Encourage Customers to Buy Your Product Using Delight

Do NOT Be Pushy

It can be difficult to resist the urge to ‘help the sale along’ when your quota deadline is fast approaching. However, pushiness makes most prospects uncomfortable and defensive, and that’s just in their general, day-to-day lives. Their reactions are even worse when it’s a salesperson who is being pushy to them. Pushiness does not encourage customers to buy your product. “It’s a frequent problem and happens when we stop listening to our prospects and instead start listening to our own internal dialogue which often looks something like, ‘I already know what they need, and I think they need this product or service,’” says Tyre.

Successful sales only happen when you listen to your prospects throughout the entire sales process. Sometimes, you must let them have a say in the sales pace. There’s a reason sales reps are known for being pushy: Many are. Delight your prospects by letting them set the pace of the sales process. Do that, and they’ll look at your product in a more favorable light.

Personalize Your Service Together

Personalizing your sales meetings is the ultimate way to encourage customers to buy your product. If you are struggling to come up with a plan, you can take all the guesswork out of crafting your personalization efforts by simply saying, “We are going to be working together over the next few months. How can I make it easy for you?” says Tyre. The prospect will be happy you asked outright. And you will know that your outreach from that point is exactly what this particular customers wants from you.

Offer Insight Based on Experience

The more you discuss your product or service with your prospect, the more you will notice that the questions they have for you tend to revolve around particular hesitancies. When this happens, be honest with them. To encourage customers to buy your product, you need to talk with your prospects about your current clients from the same industry who were worried about the same things. Even if some of your clients’ worries turned out to be true, explain what happened, how you fixed it, and what you learned from the situation to take preventative measures going forward. Having experience under your belt will give your prospects a greater sense of comfort working with you in the future. Make It A Champion Day

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