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m on the east coast, because it’s time for another edition of heartaches tips for this tuesday october, the 13th of 2020 – and we have something for you today.
But we’re going to go right to it because you’re trying to get to work, but i had an email from another client and we do thank you for your email, asking about sales being teachable.
This professor, in our local area, sent me this email and see if you could tie the two together.

So let’s try.
It’s always fun.
You see.

Traditionally, higher learning institutions in the united states have been resistance to teaching sales as part of a curriculum, but as late as 2007, there were only 44 colleges and universities that had some sort of sales program.
Major minor emphasis on a certificate, but part of this was due to commonly held beliefs that success in sales is a personality trait, not a teachable skill.
How often have you heard the phrase born salesman? Well, while it’s true, like any other skill, some people are more natural, adapt at sales than others.

Sales are absolutely teachable with a proper curriculum and program.

Thankfully, this outdated view of sales education is changing rapidly.
As graduates enter the job market, they are realizing how many opportunities there are in sales and educational leaders are coming around to my thinking and embracing sales education.

In fact, this past 2013 there were a hundred colleges and universities with sales programs, a 250 percent increase in just six years, and the next tally of sales education programs conducted by depaul university and set to be released very soon.
There will be more than 150 institutions, so over the years i’ve learned a lot about what it takes to succeed in sales getting involved.
This is something i tell my students every day the people who are successful after they leave school or not are necessarily the ones with the highest grades.

It’s the students who got the most out of the four years at the university, the activities, the clubs, the organizations you get involved with outside in the community.

What did you do as important to improve yourself not only in the classroom but out into the community? You have to think of this.

I have to get practical experience.

We tell every student who wants to go into sales that they need some practical experience before they leave high school or college.
That experience could come in the form of internships getting involved in the sales center or getting a job with a company that you’re already working with like the school.
These activities will set you apart as a job candidate and convince prospective employers that you can hit the ground running without a whole lot of extensive training, sometimes that’s extremely important to companies.

Today we can learn to be a problem.
Solver sales are evolving.
It’s not just about going to selling products and services.

Today’s sales professionals need to think.
Like a doctor, you see when you go to see a doctor.
The first thing they do is start asking your questions to figure out what’s wrong with.

You then give one of the best solutions to your problem.
That’s what today’s salesperson needs to be doing with their clients.

It’s about building relationship, asking the right questions.

Providing solutions be able to handle rejection in any sales job you’re going to get rejected far more often than you’re going to get a sale, so you must learn to deal with rejection and not take it personally.

Customer service is everything i cannot emphasize enough.
How important good responsive customer service is to effective sales strategy.

That’s how you can earn the lifetime commitment from that customer, and we’ve heard that word before and please take advantage of technology.
Here’s one area in which students are far more advanced than the people in my age bracket.

New technologies are developing as rapid as it can.

If utilized correctly, this can be a huge advantage when it comes to prospecting.

A lot of companies have learned effective ways to use their crm customer retention, management tools, software and websites together as a powerful prospecting tools.

But if you learn these things in school networking how to find ways of getting to the right decision makers, all these things will help out in your growth career in sales.

It’s a great profession to be in.
Yes, it’s not for everyone, but if we start them, young teach them the basics.
They have a great foundation to treat you the consumer.

The way you want to be treated once again, brad and artisan president of champion strategies with hardison’s tips for tuesday october 13th of 2020.

So you folks going out there and making a champion day.

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