Good morning to you, it must be 5 a.

On monday november, the 23rd of 2020, because it’s time for a daily dose of artisans tips, i’m your host brandon hardison, and we do this for all of ourselves.

Brothers and sisters, no matter what vertical you’re in so not to just get to it.
Because you want to end this short three day week, so you can do what you want to do for thanksgiving.

I can appreciate that, so i have something i want to give to you in a couple of parts, and that is for all of us selling.
In a covered 19 world, a month ago, we were cranking out, calls traveling the meetings, clients shaking hands with colleagues, and then the epidemic hit us now we’re facing dramatic changes that we’ve never experienced before and all.
Joking aside, this is something new for anyone.

Who’s on this planet never ran into anything like this.

Are there things that have come close from our history and from the time of being on covet? Yes, you do know that around world war, one near the end of 1918, there was an epidemic that hit the world at world war one now over the past week, our team has been gathering information and we’ve seen a dramatic increase in customers asking for guidance on How to adapt their existing strategy to accommodate a global pandemic and a struggling economy? Now there are some things that we can put in place and look at, especially for you major account and key account.

The value you provided yesterday might be irrelevant for today’s situation.

Re-Evaluate your content, collaborate don’t pitch, and these are to the clients that you have long standing with.
Don’t lose your low hanging fruit, and what does this all mean? If i can try to do this? Well, we need to learn from our past the value that you provided yesterday might be irrelevant, and here’s why i say that part of our job in sales has always been putting together ourselves in the buyer’s shoes, as they’re still on the other side of the desk.
Now that is still true today, but i want you to ask yourself: have you had your prospects priorities change in the last 30 days, seven days or even this morning? Are they facing more risk or a sudden opportunity, your content most likely reference, a value proposition where the fastest in the industry, or why buy now, statements that won’t really resonate with your prospects today, the value you provide yesterday might be totally irrelevant on how the message Of the value that that organization wants to send out today, that’s your job to reach out stay in contact with your people and, let’s find out, what’s in their world as business, how about sales and marketing we need to update our value proposition if your prospects business Focuses on change, you will want to reflect that and your persona messages targeting now, if you don’t know sit down with your customers, sit down with their marketing, let’s find out what this new strategy that they want to be, in other words, instead of just being the Suit guy roll, your sleeves up get involved, act like you really want them to succeed and, with your knowledge base of what you bring in, we can do that.

Your customers are thinking all types of new ways of how to just keep the doors open and they’re.
Hearing everything from analytics to intelligence to anything with these technical terms, and many of them are a little skeptical, especially right now.
Don’t automatically write off entire industries but, for example, selling into restaurants may be difficult right now.

But if i were to go to a brick and mortar and a manufacturing, maybe there’s something that they’re still doing that they could use my services.

So i fire you to put together a quick little recap revisit all your clients.
Hopefully, you have them characterized by what you’re selling and offering them and let’s try to find a way that those relationships are still there and how we can still dig for new customers.

This can be done, but we need to start thinking a little bit differently.
In other words, what are the roles priorities in someone’s day before the covet hit versus now? You know what they’re going through.
You know what they need.

You know what you need to come in with, if you’re still trying to be a partner and keep a relationship.
The top two critical issues in preventing leaders from achieving any adjusted priorities is the rhetoric they go to sit in meetings on zooms and they’re.
Hearing the same thing, what can you do as a true vendor partner break through all of that and give them what they need: transparency and honesty and two to three insights from your current customers about their plans to address similar issues? In other words, we need to start tapping into our players, people that we have the best relationships with and learn from them, because i guarantee you what they are doing.

We can offer it maybe on a smaller scale, to some of our other clients that are out there once again, brandon hardison, spokesperson for good old public speaking as we give this to you as much as we can, along with our heartaches tips for today.

So you keep watching we’ll keep giving you some new different information.

I’ll give you this second part of this covet on the next video.

So as always imparting on this beautiful monday november 23rd of 2020.
We will never see it again so get on out and you make it a champion day.

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