Good morning to you, it must be five o’clock eastern standard time somewhere this beautiful thursday, the 25th day of march, because it’s time for another hardison’s tip, i’m your host, braden hardison and what we do for all of our brothers and sisters in sales.

Whether it’s major account key account up and down the street in-home sales, retail or automotive sales is giving you something that you can wake up with and run with, so you have to get going.
The month is winding down.
So let’s get started on the previous video.

I talked about the introduction of how to sell more to your existing accounts.

Why go out trying to find others, and you have gold right there if we do the right thing so picking up on that be pro active, we can’t tell you how many times one of our clients have shared a story with us about how the competition in Writes under their nose did not take advantage of what they saw so just remember the best targets to market to your own consumers is your ability to be in constant contact, didn’t say, face to face email them.
Some ideas, remember what you heard from the last meeting.

This is how we can close the gaps many times service is a thing and they’re worrying about how the service works.
Hey do a team solution webinar with yourself and the service manager know the full suite of products and services that you offer.

Sometimes sellers know what they sell and sell what they know too often, individual sellers know too little about the company’s full set of products and services uncover that you may find a hidden gem in there now.

This doesn’t mean that you know the ins and outs of every product and that’s why i said earlier bring someone from your team that can handle that other side.
This is what we call team solution selling.
Then we have to implement implement a process.

If you will success with growing accounts requires process.
If you don’t have a process in place for the growing accounts, then there’s no reason for you to be in front of them.

In my own research, i found that having an effective strategic account management process with one of the top challengers faced by average and below average performances.

In fact, there was a 2.
7 multiple, more likely than higher percentages to report as a challenge.
So in general, all we’re saying is that with your existing accounts, it’s a warm call, not a cold call, and maybe you need to get another department if you’re working with someone in the office, how can someone in the office introduce you and what your company offers To someone in sales, someone in service someone in marketing someone on the digital team, but it takes for you to look and understand about that whole company that you’re in front of right now, once again bright and artisan president champion strategies with our ongoing series with hardison’s Tips on this beautiful thursday, the 25th of march and as always in party you go out and you make it a champion day.

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