Hardison’s Tips Keep Calm And Sell More Cars

Good morning to you hope you are safe and healthy, 5 o clock Eastern Standard Time, Brad and Hardison with you from champion strategies with another Hardison’s tip.

For now we know you’re getting ready to get to work.
We don’t want to take up too much of your time, so, let’s just unpack it right, quick today I want to talk about keeping calm, so you can sell more cars.
Today’s the 15th, many of you across the nation in your pay plan, may have a fast start bonus and I’ll need to get out 1 2 more units to achieve that, and you find yourself moving too fast in the process.

You find yourself losing what the customer sees is begging and usually you have a tough time with that.

So, let’s face it with the past few months, going on with the kovat situation and downturn and with some CR m-z, some general managers and some every type of thing that is hitting you right now from the OEM CRM, z, –.
The DMS is there’s excuses everywhere.

That you’re taking person of how we can’t make money.
I came in to reach my goals and dreams and make money, and I am falling way behind.
Don’t worry about the kovin, hopefully at your dealership.

They do have some digital ways.
If we can express and get things out for sales and for service, so I want you to think when it comes to your dealership, I can’t control the virus.
I can’t control the managers ability of what they can do or not do at certain times.

I can’t control what the OEM as far as allocation is sending, but if you have trouble on the news side, let’s focus on the use side.
Your thought process should be I’m so on the car, whether it’s newer use.
Let me find the people.

In other words, can you still have the ability to tell your story of what you do, how you do it, where you do it hat even with this virus going on many of our brothers and sisters around the country are still making decent money, because people are Still buying cars, so don’t panic take your time.
Think of how you’re going to maximize your pay plan cut through all of the noise with needs, and what do I mean by that? The faster that you can identify your customers pain points, the faster your vehicles will sell, as you can all assess the numbers.
One thing that car shoppers are dealing with is the crisis.

That’s happening in finance, many times being liberal with financial offers.
You may feel, may not be right, but remember it’s your team member and you need to make sure that at your dealership you have a great relationship with your finance team.
They want to make money also, but in this covert situation there are some people right now that are just having some challenges.

So can I still find the right things for the right person at the right time that will satisfy and still give me what I’m looking for.
The answer is yes, but we must make sure that we come to work with a plan.
If we can’t come to work with the plan and plan our work, in other words, if you’re just showing up you’re, not doing yourself any good.

So what am I trying to say when we say keep calm and sell more cars? Let’s eliminate all of the noise allocation, you can control marketing, you can’t control social media, you can help out, but ultimately you can’t control what happens at the auctions.
You can’t control, but one thing you have playing for you is your ability to tell people what you do where you do it at how you do it and show value in yourself.
So if you’re not working your CRM, if you’re not utilizing social sites, if you’re not telling everyone that you sell vehicles for that great mighty dealership, that you’re working for you’re losing opportunities because you’re not staying calm and I’ll leave it with this a long time ago.

I learned that you can be a nine-to-five worker and get paid as a salesperson for nine-to-five, meaning that you came in one minute before you were supposed to didn’t.
Have any time to look at the inventory.
Didn’t have any time to get prepared.

Didn’t have any time to do anything but just be on time, because you’ve been written up a few times for being late or you can have a plan.
What do I want to accomplish this month? People are still buying cars, so if you do have some way on your dealership site to do some distance selling I I would start working that if you do in your community have the ability to go out and still talk to organizations.
I would still do that.

If you do have the ability to go to any businesses and do a safety inspection for free, I would do that.
In other words, you need to drive your own success.
Your managers can help you, if they’re good mentors with that, but keep calm, and you can sell more cars because from this point, the fifteenth to the end of the month, if you’re not reaching your goals and dreams.

As far as the unit’s going out, I guarantee you the customers that you’re going to engage with.
They can see that you’re panicking.
They can see that you’re begging how your questions will not sound like anything your walk around.

If you do, it won’t be any good demo.
Ride is going to be worth nothing, and so, when it’s time to present the numbers, you’re just gon na give away the store so think about that a second I still have half of the month to go.
What can I do certified pre-owned, the best switch vehicle? That’s out there.

Do you have someone your lot.
Do you know what the turn time is in the back with your technicians? Getting it to the front, have a conversation with you, used-car manager.
Can I go on social media and explain a quick 30 seconds 45 seconds that we have some specials going on that hey? Our dealership is looking at July as this organizations a month.

Anybody who comes to me with an operative it’s up to you.

Maybe this industry may not be for you, because this is about creative people taken advantage of people who are going to buy a product, no matter what they will buy in spite of you.
But if you can put value on yourself before you start and go out there, man, you can knock the ball out of the park.

I’ll leave it with this.
A brave man once told me – and he was one of my mentors in the game that hears the rules of man – here’s the rules of God.
Everything else in between this is creativity.

So how can you stay calm for the balance of this month and still make money now I’ll leave it with this, and I know you hate it.
Why don’t you practice? When was the last time you practiced part of a greeting asking questions, doing a walk around? I already know the answer so here’s my question to you: who are you going to practice with customer and guess who’s going to win? You got the customer once again Brad and Hardison’s for Hardison’s tips.
I know I’m smacking you again the day because you’re feeling bad, but you still have one month of it to go 15 days, don’t think it’s the end.

I still have another 15 or the end of the month.
The store reach my goals and dreams.

Don’t forget catch me at 12 o’clock Eastern Standard Time.

Every Wednesday we have a special guest.

Today’s guest is Christian younger’n.
All the way from the heartland of America and you’ll probably enjoy him.

He’s got some things that he does for sales, people that are on the psychological side.
So I’m looking for that conversation once again, 12 o’clock Eastern Standard Time, artisans tips alive with our special guest Christian young, as always imparting going on making a joke.

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