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Eastern standard time, on friday september, the 18th of 2020, i’m brandon hardison, and this is hardison’s tips where we try every day monday through friday, to give you my professional sales leaders, whether it’s major account key account up and down the street in home, retail or automotive Sales, some quick ideas on what you need to get doing before you hit the streets because you’re getting ready to go and i need to get ready to go so, let’s get into it, going back to automobiles, have you ever heard of something called follow-up yeah following Up with your buyers, it’s a classic sales question in order to keep momentum going and make the sale you need to follow up with leads in a way that will engage and move you further down the pipeline.

But how do you know if or when your customer really wants to hear from you? It’s not that prospects, don’t want to hear from you, it’s just that.
They feel that you really don’t have anything for them that they want and you being the salesperson, didn’t, listen and you’re expecting to know when they’re going to come in and get the order or take the vehicle.

You see sales people need to provide value in every interaction with the customer, especially during the car buying process, to see a better result.

How long do you have a conversation? Not that needs assessment, not that question one through ten to get back to your boss, saying here, boss.
I asked all the questions, a conversation where you can bond and rapport, and they can tell you about more of their family about their job, about their life, about their kids, about their recreation.

What sales people miss those are the things that you follow up on so quickly.
We just want to touch on three things, maybe to help you out, because we are getting closer to the end of the month.
We are in the last quarter and we want to make sure that you in the year right, especially if we can do this part, being follow up with the guests.

So here’s your first tip when your leads reach out, give them what they want.
In other words, when a customer calls you stops you for anything, give them as much information knowledge as possible.

I know you may have heard, don’t give them any information, just tantalize them, so they can come back in later.

Give them the information, if you don’t give them the information they’re going to go somewhere else, where somebody’s going to give them the information.

So it’s how you do it.
I know that if you ask one of your managers, they can go into it a little bit more there’s books out there that can help you out with that and there’s videos that you can watch.

One of the people i would let you know about is steve.
Stauning he has a book called assumptive selling they’re gon na buy the car.
Let’s assume that.

So these are the things we need to do to make it possible.
Now, if you respond to a lead that recently reached out and they feel they’re not being taken care of once again, i would go that extra major.
I would do a video.

I would send them some competing information as an email.
There’s all types of vendors.
There’s all types of videos there’s all types of information, if you’re a student of the game that you can send to the guests to make them feel comfortable.

Also when, following up with leads, who recently reach out, keep this in mind.
They have been bombarded by thousands of people because they reached out.

Don’t do the same mistake that the other folks are doing and all they’re trying to do is set an appointment, not sell value of themselves.

They just want to set an appointment once again answer all the questions that a customer may have.
I don’t care if it does deal with the price, we’re not giving them exact.
You know as well as i do as a salesperson.

Your job is to greet them to ask them.
Questions show them the vehicle, see if they like the vehicle through a demo.

It’s your management that takes care of the numbers.

So don’t worry about price or payments.
Can we do better? If you were here, can you we do better for you, mr customer, if my boss gets involved well, here’s how we handle that at our dealership address each and every one of their questions and include some good high gain questions this way when you follow up with Them later with the phone call or an email, they’re going to look at you and say this person listen, i am going to purchase from them and based on nada statistics, 50 of people likely will get to you.

If that follow-up is good, now don’t overwhelm them with mounds and mounds of information, just what they told you their pain.

Their pleasure point was, if you can show them, if you can lead them to an area that they feel comfortable with you’re, going to be ahead of the game.
Once again, a study found that 72 of dealerships do not ask for an appointment once they’ve earned the right of selling value.
Maybe no one showed them.

Maybe they feel that it’s not time it’s kind of awkward, but if the customer asks you for something and you reciprocate and give them that information, you’ve earned the right to move forward quick step number two: when there’s new information to be given share it share.
It share it, share it reach out and give them remember.
Your communication should be about them not about what your manager, what the dealership wants.

The customer is asking for information, so they can make an intelligent decision, give them the information and also don’t worry about price payment trade apr.

That’s not your job.
Can we do better? Will we do better? Yes, once my manager knows that we are serious with this, we can do keep anything mind that the new inventory 20s are about gone 21s are coming in more technology, higher prices.

You need to find out what the incentives are.
Are there going to be some seasonal incentives, as we get closer to october november and december, also sold inventory if you sold something? How often do you reach out to that customer to stay in touch, but if you did not ask them any high gain questions about who they are, where they work, how they do their recreation? It’s tough to have a good follow-up information with that.

A study found that 35 of dealerships did not suggest how they can help them later once they purchase the vehicle.

We call this really an orphan customer, because sales people do not stay in touch with customers that they purchase.
It’s the last one understand what your leads are really looking for.

Only 13 of customers on a study said that they believe the salesperson really understood what they were asking.

In other words, they could tell by the phone conversation or the text you weren’t, really paying attention to what they were saying.

You were just going through the motions use, smart, professional sales, intelligence value.
That’s all the customers looking for, if you know your inventory, if you know how to team cell, remember it’s not all you if you know your website, if you know how to ask questions.

You’re going to be in the game each and every time improve your customer experience by improving your sales follow-up.
That’s how you set yourself apart, give customers everything that they want as far as information.

Please not only will this improve the overall customer experience, but it’s going to help.

You sell more cars and that’s why you’re here once again, brandon hardison president of champion strategies, also partisans tips for this friday september 18th.

Now we have a nice weekend coming go to your crm.
Do the right thing have some listening skills on take notes, answer give as much information as you can, and i guarantee you you’ll – have a different experience this weekend, communicating with your customers, as always in parting.

You know what i say go out and make it a champion.

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