Good morning to you, it must be 5 a.

m somewhere eastern standard time, because i’m here, brandon hardison and we’re here for some hardest tips on this beautiful friday.
The 19th day of february this month is going fast being the shortest month of the year.
Let’s also remember people that are being hit hard and have no electricity and no warmth.

Let’s also keep them in our thoughts but hardison’s tips.
We try to help out all of our brothers and sisters in this sales realm, whether they’re with major account key accounts up and down the street in home sales, retail sales, automotive sales.
We try to do a little bit of it all you’re trying to get dressed and get going, and i want you to have the best friday out there.

So, let’s get to it our last video.
We were talking about our brothers and sisters who are in the automotive industry and how to create more buzz on the showroom floor.

So continuing with that theme, we as sales professionals need to match our style to the customer.

Now this is not a class on nlp nor linguistic programming, but i need to find out how you the guest, taking information, how they learn the sooner you can get that done now.
You start to mirror that technique.
It makes the customer relax use this when the customer speaking style includes volume mannerisms.

You do the same thing when a customer sees this they’re seeing themselves when it comes to approaches.

Also be patient, no need to be pushy they’re already in your store.
They haven’t gone in out that yet so you still have an opportunity, so don’t come across like it’s your name on the building, you’re working with the guests, and you want to continue to work with the guests, their friends, their family members, everybody that’s in their world.

Buying a vehicle is a major decision.

If you pressure someone to buy too fast, they may leave instead give customers time space support them by answering questions providing opinions.

A good rule is to treat every customer as if they were your own business, because they are treat them with respect.

If you’re patient their car buying experience will be pleasant.

Happy customers buy cars from you again and again and again they tell their friends their family members not only about the vehicle, but about the value you added to that experience.

If you are rude, demanding people will warn others to stay away from you being patient, leads to more sales happier, customers and referrals.

Also the opposite, if you’re the person at the store that gives away everything, because i guess you’re volunteering crew for some non-profit.

That word will get on the street.
Go look for brandon because he’ll give it away for free.

So we need to have a fine balance in what we do.
Dress for success should never go anywhere.
If your company has a dress code, please follow it if they allow you on certain days to dress down to where some of their local garb fine do that, if you feel you want to be one consistent way, all the way through fine, you need to separate Yourself from other people and through dress is a good way of doing it.

Long as it’s clean, neat tasteful, your first impression will always make or break a sale whether you wear any type of clothing or not, people are going to form an opinion about you immediately.
So why don’t you have it on the best way possible where they’re going to like you now, smoking is still happening somewhere around the united states.

Please do not smoke with customers if they smoke, you do not smoke if they use profanity, you do not use profanity.

If they want to go on a the tigering about politics, let them go.
You don’t go that way.
You don’t know who they know their cousin, their family members.

Someone may be working for the competition or something that you’re talking about, whether it’s religion, politics and you’re.
Going to say the wrong thing, and that has nothing to do with the vehicle that they came in for remember.
Buying a car is a major decision, so we need to be serious about our part of the process, bring your a game.

Every time you cross the threshold put on your game face.
However, you want to remember this.

The payoff is going to be more sales, more referrals, why they had a great experience.

Always listen, pay attention repeat back if you need to recap with the customer every five minutes.
Do it that’s how they take in information, but they’re going to see value in you.

So if we want to end the weekend strong by selling one two three today and knocking it out to park tomorrow with an another two three, let’s start taking this seriously, why here’s the bonus? You earn people’s trust and you will have a future in this business.

I’ll say it again: you earn the people’s trust because they see value the way.
You did your presentation.
They bought the product they’re going to tell their friends their family members you’ll get reviews you’ll get anything that you’re looking for.

If you understand that this is a game and what is the game getting paid, either you get paid or the consumer gets paid? What does the consumer want everything off on your vehicle and for their trade? They want the moon.

Your job as a professional is to right side up, get them back to reality of how this industry works.

The sooner you can do that, the more consistently you can do that your career will take off once again.

Brandon hardison president of champion strategies with the hardisons tip on this beautiful friday, the 19th of february 2021 and as always in parting, you go out and you make it a champion day.

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