Good morning to you, it must be 5 a.

m on the east coast, because it’s time for partisans tips with your host brandon hardison on this outstanding september, 9th of the year 2020.
So for all of you, great brothers and sisters in the sales field, whether it’s key account major account up and down the street in home sales, retail in general, but automotive more exclusively.
We have some information for you, so we’re just going to get right to it, because you need to get to work on one of the other previous broadcasts.

We were talking about social media tips for car sales, people.
What you need to do in today’s world to ensure your long-term success? So i’m just going to pick up from there and there’s certain things where i left off: that we need to be doing every day and there are five things that we need to really focus in on and here’s.
Why there’s a lot of down time on the sales floor? We have to admit it make sure you use your time by committing to do these five things every day that will further your value with potential customers prospects.

Here’s some examples like a post sharing something newsworthy.

Commenting on a previous post, yours or someone else’s, wishing somebody a happy birthday, happy anniversary that you connect with polish up a story or an image.
People love to hear stories from professionals in their field, follow an influencer and comment on their post.

How about googling yourself? When was the last time you googled yourself and then take action on what you see or what you don’t see.

Now i’m not going to go over that again, but that’s the power.

Google yourself write an article on your blog facebook linkedin.

As for reviews, you see when we do things like this, we start to separate ourselves and remember: what can we do during this pandemic, where we still can shine in the customer’s eyes if we can find a way to stay in touch with our existing clients? Colleagues and other professionals that we know in real life, they are going to look at it as meaningful, not just you chasing for another lead and when you have meaningful connections the better, they are the more they’re going to share with their people.
People you’ve met already, or you know in person, are ideal to connect with on social media.

The old bird dog effect they’re, so much more likely for them because they know you to engage with you and share that with some of their friends and family members that you do not know how about creating an introduction.

Video one of the best social selling tips that i can recommend is to introduce yourself to your customers.
So imagine you have 15 seconds to record a video explain to your customers who you are and how you can help them to some.
I know it may seem like a big challenge to raise someone’s interest in just 15 seconds and but that really can’t be effective.

Well, when replying to a customer’s email or social media, all you need to do is present that they are right in front of you and speak.

Naturally, you don’t have to give them war and peace.

It’s ideal to record the video for each specific customer, mentioning their name and the chances are pretty good.

That you’ll get a positive reaction from that short little 15 seconds, that you did send them.
How about joining groups participating and engaging in different groups that are on any one of those platforms from facebook to linkedin groups? You can share your valuable expertise and how you can help them.
Some of the best conversations and connections happen in the linkedin industry for specific groups.

You need to check it out how about asking for referrals and testimonials.
Ah, i really don’t care to do that.
Type of follow-up.

Well, don’t follow up when they’re gone talk to them, while they’re in front of you ask for reviews, ask for testimonials a regular stream of good people will always get you there now keep in mind that when you do these things, you need to be prepared.

Hopefully, you are practicing so while you’re practicing, i ask you to do this last thing – make a powerful testimonial video that you can use in pretty much any situation.

By doing some of these, things will set you apart immediately to that guest that you’re trying to sell to also to other people who watch on these social sites and that’s what we’re trying to do raise our presence on the social science once again branded hardison for Champion strategies and hardison’s tips and don’t forget it’s wednesday, so hardison’s tips live will be at 12 noon.

Our special guest today is anthony alcarona.
He is a specialist when it comes to the bdc space.
So you don’t want to miss out on that 12 o’clock.

Eastern standard time today, wednesday september, the 9th and as always in parting, please remember, go out and make it a champion day.

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