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Eastern standard time july, 23rd, 2020, brandon hardison, president of champion strategies for another edition of partisans tips.
I hope you’re around yesterday for our 12 o’clock live edition.
That happens every wednesday at 12 noon, a little lunch break and we give you someone who’s going to give you their insights from this part of the hemisphere.

So we’ve already visited people from louisiana from idaho, from florida, from long island and also from canada, giving their specif particular specifics on what they feel the industry could be, whether it is sales, finance or service.
So, let’s unpack it for today and see what we want to be talking about and as a reminder for many of you think about the consumer.
When it comes to the car buying process, would you believe that many times consumers feel because of their past buying habits and what happened to them in the past? They think the same thing is going to happen again and what do i mean the car salesman versus the car buyer? You walk into the showroom and if you can picture in your mind now in this corner, the seasoned car, professional salesperson and in this corner we have the car.

Buyer who’s never been to a dealership in four or five years.
So let the fun begin.
Of course.

That’s not the only thing that happens, but many customers still feel that way, so we’re still at a disadvantage in order to do a successful job having to defuse that type of understanding.
We need to build some rapport, earn some trust and if you work for a reputable organization, please use those value skills about who you are and what you’re about.

Even if we’re on a customer on the phone or responding to an email because they saw something on the internet, they still have this divisive car salesman, car buyer in their head.

Even though you were on the phone now they have arrived.
So obviously our reputation is not as good as what people think in some areas as a whole.
We do a tremendous job, but let me explain: every car dealership does not feel that way.

It’s like a family reunion and many of the people under that umbrella.
Our family, whether they’re independent, whether they represent a manufacturer to the consumer, it’s a car dealership, so you take away the sales taxes you take away the state taxes you take away, all the documentation fees.

All of that dealerships still say we need to make a profit, but in order to do this from the consumer make that profit we got ta, try change the thinking of the car salesman.
That attitude when the customer comes in.
So here’s just some things to think about.

Are you understanding to the consumer? Are you really listening to their side of view and what they’re trying to do nothing wrong with switching nothing wrong with adding a certain package, nothing wrong with if they came in for new and they leave out with a certified pre-owned? But you have to get on their side of the desk and really listen put yourself in their place.
If you were at a dealership getting ready to invest in this and many still feel outside the home of the condo, it will be the next largest expense to deal with so switch sides.
How would you like to be treated if you were at a dealership? Other thing to think about tell them what to expect.

Would you believe many sales people try to push a customer into a pricing situation presenting the numbers if you will and no one likes to be pushed think about when middle school and high school and the lunch line go out to a concert or something and somebody’s Pushing you from the rear, it’s not a good feeling.

Why don’t you explain to the customer? This is our process.
Here’s what’s going to happen next and here’s why we do it? No no surprises from the customer side of you always use documentation whenever possible to validate.

Even if it’s pre-printed, you still have your validation in front of you.
That’s why we have so many third-party sites that are great when it comes to documentation that is out there and please never, i repeat, never bad-mouth the competition, you don’t know who’s on the other side of the desk and their friends and family.

They may work for the competition, so we never do that.

My favorite way is to drop their defenses is really understanding who they are, and what do i mean by that treat them like family? No family members you like, but treat them like treat them like family.
In other words, give them the same experience give them that same love and attention that you would to any family member.
They know being the consumer what they want and how they would like to go about it.

Your job as a professional is to guide them through the process, so we don’t want to have this battle.

Car salesman versus a car buyer’s attitude with the defenses up.

Let’s just remember some of these lighter humanistic things that we need to do when purchasing a vehicle.

I guarantee, if you can master these things, your customers will have the best experience.
That’s out there once again, brandon hardison for champion strategies a little bit of hardison’s tips for the morning.
I know you’re trying to get going on the road, as always in parting, going out there and making a champion day.

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