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Eastern standard time, because it’s a another partisan tips exclusive.
Just for you good morning, i’m bryan hardison president of champion strategies with our heartaches tips.
For today now we know that we have our brothers and sisters out there doing major account key account up and down the street and home sales.

But what we want to focus in on today is our brothers and sisters that are in the automotive industry, especially those who made a career change.

You have some situations in other verticals, where people just can’t make it whether it’s in the food industry or some other industry and they’re looking to see if i can one make money, selling vehicles and two can i see this being a good career, chair change that Will help me increase what i’m looking for in the future for myself my family and my goals so yeah you can.

So i want to talk to the people that have just came on the business, maybe just out of orientation.

Maybe you haven’t started yet it’s a new month, so this is for the the the rookies.
If you will so.
My first thing to you is dress for success.

Well, they they give you the shirts from the manufacturer and, yes, they do all of that, but listen to what i’m saying if you look the part at a minimum dress according to most dealerships, it is dressed down with the shirts, but even more important for that Novice car salesperson, let’s think about being clean, pressed odorless, shoe shine a little light.
Perfume don’t get crazy, but like any other professional car sales person or woman, you will be accepted accordingly.
Nobody wants to do business with the car sales person that they look like they slept in their cold and smell, like an ashtray.

Common sense dictates this rookie car sales person.

So once again, customers buying you because you’re representing the dealership make sure that you’re ready to engage with the guests because it starts with you.
Second thing: your inventory: please do not wait for anybody to show you the inventory.

You know how to get up out of your chair: go out and physically walk the lot.
You’d be amazed that boy they try to keep all the models together, even in the trim lines they’re all together.
So all i would have to do is find some keys.

Let me drive each one of these and find out what the similarities and what the differences are see, because once you do this and you understand the inventory better and a customer comes back from a test drive and you ask them, how was it then they say: Didn’t have enough pickup didn’t have enough punch.
Well, it’s easy to go get another vehicle instead of that four cylinder.
Now it’s a six cylinder and it happens in no time because you know your inventory boy, that’s an easy one to manage.

Instead of saying something crazy.
Like well, all we have is the force because uh we have a couple but they’re in the back and the technicians haven’t gotten to find out how they enjoyed the ride.

If they tell you, there was something that was lacking.

Ask about their personal needs.
So if i’m hearing you right, ma’am, sir, you have no problem with the safety package.
You have no problem with the technology package.

If i’m hearing you right, we need to be looking at.
A six cylinder instead of a four cylinder is: is that right, sir ma’am find out get confirmation.
You know the inventory put them into that larger engine and still take them on a demo ride you’ll be amazed how customers will look at you as a professional product.

Knowledge goes without saying manufacturers in their own way.
Once you become on board, you’ll get inside manufacturer portal, you’ll get a password, and this is where you’ll learn your product testing.
Please make sure you take your tests.

Don’t have nobody take the test for you? Don’t you try to cheat the test yeah, you can pass and get certification, but you don’t know anything.

Unfortunately, product knowledge takes time and some folks want to short change that time, so they can get to the guest.
But when the guest asks you questions about something you should know you work for them, i i don’t uh, it looks bad when you have to start making excuses or say you don’t know versus having some knowledge now.

Are there going to be some guests who know more about that manufacturer than you answer’s? Yes, but they’re doing it sometimes to see if you walk down that rabbit hole and now you’re in a world of you know what people get annoyed with sales consultants that keep going back and forth to the manager.
When there’s a question asked about product knowledge, don’t need to do that and how about your contact management, your customer retention tool, where you keep all of the information about that guest? You were talking to what their needs wants, desires, their family members, their anniversaries.
Everything is kept there, because, once you learn how to maximize your crm, you now have real reasons to follow up, because i’m following up on one of your youngsters birthdays, i’m following up on your anniversary, i’m following up, because you told me that this quarter you’re going To be considered for a promotion follow up with real reasons, not just to be calling to say new hires have a lot to go through and many times they wonder.

Was this a good career change and the only thing that i can really say to you? You can have all the best intentions, but if this is truly a career change and you’re outside of your element, don’t, i repeat, don’t sit and wait for a manager to get you successful.
There’s a lot of information.

That’s on these boxes! If you go to the search engines that can help you out, there’s a lot of sales people, professionals who are giving out information – you just need to go, find some of them, but this is the best business that you can do for yourself and you got to Be a professional you got to be perceived as a person that will listen and solve the problem of that guest.

That pain, that pleasure point that they’re looking for, because you have the solution once again: brandon hardison for champion strategies.
It is first day of september so for all of those new people and the experienced ones.
I hope you had a great august now we go into a new month and don’t forget tomorrow.

The second we have hardison’s tips live at 12 noon, with our special guest noah walsh, all the way from the other side of the mississippi over there and we’re looking forward to seeing what’s going on in his part of the globe.

So that’s tomorrow, hardison’s tip 12 noon with our live guest, no walsh – and you don’t want to miss out on that so brandon hardison for champion strategies and hardison’s tips, as always in parting, go out and make the champion .

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