Good morning to you, it must be 5 8 a.

In the morning on this beautiful wednesday, the 2nd of september of 2020, my name is brandon hardison, president of champion strategies and host for hardison’s tips.
Glad to be with you this morning, middle of the week.
I know we’re trying to get this month started if you’re in the retail automobile game, but we also do series to help out people that have key accounts, major accounts up and down the street in-home sales, but we want to focus still on the automotive.

I got some emails and people said we’re gon na talk about some in-home sales and we got some of that coming up for you, especially over the weekend, but for right now, since you’re getting dressed – and i know you need to get going – let’s bring up what I would like to discuss today, and that is closing more sales for you, the automotive sales consultant.
You see getting the sales you want.
An automotive takes a lot of drive ambitions, something that people occasionally lose when they get into a slump.

While you have taken all of the best automotive training courses with anyone, that’s out there today, still not everyone will make it to the top.

The million dollars club, if you will for sales consultants or if you look at it you may be deciding, is an oem better than going to an independent.
Now only you know that, but all i can tell you is the right: drive the right passion.

The right believability will put you in that comfort level and give you the money that you’re looking for, stop and think about it.
How would you feel if you wanted to buy a vehicle and the automotive sales consultant was less than excited about helping you, you feel probably bad.
You probably turn around and head to another dealership acting the way you are in your head.

I didn’t do anything.
I think all sales people don’t want to sell me a car now, even if you’re having a bad day – and you run into one of these folks on the lot.
How do you think that’s going to work out so passionate passion playing a game interacting with people? Remember they came to you, they came to you for one reason: that’s information and if you give them the right information, they’re gon na purchase so put your game face on here’s.

Here’s a couple of tips if we’re positive and if you let a bad day get on you, your enthusiasm for selling is going to go down.
Why not? If you’ve ever played sports, put your game face on when it’s time to interact with the guests.
Remember you’re, representing that dealership, so make sure that i’m prepared to play representing the dealership and what goals have i set for myself this day this quarter this month, stop and think about it.

Goals are things that are rarely accomplished by average sales consultants goals are accomplished on those people who stay focused each and every day.

I know that my whole thing was that, if i’m showing up today, i’m going to sell a vehicle a day, just think if i sold a vehicle every day, what would it do to my goals? My dreams in the future you’d be on the right track.
Now, going back to that plan, are you learning everything you can about selling? Are we spending time in our day to improve like role playing? I know some people say: oh we’re selling cars it’s hard over here.

I don’t have any time.
Managers, sales consultants who’ve been doing this a while.

If you actually look at how much time you’re working versus waiting for something to happen, you you have time to improve and role playing is one of the best ways to do it.

Remember, if you don’t practice the steps with the team member at the dealership in order to win a signature from a guest, you will practice on whom yourself, your animal, your person at home, it’s not the same at the dealership.
You can get some real critique from a seasoned sales person, a real good treat from your management.
We have to know everything about a potential customer before they come in this way.

As team solution selling goes, we will know how to move the customer to get to the right decision makers, so we can assist them on our team on getting the right vehicle the first time his creativity is forethought part of all of this.

Yes, but the beautiful thing about it, it’s not hard.

It’s an automobile people in america have a love affair with automobiles, they’re gon na buy from someone shouldn’t it.

Be you well give them a reason.
And finally, are you having fun if you do not make your job fun, you will not be a successful automotive sales consultant if people see that you enjoy what you’re doing and you’ll go that extra mile, because it’s part of who you do as a professional guess.
What they’re going to do? Tell their friends tell their family tell their co-workers.

Do some reviews just because you took the time to be professional or i’ll end it this way, those who go to work without a plan and wait.

I call those employees.
Yes, it’s a job you’re going to feel like it’s a job and you’re going to be treated like it’s a job, but for those who come to work with the plan, whether you look at your pay plan for the month, and you know that your manufacturers got Some specials – or i know that i’m working out in the community or with digital advertising, i’m going to call all of these folks in this particular state.

If you come in with a plan now the other team members being your f and i being your desk managers being your service managers being anybody.
If you come in with a plan and work, your plan, whether it is on the phone, whether it is, live to live in person you’re going to win now, i want you to remember that today, 12 noon is our hardest tips live and our special guest is No walsh, all the way on the other side of the mississippi and we’re going to be talking about some great things that are going on as he goes to different dealerships and don’t want to miss out on that.
So that is 12 o’clock today tune in for hardison’s tips lives with our special guest, the incomparable, no walsh in the meantime, as partying as always go on out and make it a champion day.

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