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Eastern standard time, on this beautiful monday november, the 9th of 2020, i’m brandon hardison for today’s hardest tip for sales people.
We do this for key account major account up and down the street retail in home and audible sales, so you’re trying to get ready to hit the week off running.
So, let’s get to it we’re going to the automotive industry because we’re at this time of year, where they’re going to need people as they close out the year.

So how do you become a good vehicle? Salesperson first thing, i would say is remember names.
Yes, we don’t pass names, we don’t give names it’s hard for some of us to understand that the heart is pounding and we’re just trying to find a way to settle ourselves down.
So the customers don’t see that we’re not that confident.

Well, what is so hard about still using a small pad and writing their name or names down of the people that are in front of you and using those names after you ask them how they would like to be addressed, for example, if they just give you A first name ask for the second name, if they just give you the second name, ask for the first name after you have the first and last name, then just simply ask: how would you like to be addressed and they’ll tell you and then continue to use That, throughout your time with the guest, you need to also be asking some high gain questions.
Some good questions, not just some filler questions that you can get from anywhere remember.
This is a person that may be another potential repeat customer or for real they’re, going to tell their family members their friends their colleagues at work where they purchased their vehicle.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that they say my sales consultant was very knowledgeable, articulate helpful.
Well, we can only do this through the right questions once we know what their particular needs wants and values are, then we can start drilling down to the right and the one thing after you finish asking questions.
Do you recap? In other words, do you let the guest know that you were listening? In other words, mr customer, i know we’re having a great time here.

You came in to look at a vehicle.
Let me see if i’m having a good day, you said that you were looking for this technology package, because you said you had to have the safety statute, because on the last vehicle the safety package did not have ask the questions.
Do a follow-up and one of the biggest things – and i don’t know why sales people are in such a hurry to get to a vehicle.

They will one either lose control right at the beginning, when the prospect pulls out their phone and says.
I want to see this vehicle stock number one.
Two, three, four everything stops.

We go get the vehicle.
What is so hard about sitting the customer down and building a little bit of rapport.

Remember they’re buying value from you.

Hopefully, your dealership has a solid brand name in the community, and all you are is an extension of that organization.

So, by building rapport asking some things of what is going to be happening after they buy the vehicle, what do they do for recreation? What do they do for occupation? How many members of the family are there? These are the things that really brings down that wall because of instead of this investigation, it’s more of a conversation not saying that an investigation is wrong, but to many it turns into an interrogation.

That’s why we just want to come in as a conversation.

Also, listen twice as much as you talk verbal and non-verbal communications.

Customers will tell you what their body language with their tonality with the change of the tonality, whether they’re by themselves, whether they’re, with the significant other of their little ones, they’ll.
Let you know what’s going on, remember they came in to purchase a vehicle.

Your job is to show value and confidence and walk them through the process, we’re not pushing them to a sale, we’re giving them the information and knowledge.
So they can make an informed decision.
If you can do these basic little things, each and every time that you’re, with a are already above most of the people who claim to be professional salespeople, because i guarantee you some of the things we just talked about, they do not do names, they do not Do asking high gain questions? They do not do building rapport, they do not do listening.

They do not do so.
Keep that in mind the next time you’re with the guest.

Now i know you’re trying to get going.

You go out there and you make it a champion day and i will see you on the next round.
Remember it’s monday and it’s not the 15th.
So if you have a fast start bonus at your store, let’s start driving it.

So we can pick up that additional money.

Remember, the holidays are coming and we can always use some additional income.

As always in parting, you go .

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