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Eastern standard time on this beautiful thursday july, the 14th.
Why it’s time for another hardison’s tip, i’m your host, brad and artisan glad to be with you.

We do this for all of our brothers and sisters who are in the sales arena, no matter whether it’s key account major account up and down the street in-home sales, retail automotive.

We try to give you some tips as you’re, getting ready to go out and hit the streets.
So, let’s get into it because you want to get going.
Many of you are going to be presenting presentations to closer family members who may be decision makers in their business or friends neighbors.

So you’ve made it all the hard work that you have researched the point of selling processes with the qualifying the researching the planning.
All of that is paid off now.
Finally, your story and the customer story are about to connect an exciting way.

You see most sales people think of the presentation as the best part of the selling process.

It’s the opportunity to show the prospect that you know your stuff and here’s the chance to deliver value, not price value, by putting your problem solving skills to work so to get ready.
We need to always, i repeat, always visualize the best possible outcome to your sales presentation.

Take the necessary steps to make this outcome a reality, and how do we do that? We keep our eye on the prize as excited as you may be about your product or as eager as you are to demonstrate your solutions.

Keep in mind that your sales presentation is primarily about building a relationship a beginning in this partnership, especially for our brothers and sisters that are, in the b to b arena.
There’s a famous story of a young lady called selena lowe, she’s ceo of rutgers wireless, and she was gearing up for a sales presentation and she focused her final preparation on making it personal those companies specialize in wireless routers.

They handle video voice data capabilities for businesses when she identified a prospect.
Lowe’s first priority was finding the person she referred to as the fox her ally in the prospect company who wants to see technology change.
Take place in the organization so low gives this relationship special attention, often inviting the individual out to dinner before the presentation to win over the loyalty and get additional details about the company before the presentation several days before the presentation lowe reaches out to everyone who will Be in the meeting she reads their biles googles to find out more about their interests.

Their hobbies see she did not want to be backdoored.
She wanted to be on top of it.
For me very strategic.

Now, on the day of the presentation, she asked a member of her sales team to write down each person’s name when they walk in the door and to make a point of using the names during the presentation.

That is great, creative instep.
But there are many examples.

I’m thinking about another one of stephanie clifford find the fox.
If you could, there was an article, i believe from february 1st of 2007, and you can see another person doing the same thing.
That low is doing now getting back to low.

She was so effective in giving the sales presentation a personal touch.

So how did she do that? Everyone in the room? She knew something about their family, their recreational habits, so she can blend and tie it in to make it personal.
So if you’re like that, you need to coach yourself on the day of the presentation, make sure you did all your leg work before that with the customer or customers you’ll always come out on top.

I call it taking a customer centric approach.

That’s the hardest thing for many lazy of our brothers and sisters, because you’re not delivering value value.
In these times, decision makers want a relationship with a person that can bring value.

It’s not always about a good price, and how do we know that if you’ve ever read or you need to read time, riley’s book and his book is called value added – selling we’re selling ourselves the more that they like trust and respect you as a professional, then They will begin to listen to you now.
This may take time, because you have different individuals accounts and you need to get this information, so don’t rush it according to one study.
Today’s presentations typically are conducted over several meetings and for those that are doing major account.

Key accounts, you know what i mean, but we need to make sure that if our goal, keeping our eye on the prize is making that individual and that organization be successful in your little sliver that you operate and you want to have that account.
You need to be prepared so once again, brandon hardison president of champion strategies on this beautiful thursday, the 14th day of january and as always in parting, you go out there and you make it a champion day.

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