Good morning to you, it must be 5 a.

Eastern standard time on this beautiful december 31st of 2020, because it’s time for another partisan’s tip, i’m your host brandon.
How are you doing on this last day of 2020? That’s right! It’s december 31st.
We know that most people may have a thin opportunity, depending on what realm of sales you’re dealing with.

So what we’re going to do is give you something that you can think about, maybe for today to maximize your time instead of trying to run around and find that people are not there.

Let’s talk about this being successful next year in 2021 by using the phone more to set face-to-face appointments, whether we are major account key account up and down the street in home sales door to door, automotive or retail.
Many of us still need more face-to-face appointments because most of us don’t sell products that can be closed on the phone, so a face-to-face meeting is needed if this description fits you, you must skillfully engage the prospect in the first moment of your cold call.

Only then will your prospect agree to invest in a meeting with you.
It’s easy for prospects to break off a telephone sales call, but it’s much more difficult to end the face-to-face meeting.
So the best outcome of most telephone prospecting is an appointment.

That’s what you’re trying to get so when you hear your managers or supervisors get on you, it’s about the appointment, that’s what we’re doing so, if you’re in a bdc center set appointments set appointments.
The only reason why we’re on the phone is to set an appointment or educate them if we do have an online presence with our website now the sales rep, who called me for some coaching, sounded quite distressed, as he explained to me that he was a outside Rep and his teleprospector quit.
Therefore, he had to do his own prospecting and he hated it um, he said he’s a good rep, but he freezes up when he has to call people on the phone not unusual.

A whole lot of people are in that same situation.

So i asked him: what are you saying to the people and he replied simply like uh hi, i’m brandon hardison with abc.
We are a freight shipping company and i’d like to come out and take some of your time to explain what we do now.

No wonder he didn’t like prospecting, i would have been paranoid too, with the resistance he was experiencing, but it was entirely unnecessary because the rebuffs were invited.
The opening to that track was awful.

To paraphrase this is what i heard him say.

We are one of hundreds of companies that are in this business and i want to sit in your office and take up your valuable time.

So i can talk about my company and why? I think we’re good there’s nothing of interest there for the prospect.

There’s no reason for a prospect to even listen to that call.

Much less agree to an appointment.
It puts the listener on the defense closes his or her mind to the possibility and causes the prospect to shift into a let’s get this guy off the phone mode.
So i gave a suggestion for an opening brandon hardison, with abc we’re working with a lot of traffic managers in this particular industry to help them get the best rates and on-time deliveries with no hassles depending on what and where you ship.

It might be worth your time to talk if i caught you at a good time.
Please tell me briefly about your less than truckload shipping requirements now, when the caller heard a suggestion like that he liked it, but he mentioned that the new opening didn’t ask the prospect for an appointment right away precisely.
I asked if he ever visited a prospect.

Who was less than authoric about his appointment or wasn’t a prospect at all? He said yes, so why did he even visit that person? Why not conduct preliminaries by phone? So, if you’re, using the phone to prospect and regardless of whether your next step is to communicate in person by the phone, be certain you have something of interest in order to get your prospect talking, your results will be more pleasurable now, if you can think of It that way it’s about energy, it’s about what you’re lacking and how we can fix it.

Once you get the customer started, then we set the appointment now pretty easy to do, but remember people that you’re talking to bit managers, people that are in charge of something they always want to find out a better way of making their job easier.
But you got to open it up right, always remember.

First impressions are there once again brandon hardison hardison’s tip on this last day december 31st of 2020.

So please make sure that next year your mind’s open you’re ready to go – and this is just one tip on that.
So brandon hardison is always imparting well and you make it a .

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