Good morning to you, it must be 5 a.

Eastern standard time, because it’s time for another partisan’s tip edition, i’m your host brandon hardison glad to be with you.

What we try to do, while you’re getting prepared for work, is all of our brothers and sisters that are into sales, whether your major account key account up and down the street in-home sales, retail or automotive sales.
We try to give you something, that’ll get you up and going for the morning.

First, i would like to thank my guests for yesterday’s hardison’s tip live, which we do every wednesday at 12 noon.

I had fred and lou the car guys that deal with coffee.
They call it car guy coffee, you need to go check them out.

They talked about some important things too, that stuck with me one on ones daily boy.
I don’t know why.
I can’t get managers to understand that, plus with this new age of technology, one on one every day, a different video of a product that they have on the lot.

They want you to do that, so we do thank them for being available.
Hopefully, if you were watching, you got something out of it.
Also i’m here to announce that uh coming this wednesday, i will be the new host of automotive training news, uh, richie, bellow who’s been hosting and designed.

It asked me if i would be honored to sit in his chair and take over that, and naturally i said yes so be hearing more about that, and our first show is going to be outstanding.
So you don’t want to miss out on that.

That is also on wednesdays, but it’s going to be at one o’clock, so automotive news we’re gon na have on the 24th at one o’clock and also partisan’s tips every wednesday at 12 noon.

So, let’s get right to it.
Today, i’m going to talk to my brothers and sisters that are out on the street, the ones who, if you talk to in retail, they say that you’re not really selling people or coming to you, i have to get around gatekeepers.
I have to get around security guards.

I have to find a way to get to the decision makers, whether they’re in a brick and mortar, whether they’re on the golf course nowadays, whether they’re at home, i got ta find a way to do my thing.
So we’re gon na talk about big things.
This one is gon na be with business office equipment.

When i trained in that industry, there were some business office equipment that cost more than automobiles, we’re talking about million dollar units.
That can do some amazing things to help out businesses in the workplace.
So that’s where i want to start – and i want to look at this as copier sales burnout, copier sales burn out when the opportunity in the sales person’s mind stops now most salespeople know that their job means to work under pressure.

Increase revenue helps the customer and the consumer and the company grow.

Making the numbers helps a true sales person get up in the morning as a motivated and exciting person.
Now zig ziglar referred to this years ago as the opportunity clock and it still exists today, but that clock and the business office equipment to many salespeople has stopped.

In other words, fiscal demands aren’t met.
Quotas are getting tougher pressure.
Is there because many companies, especially with covet, are downsizing they’re looking at their procurement officers, different departments? Do we really need to spend those dollars? Do we really need to re-sign up with that particular vendor when it comes to our business office equipment, the business office equipment boom was in the 90s.

Oh boy, were we doing some great things, but if we look at it now, a decade decade and a half later things have changed.
Customers are siding with a little bit more standoffish attitude.
When spending money remember it’s covered.

A whole lot of situations are going on.
Some people still don’t have a true handle on it, and price is the determining sales factor say it again.
Price is often the determining sales factor.

Customer loyalty in the business office equipment is waning.
Sales traditionally are based on relationship selling, but now cold.

If you can find a way to get in to do that, that seems to be what people are really looking for more so even the top the best sales people know how it feels when sales success is tough, sales people start wondering about their own ability.
Can they go these long periods, one month, two months, three months, just to get to a decision maker and close a deal? We have different stories that we can tell you, because i get emails from people that were very successful and now they’re really having it tough and they’re wondering if they should switch careers.
And i tell them to stick in there because, just like in any sales there’s a book of business and there’s always an opportunity to get referrals, but if we go back to it, many sales people want to do their job in their territory.

It’s the managers, it’s the managers at the regional zone, offices that are making it difficult.

I know some sales managers and business office equipment who ask their people to do a lot of other superficial things that have nothing to do with putting money in anyone’s pocket.
So if i’m a professional sales person and i’m stuck to the office or at home – and i can’t find a way to get to the decision maker – i’m going to start thinking that i’m being ignored and once a salesperson feels that they’re being ignored.

It’s about betty bye-bye time why the stress stress always comes first, according to any experts, and then withdrawal starts to happen, you may pick up some additional habits like excessive drinking or smoking or overeating or gambling.
The problem will spill over to your family and friends.

Also, so it’s extremely important to make sure that this pressure doesn’t get to you if you feel that your sales manager is not pulling their weight.
If they’re not helpful, you need to still do what you need to be successful, recognize that you’re at a near-death experience and i want to survive so, let’s get back to basic sales people, let’s learn relearn practice, all of those things that you were taught when you First got into the business because you as a sales professional may stay tight, lit with management, because you don’t feel you want to share that with them, and i can understand that.
But if you do not share or seek out ways to improve during this climate, you will be looking for another career change, so active basics.

Stay positive, like we opened up with zig ziglar right opportunity, is there every day, but we have to stay focused on our goals and dreams.
Do your clients need your product? Yes, they do need the best the latest the greatest, but they still need somebody who’s going to give them that personal, hands-on, good relationship and only you, the professional, can do that.
You know the steps so once again: brandon hardison partisans tips for beautiful rainy, thursday september 17th.

Here in atlanta, georgia, i hope you’re doing safe and well where you’re at and as always in parting, you go out and make .

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