Good morning to you, it must be 5 a.

Eastern standard time on this beautiful wednesday, the 24th day of march of 2020, because it’s time for another edition of harnesson’s tips, hi, i’m your host brandon hardison, where we respect and trust all of our sales professionals, whether they’re major count key account up and down the Street in home sales, retail sales or automotive sales, so i know you want to get to it.
So, let’s get in while you’re getting dressed drinking that coffee, so you can get going today.
I would like for you to think about how can i sell more to existing accounts? These are four brothers and sisters that have those major accounts.

One of the biggest untapped opportunities to increase sales and profit is growing.
Your own existing accounts consider this by retaining current customers is six to seven times less costly than acquiring new ones.
Also repeat, customers on average spend 67 percent.

More 60 percent of companies believe that they should be generating 25 percent of more revenue from this strategic partnership.

The question is: if you should be selling more to your current base, why aren’t we doing that? And here’s just a few things that i just want you to think about before you go out the door select the right accounts out of all of your databases, and i guarantee you can find certain ones in there that you know the relationship is so strong that You have an opportunity for growth.

With that one account.

You can even ask customers if they would like to engage in a more strategic relationship with your company.

In my experience, most buyers respect positivity when approached with an idea, and it becomes more likely to entertain additional conversations on the subject.

How about knowing your customers, business and their strategic agenda, whomever your contact or contacts at that account.

They know what’s their three-year five-year goals and how they want to achieve it.
Sellers and account managers, often say many times over my career with it.

We know our account business very well, but when press, they often have a long way to go when it comes to strategically planning for a two three year.

Relationship assist them get involved with more of the other department heads.

Even if you have to bring someone else in that meeting, we call that team solution selling how about strategic intergration, in other words, serious accounts that are out there that are trying to struggle, because they don’t have the right people in all departments.
You can be a player how about sitting down with each department head in that account.

You know what the procurement officer told you, or the selling manager told you.
Let’s find a way of bringing this all together with some thoughts, some ideas and perspectives, and i guarantee you when you come together with all of them.

Those account managers representing those stores will say this is why we’re partnering with you.

We love your organization, but you took the extra time to help us out in the long run once again, brandon artisan president of champion strategies with another edition of partisans tips on this beautiful wednesday, the 24th day of march and as always in parting, you go out And you make it a champion day: .

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