HARDISON’S TIPS – July 30, 2020 10 Social Media Strategies for Car Dealerships

Good morning to you, five o’clock on the east coast branded artisan president champion strategies for another edition of artisans tips.

First of all, we’d like to thank our special guest corey mosley, who came in yesterday on our wednesday, live series and dropped a few tips on you.
I still like the one boy give the customer information give the customer knowledge and you’ve grown your business a lot because they respect and trust you for what comes out of your mouth when it comes to their automotive needs.
So every wednesday 12 noon.

We try to get some somebody specimen, but let’s unpack it for the morning, because you know you folks are trying to get this month done and you have thursday july 30th.
The last day, last or the next day, i should say coming at you, so we still got tomorrow in the weekend so going to our customers and looking at them when it comes to social media.

Here’s what they’re saying 75 percent of car buyers and 68 of service customers say that internet research, including social media review sites and the most helpful medium, were great.

When selecting a car, 83 percent of service customers say that online review sites substantially help them in making their automotive decision.

So we see that this is working 66 percent of car buyers and owners who have seen a facebook ad says that they have clicked on it.

From 33 to 66, that’s a big jump.

In one year, consumers looking to purchase their services vehicle, doing the research primarily online 50 percent of the retail time and 69 of the service time.
If we continue on it simply states that these news sites that are popping up everywhere, not just the facebooks, the linkedin, but the tick tocks, if you give them information on why they need to stop by and see you at your dealership, you’ve done a long way.
You see when it comes to car shopping.

Social media sites are clearly a major influence in making a buyer’s decision-making process.

At this point, most of the markets understand that social sites should be integrated in some way into a marketing strategy back at your dealership.
For some, this may simply be having a facebook page and posting content of pictures.

When customers are coming to do deliveries as such others, you give information, you actually break things down, no uh really right or wrong, but all i can say is that the more you’re on this, the more you have something to say about somebody’s pain, needs desires and The knowledge is given.
Well, that’s a beautiful thing, because knowledge is always something that we’re striving for and if you, the salesperson, can help them in that part of it, which is still the largest investment outside their home or their condo uh.
They will remember you for that once again, brad and hardison president of champion strategies and hardison’s tips giving and for you for today, i’ll be back tomorrow on friday, as we end the month and boy we’re moving through this thing fast, so be safe, also stay healthy And it’s always imparting make it a champion day.

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