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Now we’re going to get to it because i know you’re trying to get ready and do your thing.
So, let’s unpack it we’re talking about some of the newer ones.
So if you’re an experienced person – uh – maybe you’ve heard this already, and if you have why don’t you help us out with some of the newer car sales people who made this career change uh? It doesn’t matter who you employ both experienced or inexperienced sales people.

It is a known fact: training needs to be done, even if it’s on training of the processes that you expect from your store.
Amateur sales people need training more than everyone else, and it would be the same for you.
If you left this vertical and went to another vertical, you would know what processes are, and you hope that they would train you on it.

So everyone’s approach to training can have a significant impact on the success of that employee and on your dealership as a whole, so every hiring manager, if you’re a desk manager with dual responsibilities.

You need to look at some of these tips and take out what you think is applicable, that you can start working with your people, so they can see that this career change was worth it.
So the first thing dress for a success.

We always have heard that i know that by the middle 90s the tie and shirt was pretty much going out by many dealerships, because some of your oems were having their own traditional guard.
Well, that’s that’s still! Okay, if it’s neat, presentable, clean but first impression is very powerful.

I hope you’re working on that.

As far as respect to the dealership, respect to the person that’s representing that dealership and how they’re going to assist that guest moving forward, but it all starts with them.
They have to show the value representing the dealership, so work on that.
If you can, with your new sales people, i would also suggest memorizing the inventory.

Have them do an old traditional lot walk.

Do you do live walks even with trades that come in, but i’m finding most people are not so have this new person go out and know exactly what’s going on if you do have a porter or people that keep your lot in check? Have them spend some time with them, so they know exactly what it is, but they’ll learn where vehicles can be located in a quick moment.
You may have storage crisis and you may have a supplemental lot somewhere else.

Does that sales person know about the supplemental lot? Are there ways that you keep sheets, or can they look in their crm tools or on your website and know exactly about your lot setup and your inventory? The third tip, i would simply say, with someone brand new crm.
I don’t know what vendor you’re using, but many of them have live trainers, some of them.
It’s done on this box here with that.

But are they comfortable not just with the basics, but we’ve been paying crm vendors for decades and they’re training people? You know what they say: we’re not even using a third of what this crm can do, because we can’t master just the basics and if you’re a desk manager – and you look at some of your people notes – you know exactly what i’m talking about.
So i would get back to basics and let’s get everybody on the crm the way it should be so it can help everybody’s lives out how about using mobile apps.
Are we doing that crms now have mobile apps? That can assist time wise in speeding it through, for example, a driver’s license.

If we have a crm app that we can take a license, that information is automatically gone through, the system and people being desk managers know exactly what’s going on, because we have a client in the show room now.
Other thing: customer retention.
We need to let our people know that these customers are valuable.

Their experience inside the dealership with you how we get through this sales process in a timely fashion, where their time, the way they look at their experience, is going to be conducive.
So you can get the good reviews get the good csi’s if your manufacturer is still doing csis now the office isn’t the only place to worry about compliancy? Are we compliant with everything on our lot as far as the vehicles now two ways of looking at it? There’s vehicle compliancy everything should have something on the glass.

Even a used car needs to have a buyer’s order or, more importantly, if we talk about this graham leech bliley act or protecting customers.

Sensitive information are our workstations.

The way it should be.
There’s no copies of driver’s license, there’s no credit apps! There’s no have deals left on there’s no information from the night before, because i closed late and if i just tapped on the desk, here’s the crm information about that customer popping up.

Remember all of these things should have been done in training, but we need to let new hires know exactly what’s going on now, there’s a lot to it when people make a career change, but when they’re in that last interview and they’re, saying that you know what I want to give this organization a chance and you come back and say we want you on the team, whoever that hiring manager is whoever that person that they’re reporting to the biggest the biggest thing.
That still happens.
We bring that person on board and we turn into jekyll and hide.

We were all nice during the interview, but now that you’re part of the team, i can’t find the manager for a one-on-one.
I don’t know oh shadow somebody, but that’s not getting the questions that i’m looking for answered.
So are we spending one-on-one time after their shift before their shift to? Let them know that hey i’m here to support you.

What do you need? Remember everybody learns differently and we talked about it before when you want somebody to master a process, you as the leader, you need to demonstrate what you expect them to do on a consistent basis.

Now some of this makes sense, we’ll be back tomorrow with another horizons tip, but just a reminder: 12 noon today.
The 29th of wednesday is my live 12 to 12 20 and today’s special guest is the outstanding corey mosley.

So you don’t want to miss out on that 12 o’clock noon, eastern standard time and we’ll be talking to you, then, as always in parting, you go out and make a .

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