Good morning to you, it must be five o’clock somewhere eastern standard time.

Once again, i’m brandon hardison president of champion strategies with another hardison’s tips.
We do this for all of our brothers and sisters in the major accounts with the up and down the street in-home sales.

Retail sales automotive sales we’d like to talk to you today about tips on being a successful car sales person in 2021.

First thing: do you know one of the best ways to get a potential shopper in front of you hook? The trade we aren’t talking about? Do you have a trade or, oh, you do great bring it with you when you stop by, and we will see what it’s worth.
You really need to hook the trade and make the shopper feel like they can’t make a decision before they bring their trade to you when positioned properly.
It is a proven fact to get shoppers to the show want to know every little detail when this get the customer to bring the vehicle in and you’ll see how your grosses will change.

How about opening up the inventory? How often do you have shopper calls and asking for one thing and end up leaving the lot with something completely different? It happens all the time right.
This is why it’s critically important to open up your shoppers to other vehicles they might be considering, rather than focusing on the one vehicle they call giano.
Your dealership’s inventory changes daily and even by hour, so make sure you don’t get tunnel vision and only focus on what the shopper called in for more than eight out of ten shoppers will switch vehicles from the original one when they get educated on.

Why this other vehicle would be a better fit and know the true goal of the sale? If you were to ask what is the goal of a sale, especially if we’re taking calls or if you’re in the internet department? What would you say? Would you say the goal is to set an appointment? Well, if you did don’t feel bad many other salespeople out there, just like you have been drilled into submission thinking that this is the case.

However, the true goal of the sales call email chat is to get the shopper to actually show up at the dealership as great as it is to get an appointment set and we’re not saying not to do this.

The true goal behind what you’re saying and why you’re saying it to the shopper is to get them to come, see you and touch tile at your store.

Wouldn’t you rather make a sale from someone you talked with that might have sent a set, an appointment versus setting an appointment and with them never showing understanding that this goes a long way in learning how to be a good car salesperson.
You can do better as a group with this part, and the last thing is mindset.

How is your mindset today? Are we all there is something going on physically? Is there something challenging mentally with yourself, your spouse, your children? We need to make sure that when we get to the dealerships threshold, we leave all of that in the parking lot.

So we can focus in on giving the customer the best experience that they can find at your dealership once again, brandon hardison president of champion strategy and giving you a heartache tip for today on this beautiful monday, the 15th day of march halfway through the month.
Hopefully, some of you hit that fast start bonus and as always in parting, you go out.
You make it a champion day.

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