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Eastern standard time on this beautiful thursday march, the 18th, because it’s time for another partisan’s tip, i’m your host brandon hardison, and we do this for all of our brothers and sisters that are in the sales vertical.
Whether it’s major account key account up and down the street in-home sales, retail or automotive sales, so you’re trying to get ready to have a good thursday.
So, let’s get right to it today for the people that are in the automotive industry, we want to give you some selling strategies to try for this year.

You see the move toward customer centricity in the automotive industry is already well underway, but there are still plenty of opportunities for continued innovation, for example, enabling and empowering customers to start the buying process online or schedule an in-store visit which can help establish a mutual relationship.
Early in the consumer’s journey, ultimately, it comes down to meeting customers where there are, and rather than pushing them to an outcome that you’re hoping for.
We want to hold their hand and guide them through the process.

So when you ask high gain questions to a prospect, you should look to answer some of these key questions.

What are they looking for and why? What features are must-haves versus niche nice to have, and why can they afford your product or service and if not, why? What other options or dealerships are they considering and once again we need to ask why you see starting to see a pattern deliberately of what i was doing.
It’s you, the sales person that needs to be asking high gain questions, so the customer will have an opportunity to analyze speculate.

Think about what you just said, because they’ve been to another dealership and they didn’t have a professional across from them.

During this q, a high gain question needs assessment.
Everybody calls it something different in every area, so being an empathetic automobile professional is all about figuring out the.

Why and taking steps to address those key points or the pains that they’re coming in with their current vehicle? By doing this, you may be able to figure out if the customers are ready to take the next step or if they need more time to think through the options.

Understand your customer circumstances and motivations will bring you a lot closer, not just a sale but we’re looking for a lifelong customer, be on the customer’s side.
Too many sales people want to fight, especially when it comes to product knowledge.

Consumers are very knowledgeable.
Don’t lie fall on your sword, let the customer win, in other words, wow you’re, the first person that came on the lot this week and knew those specs.

Until now, we’ve largely focused on the car selling strategies that has wide appeal and we can apply it.

So it may be useful to offer at least one technique for a specialized case.

Today’s car buyers will have near limitless information at their fingertips, allowing them to develop a detailed game plan before even setting foot into your brick and mortar dealership.
These high intent, high informed customers already know what they’re looking for, and they already know how much they’re willing to pay so which can be more difficult to the negotiation process.

So, in any scenario that you can create, it’s often more effective to act as a single post of the path to the purchaser, rather than an enthusiastic tour guide.

While you may be tempted to flex your automotive expertise, it’s more important to acknowledge that the time they spend researching what’s productive and valuable.
Let the cust know this: after all, if they’re taking the trouble to visit your dealership in person with a brain full of information, there’s a good chance, they’re ready to buy these types of high intent.

Customers have already given a lot of thought to their purchasing decision.

So trying to get them excited about a new vehicle and their features and packages may not be the best approach instead be a professional, and you should focus on integrating f.
I offers into the conversation in ways that feel natural.

When helping you boost your margins, what we need to do is practice when we talk about needs assessment, qualifying asking high gain questions.

People do not like to practice so in our world of automotive, if you don’t practice with another team member at your store, if you don’t practice by yourself with a video camera, guess who’s going to win when they come to your dealership, the customer, because you’re not Prepared to play this game just from food for thought on this thursday, the 18th of march once again brighton hardison for hardison’s tips.
I hope you got something out of it.

I’ll see you next time, but as always in parting, you go out and you make it a champion day.

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