Good morning to you, president champion strategies telling you that it is five o’clock and the am on the east coast, so it must be time for another hardison’s tip.

We do this for all of our brothers and sisters in the sales field, whether you’re in key account major account up and down the street and home sales, retail in general or automotive sales being specific.

So, while you’re getting dressed and getting onto work, let’s get right to it today i would like to talk about auto testing solutions that have been working for decades and here’s what i mean anyone who’s worked in sales know it can the highest highs or the lowest Lows dry spells are rough.
People can be difficult from time to time, and sometimes it doesn’t seem like there’s much rhyme or reason to why some months or bonanza months and others feel like a drought in some years of selling cars.

I’ve never found a specific formula for making every month perfect, but i have figured out a few secrets that make sales less stressful and yield better results than trying to force the process now keep in mind.
If you respect people make yourself a resource, how do i do that? Listen you’re not just convincing someone to buy you’re becoming a trusted partner with people, and they will rely on you for years and years to come.
If that relationship is built now these tips are industry and audience driven.

I believe that anyone can work through anything.
If there’s a relationship at many of the dealerships over the country that i have worked at, i’ve sold everything from reliable family car custom, jeeps and rare luxury finds that you don’t see that much over the world.
Now, keep in mind that you think it would be difficult to appeal to everyone from a buying a daughter situation for a dad or reversal or a luxury enthusiast that comes from another country.

But the truth is: when you stick to simple philosophies, everything will fall into place if we do not panic at the beginning.

Here’s what i’m specifically talking about too many salespeople, let age stand in the way this rules applies.

No matter how old you are, i don’t care if it’s a athlete, an entertainer somebody in your world that you think is the best of all, and you happen to be younger and in a sense, you’re telling them.

I will take the vehicle.
I don’t need to make any money.
It’s just been so great to be around you.

Do not waver! You are a professional, no matter what the age, if you’re young starting out, know your product be confident if you’re older don’t get too weak, you should understand how to get through the process with the smile by listening and giving the customer what they need see.
Sales range now from college grads to almost retirees who are starting over in another career and everything else in between most salespeople have had other careers at some point, whether you are a newbie or mature.

Don’t let your birth stand in your way, hard work, knowledge, ethics, reliability.

All these things are ageless they’re timeless.
You can succeed when you focus on these qualities and you execute them, make it about the customer, not about you, the customer.
Yes, you want to make a sale.

Yes, there’s been a lot of pressure on you to get more units out, but even through all of that, you need to make sure that when it’s time for you to engage with the guest, let me follow the steps of the process that were taught or laid Out or i researched or i found a professional online, listen to the video and i’m comfortable with it, but it’s the process in your mind, you’re thinking that the customer is just about price payment, they’re.
Looking at you, what do you bring as value representing this dealership? So we need to do these steps where the guest or the customer is going to pay attention to you as a professional, because they, like trust and respect your style, so many sales people and tend to sell they do long speeches.
They go into monologues with their product knowledge.

They talk about everything other than the car.
What the customer came in for remember.
Your clients came in to get knowledge, so they can feel comfortable about purchasing a unit and, if you’re, not listening, if you’re not taking notes, if you feel that, let me just push them into something and i’ll.

Let my boss work out the numbers, and so i can have a unit on the board.
It’s not going to work that way.

One you’re going to get a bad review, two you’re going to get a bad csi.

Three you’ll never see that customer again.
Now, real situation, you need to understand, every person is different.
It’s important to observe every situation and start listening use your instincts.

It’s obvious that when you have situations with more than one person, let’s say a husband and wife and a little one, that’s still at home and all of them of a driving age.
You need to be listening to all of them.
The reason being, i guarantee you there’s a back story in there and they will tell you how they want to preach, but you need to listen to understand how they want to purchase.

That’s what sales people don’t do and also before i go be patient.

Some sales require nurturing some people.
It is a big decision outside their home or condo, and five minutes 10 minutes one day may not do it now, i’m not saying it’s everyone, but every human being buys a certain way.

The sooner you as a salesperson can tap into how they buy, and the key secret to that is neuro-linguistic programming nlp how they take in information, how they learn better.
You can touch them on how they learn.
Now they will start listening to your professional advice, be relaxed, but make sure that you practice practice is the biggest thing that sales people for some reason are afraid to do.

And if you’re a manager out there practice with your people, have one-on-ones with your people, make sure you’re managing by walking around and listening and hearing what they’re saying what they’re doing or not doing then.
This whole thing of sales makes sense for both ends.
For the consumer, who gets what they want, because they’re going to purchase a car and to you the salesperson and the dealership, they get what they so brandon artisan hardison’s tip wanting you to know that today being wednesday, the september we do have our 12 p.

Live edition, where i send my students out to lunch and we give an opportunity for you to gain some knowledge from some of the best people that are out there, and today we have the coffee guys, those guys who talk about cars, but they do it with Coffee – and they are very, very informative, very funny and i guarantee you’ll walk away with some knowledge.

That’s today, 12 noon.
On the 16th being wednesday of september, partisans tips live, you be there and, as always in parting brandon artisan for hardison’s tip you go out and make it a champion.

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