HARDISON’S TIPS – July 28, 2020

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Let’s get to the unpacking hey.
This covet 19 has delivered a variety of challenges for retailers to overcome, yet at the same time, opportunities have presented themselves during this pandemic.

Among the most exciting of these opportunities is the chance to bring unity and clarity to customers, no matter where they may shop.

Thanks to the data that’s generated from these various touch points, whether online in store, curbside, pickup, local delivery.
Customers have heightened expectations of what they want from automotive retailers and what they want for themselves and how these two experiences need to merge in order for transactions to actually happen.
So keeping this in mind consider the following customer expectations and direct response to the covert 19.

First, customers want connectivity across all online touch points.

Connectivity is essential, considering all retailers, particularly those aiming to increase sales, despite the obstacles created by the virus or any other challenges.

After all, without being connected and engaged with your customers, how can you sell anything to them? Having a unified and organized solution that brings clarity to customers, behavior online includes such things like social media sites, e-commerce platforms, even general, google searches.

This gives retailers the opportunity to expand their selling avenues and increase brand touch points using data from these online sources that allows merchants to better understand their past times and where their customers spend their time online, as well as where they don’t using this data.
In both retailers, we now can optimize the situation when it comes to staying in touch with them.
Number two customers want confidence in their return to your physical store.

Capturing online data undoubtedly adds value to sales and marketing efforts, but this is not where the data intelligence ends.
Leveraging online data can also support brick and mortar stores to understand their penetration, their efforts, what they need to do to get the store back up to speed.

During this pandemic, by reviewing and reacting to, the data generated stores can gain stronger clarity on their customers.

Willingness to engage in store, as well as which weaknesses and strengths their brand may need to actually pick up on this and number three customers want communications to be clearer than ever before.

Globally, consumers income has decreased due to the cobit 19 and thus their spending patterson’s shifted.

Additionally, no longer can customers browse physical stores, like they have in the past, due to the covet 19 restrictions, but to help achieve communication, customers can relate to brand messaging.

So how is your messaging? What is your story that you’re telling are you using different channels to capture different audiences, including, but not limited, to email, social media in store and a collective combination of multiple touch points, keep in mind: customers, data platforms, automatically examine and analyze.

Customer data in real time: that’s what you need to know.
That’s what your team members, your bdc and your sales team needs to know.

This is what your service advisors need to know and how about prioritizing customer care and engagement.

Many retailers, as you do see, have had a big decline in their sales, yet consumers are still spending.
If you cannot keep your dealership up, consumer confidence will go down and they will take their business, especially their service business, to a dealership that they know can stay up.

I know it’s expensive, but you need to have a process in place where your employees and the guests are doing everything right to make them feel comfortable.
Coming into your place once again, once consumer confidence is gone, it is tough to get it back or you have to go is to any one of the periodicals, and you could see many dealers whether they were oem, not just picking on the independents, but you see They did not want to take care of the sanitization of keeping the store up; they would rather just furlough everyone and shut it down.

So if something like this is on your mind and you’re thinking about it think about the customer side, they want to come in.

They still want to service their vehicles, they still want to buy vehicles.

So if you do not have a digital presence, where you can assist them where they don’t have to come and install purchase, they don’t have to come in and they can still use your service department you’re ahead of the game.
Now, how do you get your story out? That’s your marketing team with that.

So once again, brad and hardison president of champion strategies with another artisans tip for the day, don’t forget tomorrow, 12 noon, wednesday.
The 29th we do hardison’s tip, live at 12 noon to 12.
20, our very special guest this week is the incomparable corey mosley.

So as always in parting, you go out there and you make it .

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