Good morning to you, it must be 5 a.

m, because it’s time for another artisan’s tip merry christmas, just got finished, kicking it with santa claus.
He had to go on his way.
This is for all of my sales, brothers and sisters out there.

We know you’re gon na shut it down today to be with family and friends or just be safe, no matter what you do, keep the social distancing and the masks and mind.
I want to talk to you quickly before the kids get up and start looking at their presence how to get the most out of the week after christmas.
Did you know that between christmas and new year’s can be the big game changer for a lot of you? When it comes to profitability now, if it’s done right, you can net more from this period than you can from most of the rest of the year.

The key thing that we need to consider is the customer experience.
Consider the day after christmas, the official launch of gift card season people are in your store to use the gift cards.
They got for christmas.

Think of some ways that you can add a little something extra to those customers experience.
After all, it may be the first time that they’re in your store, so you need to wow them also mark down incentives.

Don’t wait until january.

Have your markdowns ready for the 26th of december, the faster you turn this merchandise.

The sooner you can finish up the store, many retailers wait until they have january clearance sales to clean out the inventory, while holding sales is a good practice.

Waiting means you’re, not ordering fresh goods until february and in turn, your store is not new until march.

How about full price merchandising in addition to getting your markdown’s price? You should also use the time to get fresh, full price merchandise.

Out on the floor, remember many of these customers are using someone else’s money in the form of a gift card, so they are more likely to look for the new items than the leftover ones.
Please alternatives to advertising.

We know that this has been a crazy year.
2020, let’s look at a different way of advertising.
Do you know that you can reduce your ad spending? It’s the post christmas season, so everyone’s stuff is on sale.

So, instead of giving your money to the newspapers or giving it to the websites, give it to yourself or better yet use some of it to motivate your employees customer service performance during these days also, i want you to look if you have to looking at your Staff’s goals, what did they fall short of this year? What did they keep solid during this crazy year? Looking at your employees is all part of basic business.
One-On-One people processes got to be ready to sell and, speaking of that, employee appreciation consider that your employees have done a great job, especially over this grueling period, that all of us have to go to adding the ppe’s and all the other things that run with it.

The bottom line is that other than big sales customers don’t expect much from a retailer.

During this week, most retailers are out of gas are just coasting to the new year.

I want you to take charge of what you need to be doing to be the best in your community, and if you have that digital footprint now we can be the best anywhere that people see our businesses once again.
Merry christmas to those who do, it is the 25th.

This is the last friday brad class of the year.
We will see you in 2021.
, so with that said, you owe out and you make it a champion.

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