HARDISON’S TIPS Losing a Sale is Never, Ever about Price Alone 1

Good morning to you, five o’clock eastern standard time on tuesday july 21st, brandon hardison president of champion strategies with another artisan’s tip for today, so i know you’re getting dressed, trying to get ready to do your thing.

So, let’s just get straight to it.
Today’s tip is dealing with losing a sale is never ever about price alone.
Let me say that again, losing a sale is never ever about price alone.

Now there are many reasons why customers will choose not to buy you, your performance, your core track record, your credibility issues, your incompetency, in other words, no value from you forget about the price payment.

We’re just talking about you.
So if price was the main reason for losing a sale, it would be a lot easier to win by simply dropping it.

The reality is, there are solutions that customers will pay a premium for.
Ultimately, customers decide to buy from you because they believe that you brought it to the table something of value that they could not find at another dealership, so learn why we do lose the only way you will know the real reason why a customer didn’t buy from You is to ask: oh, i need to ask them how come they didn’t purchase.
Yeah they’ll tell you understand why you lost and make this an opportunity for the future when it comes to your performance, especially considering that so many sales consultants do not conduct any type of practice role play throughout the day with their activities in our annual research that We do here at jim ellis, there’s a barely barely an opportunity where we’re not always engaged trying to do more practice in every department that we do, because you win or lose based on your consistency.

Consumers will give us the feedback on what they feel sales service parts right whatever it may be, but it’s about you.
This is where it all starts so from excuses.

We need to find a way to talk about more action and i don’t care if your budgets are cut.

I don’t care if your team members are cut, if you’re a manager or, if you’re a salesperson.

What is not cut your ability to still practice and become better at your craft selling yourself, because you’re representing that dealership, that is always the weakest point.

Either managers cannot lead or coach to get their people motivated to do it and if you leave it up to the sales people, they’re gon na always say they got other things to do besides getting prepared for the game.

And what is the game? The next customer that comes in you want to still show your value to them.
So what am i saying improve on your results? That’s what you’re, ultimately looking for right practice doesn’t make perfect.
It makes consistency and when customers see consistency, that’s where they actually see the confidence, you’re, confident because you’ve been practicing enough on selling yourself become more proactive, develop your skill sets acknowledge your weaknesses.

Let your managers know hey.
Even if it’s behind closed doors, i need more support in this area, and i guarantee you, the customers will see better you when it comes to performance wise, because if they can’t buy you, they won’t listen to you.
If they don’t listen to you, they will not buy sounds simple enough.

How come so many salespeople are not doing it once again, brad and artisan with the hardison’s tip for today, and as always in parting, you go out and make it a champion.

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