Good morning to you, it must be 5 a.

m on a beautiful wednesday december, the 2nd of 2020, because it’s time for hardison’s tips, i’m your host, brandon hardison, president of champion strategies trying to work with all of our brothers and sisters who are in this fine field Of sales, whether it’s key account major account up and down the street and home sales, retail or automotive sales, so we want to get going because you need to get going, especially the ones that are not already shut down for the end of the year.
I would like to talk to my fellow people in retail.
How can we increase sales this year? You know many children, dream of sugar plums during this time of year for retailers.

There’s only one vision that matters during the christmas season and that’s sales grab and as the christmas holiday season is make or break time for many retail stores.
The overwhelming question is how to get more christmas sales and make that graph climb as steeply as possible.
Now, the obvious way to get more sales is to get more people into your store.

Assuming you have a quality product or service, the more people will see and experience what you offer and the more sales that you’ll make now with a little effort and some ingenuity.
That’s not as hard as you may think, use many ideas during this christmas season to get that rush.

So, let’s go to the obvious: have a sale now before you dismiss this idea.

Consider this pretty much.
Every retail store of every size has some kind of christmas season sale because they work now consider this also, if you didn’t, have a sale that had one of the sales that you attended now.
What do you think? How about simple little things offering one big bargain? A day offering a big discount 30 or more on a well-known item that you know would bring christmas shoppers in how about making a discount not a thing.

Retailers offered free pairs of stocking to anyone who spent over twenty dollars in their store over their three-day.
Pre-Christmas sale and you know what they found some extra money that customers were glad to leave them now, if you’re going to discount make sure it’s worthwhile, shoppers are used to being spoiled so humor, then 5 10, even 20 discounts aren’t going to cut it.

Unless you do something like a 20 off store-wide sale on individual items, the higher the discount, the better shoppers will compare, and how do we advertise? Where do i put this money into since everybody is on some type of social media platform? Well get involved with that? If you don’t know believe me, there is a teenager out there ready for you right now who can help you and keep the law cost low.

How am i holding an event? Don’t know about your community, but in many towns right now, even with the coronavirus they’re talking about holding some different events with the city, father’s blessings where there’ll be music and performers and santa will be there along with lighting tree ceremonies.

All kinds of families would like to get out.

Social distancing is the thing, but for free entertainment, lots of opportunities to get some christmas shopping done, makes it pretty pretty worth it for businesses that see vision during any christmas season.

Wouldn’t you like to take part? There’s nothing from you holding any event if it doesn’t go outside that corona virus limitations that you may have in your community.
The trick is to plan something that will tie into your products or services.

That’s what you’re looking for, for instance, if there is a appliance store, could you hold a cooking class and benefit from increased sales of just the products that were used in that class? Maybe you have a yoga studio could hold free classes to encourage people to sign up for january, offer gift certificates to encourage participants to spread.
The word put your thinking cap on ask yourself: why would i go to that event? In other words, what’s the benefit to me? The customer no benefit i can tell you means no turnout, so what we need to be doing right now is thinking, while we still have some days left until christmas arrives.
We’ll talk more about this on the next video brandon hardison once again, president of champion strategies with little hardison’s tip for today, this beautiful wednesday december 2nd of 2020 and as always in parting, you go out and you make it a champion day.

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