Good morning to you, it must be 5 a.

m in the morning on a beautiful november fall day here around the united states, and it is a thursday, so 11 5 is here.
The elections are over.
Now, let’s concentrate on what we need to do getting prepared for the end of the week for those people in retail, especially automobiles.

Let’s get prepared for saturday’s business for those folks that are key account major account, hey, let’s make sure we can get to one of these decision makers, or maybe you found a way to get them all in.

Let’s get the information, so we can keep the ball moving, maybe set up the time for the presentation with the leaders.
So what we try to do is give you some tips, some things that probably can help you along the way, and we do it for different brothers and sisters in different verticals, whether it’s major account key account up and down the street in home sales, retail sales.

Automobile sales, we want to help all of you so today quickly want to talk about five things that sales people waste time on.
I’ve been doing this for a while and if you’re a manager or a supervisor or you’re leading people, maybe you’ve gone through that same frustration before or maybe you’re going through it right now, but sales people do waste time if we let them so.
My question is: how do people waste time at your workplace uh? Maybe they scroll through social media or do some online shopping in the middle of the workday or maybe it seems like you’re always having cake for somebody’s birthday? Or maybe you just don’t, have any meetings? You’re, just a person that seems to be here we’re paying you, but what is your worth besides, showing up talking to people having fun playing games? Where’s the work i have a friend who works in an office that has a video game.

That’s right in their office of video game room, a club for people who like to play board games, which frequently happens in the middle of the workday and even a good old cakester on site, in other words, alcohol.
I imagine that plenty of time goes away.
If you keep yourself busy playing games and drinking, but your sales teams would probably tell you that they waste a lot of time on stupid paperwork.

They hate entering things into the crn.

They don’t like the regular quarterly training much better than that.

But the truth is that’s a lot of advice.

These are a lot of activities that were thought about and planned for you, the sales people and doing these things are either looked upon as a waste of a time or are we engaged in our goals and our dreams for our career have fun, get ready for The future, so here are five examples of ways that i say that waste time stay away from them move on, because you want to reach your goals and dreams, one’s chasing prospects that don’t buy many sales.
People simply can’t accept the fact that some people just don’t want what you’re offering cut it short move on math sales they’re the same.
It’s a numbers game eventually, you’ll find out that i’m gon na have to tweak something, because in its current format, this is not working, because i’m not making any sales want to know check all of your prospects in the previous pass and find out.

If that word track that you’re using find out if the same managers are there, i guess what i’m saying nothing’s going to change.
If everybody’s comfortable in that format, you need to find a way to break that mode and get them out of that identity.

People love to go back and forth, weighing the pros and cons the hemming and the hawing.
If i have to communicate with someone trying to get an appointment or maybe we’re trying to sell them over the phone, whether it’s digitally that’s up to you.
But we have no emotional energy, that’s what a lot of focus groups say they come across so boring so dry.

I’m not even excited about purchasing anything that you have be very cognizant of that now with modern technology.

That’s here how much easier to can we make it for you to communicate with the consumer, and even if we don’t want to wait for a phone call back boy shoot some videos 15 seconds 30 seconds, send them an email.
Do do some things where you’re going to spark some interest, also trying to sell more to an existing customer.

Now they’ve already been up, sold, they’ve already found your product, you’ve beaten them up, your managers beaten them up, and now you send them somewhere else to be get hit for a third time, there’s only so much upselling, you can give a customer, and they only want These things because they can find needs in it or they just want to get out of there, how about attempting to retain customers.

Oh that’s a very sore spot because there’s something called a buying cycle customers see something they research it.
They may evaluate it, but eventually they’ll pay for it and they’re out of the cycle means you’re out of the cycle too.

Unless you made it such a great impression that the customer will remember you because you’ve done some things said some things that are different and when you do your follow-up, you have a real reason to follow up with them.
Besides just saying how’s the vehicle.
Let’s talk about the vehicle, maybe there’s something about that person, their lifestyle, their job, their kids, their kids, involvement with sports or schools, their wife.

Those are the things we follow up with.

We have to be a professional in this business.
So with that said, here’s the last one i’ll leave you for for today, where salespeople fall, short planning and forecasting.

Yes, i’ll say it again for all the managers that may be listening out there, planning and forecasting.
In other words, are your people showing up to work to wait or are they showing up to work with a plan? That’s up to you, mr manager, miss manager? What are you allowing them to do? I know you’re behind the desk, doing the best thing that you can but remember.
Half your job is getting your people successful, so they can reach their goals and dreams and their family is happy by not managing by walking around by not managing by having daily one-on-ones.

By not managing by doing short little training sessions, if i’m young, employee and you’re my boss – and i interviewed with you – and you told me all these great things that are going to happen and you’re going to help me get there and i’m not seeing it.
Why be so surprised when you find out that that person’s resigning, or they didn’t even give you the time of the day they just left? I call that firing you, because you went from jacqueline hyde from the interview and now they’re on board and now they’re working under you and what you told them about your success, probably and how you make people successful.

They just can’t see it, it’s not working.

So i guess what i’m saying to you on this thursday be careful if you’re going to work, i don’t care if it’s major account key account up and down the street in home retail automotive.
Come in with a plan work that plan, you need to start thinking more about an entrepreneur attitude.
If you are dealing with vehicles, someone has given you all of the opportunities and the product to operate.

How are you going to tell your story? We don’t care how you sell it.
You don’t have to have the people come to the brick and mortar.

You can go to them their home, their office, their recreational activities.

You can go there and get a vehicle done, but we need you to meet us halfway by using your creative tire, tip and i’ll leave it.
With this, a great gentleman once said: here’s the rules of man, here’s the rules of god.
Everything else in between is creativity, so, if you’re a manager listening, what are you allowing your people to do with their creative and concepts? Are they following the old stagnant? You have nothing to do, go inside the internet or bdc and make some phone calls.

Or are you allowing them to use their creative input for the greater good of the organization by them going out to another organization and let’s find a way in this community that we can make it better by partnering on something that we agree to the sales people? Don’t have to have the answers.
They just need to know that that other organization sees value in working with your company, we’ll come up with a solution of how we can work together, whether it’s supporting the american red cross or the children’s health care.
We’ll come up with that.

But can you see the power of our two organizations working together? I would love to see more managers allow your sales people to do that.
They’re, going to see the success once again.
Brandon hardison, with hardison’s tips on this beautiful thursday, 11 5.

This year is about, but you go out there and make it a champion day, be safe, stay healthy and we’ll see you on the next .

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