewhere else, i don’t care where you go.
The leadership is still the key point for you to get where you want to get.

So, if you are someone seeking to be a supervisor or manager or if you’re, currently one we need to focus in on these things.

First, one is strong communications.
Communication makes or breaks any company, but when we prioritize our communication, it’s more important than ever whether your company is still working from home if you’re, furloughed or if the operation’s a little hybrid consistent contact is key, and this ever changing environment leadership should be checking in With all personnel, whether they be remote, whether they’re on the weekly basis at minimum, we need to be touching all of our people.

We’ve heard of about leaders hosting call groups sending out updated emails, video statuses, anything to keep their people in the loop, a good leader will get creative and show you that you’re not forgotten.

This is particularly an area of growth for some leaders, and this is what we’re hearing across the globe.
Transparency is another.

Honesty has said many times that when there is honesty through transparency, people are a lot more comfortable.

So strong leaders will be honest when they’re uncertain, don’t want to promise too much.

They know that it’s better to share some goals and priorities with the hopes of gaining an opportunity to accomplish them.
But nothing is more motivating and reassuring, especially in a workers minds of uncertain times that there is a purpose and direction that we’re still striving for.

At our particular job, how about adaptability? Is there anyone trying to go about business as usual? Well, if you’re trying, you may be fooling yourself a little bit, because this global disruption is changing most aspects of how we do business.

In other words, a good adaptable leader is ready to shift away from any interference that it’s going to do to themselves their team members trying to achieve their objectives and that’s opportunities to do business.

If we look at the channel of industry, especially if we just look at this vertical automobiles, there’s a lot of jumping, because there’s vendors out there offering solutions in this new normal workplace.
But a good leader who wants to survive and grow will always make sure that whoever they bring on board the help that business model is in play to what the mission statement of that business is about.

How about being a willing facilitator.

As we talked about this before the goal of any good leader is trying to make sure that everyone that’s in their realm and other departments in that business, everyone knows what’s going on a good leader, knows how to delegate and to get that message out.

So everyone they’re part of this success or what we’re trying to do what creative input can you add, so we can be successful how about future focusing forward thinking this mental exercise should really be permeated in everything that we do as a leader.

A futuristic thinking leader is always about growth.
It’s always about how you, as the worker, going to reach your goals and dreams.

So you can have a better life, whether that’s investigating one-on-one, with the employees to find out ways of getting them still up to par and that’s what career pathing is about or let’s seek out new people fresh ideas, ones that can help us with their creative input.

So we can come up with some different solutions, especially in this crisis area and leadership is still thought about as one of the best things that are there.

So if you are a current leader when you go in today, remember your people are still looking at you to drive them through these uncertain times.

Will we get there sure we’ll get there? We always get there because you are the one that helps it get there: management supervisors, coaching one-on-ones, assuring your people through communication.

We know that there are challenges out there that we are going to face unknown is the unknown, but we do know our objective and what we want to achieve.
So, as a good leader today put a smile on your face, get your team off to the right foot for a monday work week, and i hope you got something out of it.

So as partying as always brandon hardison here for hardison’s tips, saying go on out and make it a champion day.

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