Good morning to you, it must be 5 a.

Eastern standard time on a beautiful wednesday.
Excuse me, thursday.
The week is flying it’s thursday january, the 7th of 2021.

I’m your host brandon hardison with another edition of artisans tips where we take each of our family members.
As i call them, whether their major account key account up and down the street in home, retail or automotive sales, so let’s get to it while you’re getting dressed.
I got an email from one of our people who deal with the business office equipment.

Some can be up and down the street.
Some can be key accounts if not major accounts.
So i know that when you grew up selling office equipment, you must have told yourself.

I want to sell copies and printers.
I don’t think so.
If two years ago, people looked back and said well, i never thought i would be selling copiers and sure i would have shrugged my head.

But here’s what we know this job must be done and it’s very lucrative for those who have thought about being in this industry or maybe you’re in the industry and you’ve been here for a couple years and you find yourself at wit’s end.

It’s it’s painful, but i want you to think about being forward.

Think about being an astronaut think about uh the closest thing you can get to start track.

I don’t know the seven steps of any zero graphic process.
However, i have one thing going for me and that’s my ability to get in front of the incision maker so regardless, let’s say: you’re fresh out of school, new coffee or sales representative, perhaps you’re taking a sales class in college work to retail over the summer or Your friends and family told you you’re such a people person.
You should be in sales.

Well, congratulations! You are more qualified than you think.

As a new hire your taught market is going to tell you and show you how to be successful.

So if we’re going down the street, everybody starts it’s a way of earning your stripes to move up, dts or down the street selling is just that your prospects are located up and down the street and, like the fuller brush man, you’re expected to prospect to see If there’s any small businesses funeral homes, real estate, insurance agents, auto dealers hvac, all of this is your potential market.

But the way you approach the segment is not through some type of email campaign or massive research social media program.

The proven method is combining door knocking over the phone called calling door knocking over the phone cold, calling that’s it.
It’s hard work, no doubt, and the first step in the journey is to major yourself by practice of how and what accounts would be conducive to you.

So on the next video we’ll talk about some red flags and how to find your people dts down the street, and it’s not that hard to do so.
I know you need to get to work.
I need to get rolling myself so on this beautiful thursday.

The 7th of january of 2021 – let’s all, go out there and kill it.
So as always in parting, you go out and you make it a champion day.

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