Good morning to you, it must be 5 a.

Eastern standard time on a beautiful wednesday november, the 4th the election is finally behind us.
We as salespeople need to gear down for the last two months of the year, a lot of money to be made a lot of bonuses to pick up from all of your work during this corona virus in the beginning.
So, whether you’re outside inside major account up and down the street in home, no matter what retail automotive, let’s get to it because you have to get to work, so my tips for today was going to deal with car sales people uh.

This is the time of year where we get a lot of opportunity to line our pockets, but our processes, our internal way of communicating, are being air, quotes, scared or an order taker.
All these things start to shine because you’re trying to drive home those numbers so just a couple of tips.

Every car buyer is different.

Please keep in mind that no matter who you are trying to sell that all and different background product, you still need to be different.
No two card deals are the different, so why would you think that it wouldn’t be the same for a car sales person find a way to be the best that you can so when you engage with the guests they’re, seeing you different than those other sales people That they’ve been viewing or talking to or on zoom with people need to have cars because they have to buy things and many times in today’s world.

Vehicles are the only way, because i do not want to rent things.

So here’s what you need to keep in mind, no matter what customers say to you at the beginning of the engagement.

Besides welcome to the dealership.
They don’t come to your showroom to waste a few hours.

They came to buy a vehicle and it’s your job to sell them a vehicle by determining their buying triggers and satisfying their needs, while making the use of the car sales techniques and training that your manager or some coach gave you.

This is one of the most difficult tips that sales people often forget when they’re working with clients another one, we have all heard of the term buyers or liars well, the customer uses the same line when it comes to us sales.
People are liars.

What can we do to take that stigma away? Transparency, transparency, ask good high gain questions, take copious notes unless you can stroke straight into your crm and the biggest thing that sales people do not do after you have your eight minute ten minute.
Whatever minute conversation, are you recapping with the guests about their needs once and desires? Mr customer, thank you for that opportunity.
I think i have a better idea of what your wants are, but let me see if i’m having a good tuesday, you said not me.

You said you had to have this technology package because of here’s where that liar comes in, because you just asked two or three questions got up and left and the customer never had a chance to give their input.
Please be careful of that.
Never lie to a customer one of the things that i’ve always hated.

Is that hey, you know what i don’t have the answer when we get back to the dealership i’ll find out for you well, why can’t we just say, mr customer, i have a device for technology.
You have a device of technology.
I know what my last meeting.

I know what my last test the last time i was on the oem system, but can you bring up and why don’t you make it into a learning exposition together with the guest, don’t have to lie to them? Remember, potential car buyers will ask you what seems to be some senseless questions to you, but your first reaction should speed that i’m smiling.

I’m writing it down and i’m going to come up some questions about what happens if you cannot get a b or c or in a ranking order.
Now that we have your needs, wants and desires what’s most imperative.

First, second, third, what can you live without? What are the must haves find a way to work with the customer that they can see that you are really being helpful, not just an order taker and don’t bad mouth other dealers, i don’t know over my lifetime.
We want to bad mouth dealers.
Other companies – you don’t know the people across from you – maybe a family member works for that organization or a close friend or a co-worker, never bad mouth.

Anyone, while you’re engaged with someone trying to sell your product and services.

That is ludicrous.
Another thing we need to actually dress somewhat.

Like the part now i know things have changed, there’s not the three-piece suit, the ties and the boutonnieres and all of that but come on.
You must have something better in your closet to wear and if it is one of your manufacturers, garbs shoes, shirts, pants, make sure they’re neat clean presentable.
You got an iron, take it to the cleaners but be ready to play.

Remember you’re, representing the ownership of that dealership product knowledge is always key i’ll just leave that alone and please don’t fall into the negative habits of those other sales people that are not successful.
I said that not successful at your dealership.
They are lazy.

We need to get rid of them.
If i was your manager, they would be gone if people are not there to help each other in team solution selling on how to get better.
You need to go off by yourself and stay on your goals and dreams.

In other words, if someone doesn’t want to role play as you’re going through the negotiation as you’re going through the walk around as they can be there as a guest as you’re going through questioning i’m going to stay away from you, because there’s no way you can Help me improve, so i can help my quality of life.
Keep in mind that the car buyer smells desperation.

Yes, you don’t mean you, don’t think you’re giving off those vibes, but they can tell that you’re desperate and when you do crazy things that the negotiation like customer will take car at this price.

Sign this initial, this, mr customer i’ll, take it to my boss, weak crazy, unprofessional ways of dealing with guests.
Now, just like i’m saying this to you, they’re going to read some content or have read some content about it and they’re going to pigeonhole.
You they’re going to stereotype you, but all of us in the automotive family are going to suffer because they’re going to say all automotive sales.

People must be the same way and we’re not find a way to reach your goals.
What is the best way to do? It make sure you follow a process consistently 100 of the time, so there’s no glares there’s no errors.
The key is seeing you adding value as they’re trying to explore their needs.

Their wants their desires they’re going to buy from someone shouldn’t it.
Be you we’ll do something different say something different.

Look, different and you’ll have that opportunity once again brandon artisans for hardison’s tips on a beautiful beautiful day? It is wednesday november the 4th of 2020.

It’s been a tough year, i know gang but we’re getting through it and it’s only going to get better, as always in parting.
Please remember, go on out and have a champion day.

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