Good morning to you, it must be five a.

On the east coast, my name is brandon hardison, because it’s time for another edition of hardison’s tips.
First of all, i’d like to thank my guest yesterday, mr richie bellow, talking about lead generation and some of the other things that are coming out with technology in our industry moving forward.
But today we want to look at beginning sales, people, not automotive, more for the ones that have been in the world of key account major account up and down the street different strategies than people coming to you, which happens at a brick and mortar, even though, with Covet we’re finally using the technology to get them out, but for those who have to go out and find the old traditional way of how do we cold call go through warm calls, networking whatever it may be? But if you’re thinking about doing this – and i’m talking to sarah who sent me this email – here’s just some tips for that first strategy – i would entitle date.

First, you see that the first tip that i’m going to give you belongs to that over all thing called relationship building.
I want you to think that using a dating metaphor, as an analogy begins, it’s fun.
It’s easy to understand.

You know that you’re out trying to find a date and you wouldn’t just walk up to anyone.

You find a way to start conversations with people that are hopefully in like mine, like you well, why wouldn’t you do the same thing when it comes to business? The amazing thing about it is that the more people we talk to it’s a numbers game, the more of these people that fit into our relationship factor will come out.
But that means going through numbers, people, hate rejection and after a few times they shut down in sales.

It’s a conversation we’re talking as we’re talking either.
I know i can move forward with what i’m trying to do with my business or let this be.
As a conversation, because there’s no way that it’s going to work second thing: sarah, how about believing in you? Yes with hearing so many no’s, the human body and mind, starts to shut down.

In other words, i cannot take people continuing to say no to what i’m trying to present it’s a business.
It’s numbers believe me, the more people that you talk to the more people that you send emails out to the more folks that you cold call warm call see in the grocery store.

You need to be telling your story all the time and as an entrepreneur you’ll.

Finally, get to where you need to be no objections, people who are looking to start a new business work for a new company; they have exceptions, in other words, they’re talking like they’re employees again and not really an entrepreneur.
Here’s what i mean i punch in at nine, i leave at five.
I stop talking, no matter what you’re doing whether you’re going shopping, whether you’re going out with some friends whether you’re going to a religious order, whether you’re going to some social event.

If there are people around, you need to be telling your story.
Sales is a numbers game, the more we had on our side of the pipeline.

I guarantee it.

These are potential clients or they know someone who could use your product and services next thing.
I would say to you is: please, listen tips are out there all kinds of ways to get people to listen and the reason being is that not just in sales but in relationships in general people just don’t like to listen.

We like to talk, but we don’t like to listen.

If you listen to what someone says you can really tune in if your product or services is worthy for them, plus by asking questions, good high gain questions, here’s what they’re telling you how they live their lives, because most people don’t change unless something really upset in Their life, someone passed, someone left them some money.
Someone gave them a raise, but other than that they’re pretty much the same so by you.

Listening you’ll hear some pain.
If they’re a decision maker you’ll hear some pleasure points that they’re hoping for if they hit their numbers on the next quarter, that’s where you want to interject yourself.
But listening is a tough thing for anyone to do, but here’s the secret that most people fail to understand about listening, asking questions taking copious notes once the conversation is finished, whether it was five minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes.

Do you recap, do you recap everything? You said with that person, if you’re, not recapping, they’re thinking that you heard one thing you are writing down, taking notes of what you thought, why would you leave the table not confirming and agreeing on what your product and service can do for them recap.
Thank you for these past 10 minutes.
I have a better idea of what your needs wants and desires are, but let me make sure i am having a good morning.

Did i hear you say that you had to have? Did i hear you say two things happen.
It shows the customer potential customer that you’re listening and second, if there is some changes, they can let you know well, no, here’s what i really meant, because the first one didn’t make sense, and i thought about it, make the adjustments repeat it again and now find That product or offer that service that can fit into their work once again, brad and artisan president of champion strategies with a little hardison’s tips for a beautiful october october, the 8th you get dressed, you stay positive, you get out there and feed yourself and always remember You go out and make it a champion.

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