Good morning to you, it must be 5 a.

Eastern standard time on this beautiful monday morning december 7th of 2020, because it’s time for another edition of artisans tips, i’m your host, brad and hardison, and we do this for all of our brethren, who are in the vertical of sales.
Whether your major account key account up and down the street in home sales, retail or automotive, we try to find some ways to help you out with that.

So, let’s get to it because you need to get dressed and get to work.

I’d like to touch on how to beat the holiday slump and close more deals.
This is for our folks in the key account major account area.
We need for you to map out your key dates.

We only have a few dates remaining in december that are important.
You need to be on top of that.
Your manager should have been on you to make sure that you were planned and prepared for this time, but if you’re not planning your sales activities around the dates and days that are remaining for this month before christmas hits.

Would be great, we can use an example related to thanksgiving in the united states.

Some businesses are off the entire week, many start to slow down on 2-0 wednesday, before thanksgiving and on naturally that thursday.

Additionally, 50 of customers, don’t open that day after thanksgiving, so working through your calendar can help.

You understand many people you’re trying to sell to and likely won’t be resolved because they are not there they’re gone for that entire week.
Now we do have some statistics where businesses starts on holidays in mid-december, but by december 15th.
Most businesses are closed.

So, if you sell to customers, take the majority of the holiday dates into consideration, which can prevent a whole lot of surprisers on both ends.
Here’s the thing we need to start knowing mapping out a plan before the holidays, to know exactly where you or, if you’re, a manager, your team stands and what numbers do you need to hit before the end of the year during this time? And this time only it’s important to set clear expectations with your prospects, letting them know what timeline you’ve worked on, encouraging them to move through the sales process efficiently.

Also agree with.

I need this or advice encourage reps to work backwards, to determine what key milestones can be reached in order to close deals in time for the holiday, so by working back or starting with the people that you touched during this holiday season around end of october.
All of november, up to now, we need to be working on those folks now why they’re going to shut down, but it also works in your favor there’s still one or two, if you’re, really aggressive and hungry, that you still can get in front of to do A zoom or, if not into a personal person, the good news is that many people understand that making purchasing decisions around the holidays, so being a good manager or not.

We must make sure that there’s a benefit to the customer and that they can establish that they really do need that.

That’s why it comes to you and your selling skills.

We need to create that sense of urgency, they’re going to do it anyway, whether it’s december or january.

Let’s try to get it in for december.

If you can, if you cannot, this is the first thing that we have when we come back in 2021 to address once again brad and hardison president of champion strategies and with our heartsons tip.
For today, we wanted you to go out with something a little positive.
We’re gon na hit it running.

We still have a couple of good weeks that we need to get in and done so as always imparting on this beautiful december 7th of 2020 a date that will live in infamy.
If anybody is a historian out there.
Today’s date was also the bombing of pearl harbor, which got the united states into world war ii december 7th 1941 to be exact.

So, as always in parting, you go out.

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